Friday, June 15, 2018

Trimming the Tree

Last week I had a wonderful visit
with my daughter and son-in-law
in the Sunshine State 

despite the weather.

We shopped and played and

enjoyed the local bird life.

Flying time was approximately 4 hours
each direction
and amazingly you can get a lot of stitching done.

Working on a red work embroidery project,
"Trimming the Tree",
made it pretty easy dealing with only 
one floss color.

I loaded 12 needles ahead of time,
put on my sea bands,
and was able to finish the embroidery
on the two flights.

The embroidery is the fun part.


Making it into a pillow seems to 
take more time, at least for me.

I added some buttons and beads
instead of pom poms and french knots.

I made the pillow smaller than what the pattern said.
The piece of red plaid wool I wanted to use
for the scalloped top was smaller than 
what the pattern called for.

Making do!

I actually had enough red ric rac,
red buttons, 
and the kit for covering buttons.

If you haven't covered a button in a while,
you're missing out of some fun.
It's not hard and
you get a great coordinated look.
(The simple things can humor me

Despite the fact the weather
here in Colorado is extremely
hot and very dry

this delightful wintery pattern
is done and ready whenever the 
seasons change again.

I'm hoping my next flight
will go as smoothly.
My stitching is packed
along with my party dress.
Until Next Time-
Au revior

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ready to Go....

With the close of the school year

my weekly Nana duties have ended

for the summer.

That opens up some time to do
some travelling! 

Of course, that requires
getting some stitching ready
to occupy flight times.

I pulled out two 
Crabapple Hill Studio patterns
to prep the embroidery.

Why not work on Christmas
and some redwork.
"Trim the Tree"

I've threaded a dozen needles, collected
the floss and thimble.
I'm ready

 to head off.

The second piece required some crayon coloring.

The areas you want to tint with crayons
first need to be filled in completely 
with a white crayon

This allows the pigment of the
crayon to fill in the weave of the fabric 
and make the color smoother.

Then have fun with the crayons.

Once the color is filled in
simply iron the piece.

The crayon melts 
giving the colored sections a soft 

"Autumn Calls"

tint of color which will be
enhanced with the embroidery. 

Looks like I'm ready.

June's going to be a busy month. 

Until Next Time-