Thursday, December 29, 2022

A December Mini Quilt - 2022

 The perfect ending to 2022,
a December monthly mini.

Making Snow Angels
18.5" x 18.5"

This little holiday quilt was made with
the leftover pieces from 
the quilt I just had finished
"I Believe in Angels".

It was nice to use up a few
of those leftovers.
Fussy cutting the snow angels

had each one standing up in the 
right direction.  
That made me very happy.

The corners looked a little plain,

but adding some embroidered snowflakes
and beads brightened them up.

Anytime I can use a directional
fabric for binding,
it's a no brainer. 

After getting bundled up

the December mini quilts were put on the fence
for one last quilt parade.

December, 2022

I'll share a fence parade, 2022 soon. 
It will be fun  revisiting
all those quilt hung out on the barbed wire
throughout the year.
But until then,
check out Wendy's blog
for other fabulous minis.
Thank you Wendy, for keeping
us all stitching along.

I hope that 2023 brings you 
love, laughter, and joy.
Happy New Year.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, December 8, 2022

One Last Quilt Before the New Year.

 This story begins with
a sale at a LQS,
impulse buying,
a layer cake,
and a friend's idea.

I really had no business going 
to a quilt shop's sale when I 
didn't NEED anything and
right after my recent big purge.
But, of course,  I went anyway.

It's like going to Target to just look around
and coming out later 
after spending $$$.

This is what I found

This layer cake from Bunny Hill,
"I Believe in Angels."

I very rarely purchase precuts and
I didn't love every fabric that was in the line,
but the shop had the fabrics on the bolt and
I could get some extra yardage for borders.
(See how I rationalized that)

A few weeks earlier a friend had shared a
pattern she had purchased for a simple 16 patch.
We had talked about how occasionally,
we feel the need to make something simple, 
easy and fun.

Well, that's what triggered my impulse buying.
I could certainly come up with a easy plan 
to use this fabric making a simple
holiday quilt.

You know what happened next.
Yes, it was fun, and easy.
I didn't have a pattern so, I was
just winging it.

I Believe in Angels
65" x 82"

The colors in this group were reds,
creams, light blue (not a favorite) and light green.
A more modern holiday color scheme.

The motifs were angle snowmen, bells,
dots, stripes, candy canes and
 florals, (which didn't seem to fit into the holiday mood).

The squares were sewn together very randomly, but
the sashing was all the same.
The green stripe was fun to use.

The pieced sashing seemed to control the 
jumble of the random squares.

My impulse purchases overall created a cute holiday quilt.
Purchasing all of the fabric, though, was quite the shock. $$$.
Something I hadn't done for quite awhile.

My only regret was
 that I didn't have enough of the snowman angle fabric
to cut the top and bottom border so that the angles weren't
running sideways.
That kind of thing drives me crazy.
Oh, well. 
I wasn't about to purchase more fabric.
Despite sideways angel snowmen
I know that someone will find this quilt
warm and comforting after it's quilted
for next year.

Whatever is beautiful,
whatever is meaningful,
whatever brings you happiness,
may it be yours this holiday season.
Happy Holidays.
Until Next Time-

Monday, November 28, 2022

November's Monthly Mini

 November has come 
and pretty much gone.
I have though, been able to spend
a little time in my sewing room.
This month's mini
was a free download earlier in the fall
 and is now available 
 as a $5 digital download.

Autumn Along Coal Creek
21" x 28"

I took Pam's pattern 
and added more 6"  blocks.
I had several of her fabrics, 
Cheddar and Coal
and added a few others, of course.


The border is a very old Thimbleberries print, but
was the perfect choice.
You never know when one of those
oldies still works.
I added a flange binding which 
made the binding process go a little faster.

Besides, it added a spark of cheddar
at the end.

I also finished a couple of
X-stitch projects.

Boo and Whoo

Designed by Misty Pursel
Of Luminous Fiber Arts.

I mounted each piece on a
glossy black wooden block. 
I used some older Nancy Halverson 
orange fabric and
a bit of black rick rack. 
Now they'll be ready for next October. 
This next one was a free design

"Thankful" is being modeled by
Turkey Jack, one of
my favorite Thanksgiving decorations. 

He was made years ago and
joins us every year.

I discovered, as I was
selecting quilts for my
November fence display, that
 this month theme was
the color,
we lovingly refer to, 
as Cheddar.

This month's lineup is one of my favorites.

Want to check out a few other monthly minis?
Head to Wendy's blog, the Constant Quilter
 and enjoy some quilting inspiration.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, October 27, 2022

October Mini Quilt Treat

The end of October

When my 3 girls were little they
loved Halloween. 
They would begin thinking about their costumes 
 for the following year on November 1st.
Over the years we had lots of fun 
making and creating their costume ideas.

Nothing ghoulish, just princesses,
pirates, Snow White, Bo Peep, and even Cleopatra.

Unfortunately, here in Colorado,
Trick or Treating usually involves
winter coats and snow boots.
Those lovely costumes 
get covered up and hidden.

My October mini is an embroidery
that, unfortunately,  
got covered up and hidden in my sewing room 
for a couple years.  Sigh....

Halloween Sampler
16" x 19"

The embroidery is designed by
Sandra Workman.
You can find it here.
The pattern includes an
iron on transfer for the stitching,
which made it very easy to get started.

It was stitched with DMC floss
on a striped grey and off white fabric.
I worked with one color at at time
rather than stitching one motif at a time.
It's an efficient way to approach it,
but maybe, not as much fun.

The finished piece worked up perfectly 
as a mini quilt for October. 
The narrow orange border with
the black ric rac sewn on top
gives the appearance of a scalloped edge.

By adding a couple of prairie points
and buttons, it adds some 3-D interest.

Halloween Sampler looks good on the fence.

Happy Halloween 🎃 
from all the Halloween Minis.

Until Next Time-

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Looking Forward

There's an old saying that if
you fall off a horse

you need to get right back on that horse.

The reason being that if you don't,
it will be very hard to get back on that horse
the longer that you wait.
 I'm guessing that you could apply 
that philosophy to many situations.

I applied it to my quilting life.
After feeling somewhat defeated or
down about my overwhelming stash,
I knew it meant no more whining.
Time to get my favorite fabrics back out,
take the rotary cutter back in my hands,
thread up the machine
and get sewing.

That's exactly what I did.
I did some spot organizing,
looked through some of my favorite books,
and found a center medallion 
that spoke to me
from Susan Smith's book
Quilts, Somewhat in the Middle.

32" x 32"

It took me a week 
from start to finish.
I needed to get back
to feeling the excitement 
and creativity of playing.

I drew on the colors 
from many of Di Ford's fabulous fabrics.

Appliqueing the center
was like enjoying a delicious dessert.

Add a little fussy cutting
and I was definitely feeling rejuvenated.

It really didn't take much
to feel good again.

The inner border was fun with the melon shapes.

And who doesn't love adding circles.
I loved the simple idea of making
the sashing between them piece.
The more fabrics, the better!

And oh,
it gets better.
I bought a new
Laundry Basket fabric for the backing.

I kept the quilting to a minimum,
just because that's what I felt like doing.

Needless to say,
it was a great week of creating, stitching
and rekindling the positive. 

I hope, if you find yourself in a situation
where you've "fallen off your horse",
you can dust yourself off 
and get back in the saddle
and shout, Giddy-up!

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

September Mini quilts

First, of all,  I want to thank everyone
for the encouraging words that many of you shared with me.
No, I'm not hanging up my quilting needles 
and tossing out all of my fabric.

I was feeling "stash obligations" and not feeling 
the love or the creative challenge
that it brought.
It really did me in!

So, since I last wrote,
I have bundled up lots of fabric, 
approx. 150 yards,
and sent it off to a wonderful local charitable group.
I have started some new projects,
and have continued to work on the things
that I love and bring me joy.

My latest X-stitch finish.
"Be Ye Thankful"
a design by Brenda Gervais

I am thankful for everyone's positive thoughts.

The end of September
means it's time to share a monthly mini quilt.

Vintage Baskets #2
24" x 24"

This little quilt began it's life as a full size 
quilt from the 1930's.

When I received it from a friend, 
it was just a top and 
the 10" blocks were well loved and 
very thin and frail. 

I took some of the blocks apart and resized them

which made them very cute.

After sewing the top together I decided
to add embroidered flowers to each basket.

That was the "FUN" part.

When I was given this quilt top,
the original Nile Green binding was included.
It wasn't in the best shape, but I made do.

I "love" how it finished.

Vintage Baskets #2

Time for my barbed-wire fence parade.
There was a very fog morning this week.

A perfectly quiet, uncluttered background for a photo shoot.


If you get the chance, check out Wendy's blog
the Constant Quilter to get the list of other
bloggers working on and sharing their monthly minis.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Pigs with Lipstick

 The other day I meet with my Quilty Buddies 

And I made a confession.
I was really feeling like it was time to stop quilting!
I had lost the joy.  
I didn't feel like I had any creativity left.
I thought I was truly done.

They were shocked.
What was going on?

I shared how I had sorted through my stash
 and had lots of fabric I needed to part with.
But I felt guilty because of the money
 I had spent over the years,
 the amount of fabric I had collected....

  To justify these feelings, 
I felt like I needed to sew up some of these piles into quilts.
I had picked a pattern, cut and sewed. 
 I thought my plan would be to create
 something wonderful for someone.  
To pass on many quilts.

But I felt myself losing the excitement
 and joy I usually felt as I work on a project. 
 It was like walking through deep sticky mud.
 I was quickly sinking. 
 Maybe I was done.
  I mean,  really done. 
 That's how I was feeling.

After lots of questions, my one friend said,
Lipstick on a pig, is still a pig.

She went on to say,
if I was using fabric I didn't love anymore,
 why would the quilt I was making 
be something I loved, 
no matter what I did with it.
Was it as simple as that?
I think my friends were right in this case.  
My heart wasn't in it.
It really had made me depressed. 

Since then,
I have stopped that project,
 bundled up all the piles 
and made arrangements for a local sewing group
 to take it and do their good works with it.


Let it go, let it go
Some of my fabric is tired and old.
Try as I will 
There just isn't a thrill.
Can't hold it back anymore
I need to pass it through another door. 
I don't care what others may say
I don't want to sew with it another day.

I have felt guilty long enough. 
It really is still good stuff.
Maybe someone else will find a joy.
So, the fabric is theirs to enjoy.

Let it go, let it go.
The decision has made me feel lighter
Sewing even seems brighter.
It's time to do what I love.
To dispose of, get rid of
The pieces from my overabundant stash.
That made me feel depressed and dashed.

I started a project, I really did try,
But then I started questioning why
I was unhappy and restless
I was not doing my bestess.
As time seems to be growing shorter
It was also time to stop being a hoarder.
I simply will never be able to use it all
But there are others who will be having a ball.
So, Let it go, let it go.

And I have.
Until Next Time 

Monday, August 29, 2022

August Minis

I hope you'll agree that 
 our projects and stitching
should bring us pleasure, smiles
and even laughter.

Each month there is a group of bloggers
who have been challenged 
and, hopefully, have found joy in
creating a monthly mini and then 
sharing their creativity with others.
Our blogging friend, Wendy,
facilitator of this diverse group.
Thank you ,Wendy.  I've appreciated your 
"constant" dedication! 

This month I only have a quilt top.
My attention had been diverted to stitching hst's!

Sunflowers and Sunshine
38" x 38"

Yellow scraps and a pattern
designed by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique
was fun to stitch 
during the last of the summer days.
You can get the free sunflower block
pattern here from Aurifil.

Yes, there were a few more
half square triangles to make,
but that yellow fabric 
was just so happy to play with. 

The four blocks went together quickly.
The striped border fabric had been used
in my daughter's first grade classroom 
as shelf drape.
Now it was happily being 
 used once again.

My fence line-up for this month had to be called
Sunflowers and Sunshine.

Here's a closer look at the middle quilt.
From where you're looking, it doesn't seem 
to fit the theme, but

 the border fabric was its ticket
to join in on the fence parade.

Also wanted to give you all an update on the free
"Oh, Say Can You Sew" mystery quilt
generously designed by Lisa Bongean.

The stack of 128 blocks
is ready and waiting 
for clue #6.

Until Next Time-