Monday, January 2, 2012

No Pressure

The ball at Time Square has fallen.
The old calendars are tucked away and 
the new one opened to January, 2012.
I am a list person,
a plan ahead person,
a goal oriented person,
and sometimes been refereed to as an overachiever.
Can you believe that?

But I'm not a resolution maker.
Who needs more pressure?

So rather than make a specific list of dos or don'ts
I've been thinking of 2012 in broader terms.

1. Spending more time with those I love
2. Being an encourager

3. Deepening my friendships

4. Helping others

5. Keep learning 

6. Putting my best foot forward

 7. Keeping a positive attitude

8. Working  hard
9. Playing more

Yes, this is a list.
Yes, I'm thinking ahead.
Yes, these are goals.
And yes, it would be a lot to achieve in a year, or
even in a life time.
Maybe alittle
But I know I'll be a better person if I try.

Happy New Year!
Until Next Time-


  1. Wonderful goals and ambitious.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic list!!

  3. These sound like intentions to me -- the kind that keep you focused on the positive (exactly where I'd expect you to be). Best wishes for this coming year!

  4. Can I share in your list? Actually I prefer the last one the most - enjoy today for we may not have a tomorrow! Have fun and much love for today Kyle!