Friday, January 20, 2012

Get Out Your Swamp Running Shoes

Gators, and
Bears, Oh, My!

If those wouldn't make you run fast,
throw in a few snakes as well.
The running man is heading off
in a new directions this weekend.
to the Everglades.

He's going to running in the first

located in
Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park

I think this will an a very interesting? experience.
Especially when I read on line this informative
What do you think?

  Whistle or Air Horn
Each competitor will be given a whistle or small air horn or similar device that must be carried at all times.  If an animal is encountered that does not move out of the way, sound the device.  It may motivate the animal to move.  If not, continue to blow the whistle or use the horn in short bursts.  This signal will be considered a call for help, no matter the purpose. Race marshals on the course will respond to the signal when they hear it.  (Further details to be provided at the pre-race orientation meetings.)

Kate will be with him as kind of a crew.
They won't let other people out on the course.
So I'll get a description from her as to what it really was like.

Gators beware.
 There's a running man coming through.

Until Next Time-