Monday, August 29, 2022

August Minis

I hope you'll agree that 
 our projects and stitching
should bring us pleasure, smiles
and even laughter.

Each month there is a group of bloggers
who have been challenged 
and, hopefully, have found joy in
creating a monthly mini and then 
sharing their creativity with others.
Our blogging friend, Wendy,
facilitator of this diverse group.
Thank you ,Wendy.  I've appreciated your 
"constant" dedication! 

This month I only have a quilt top.
My attention had been diverted to stitching hst's!

Sunflowers and Sunshine
38" x 38"

Yellow scraps and a pattern
designed by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique
was fun to stitch 
during the last of the summer days.
You can get the free sunflower block
pattern here from Aurifil.

Yes, there were a few more
half square triangles to make,
but that yellow fabric 
was just so happy to play with. 

The four blocks went together quickly.
The striped border fabric had been used
in my daughter's first grade classroom 
as shelf drape.
Now it was happily being 
 used once again.

My fence line-up for this month had to be called
Sunflowers and Sunshine.

Here's a closer look at the middle quilt.
From where you're looking, it doesn't seem 
to fit the theme, but

 the border fabric was its ticket
to join in on the fence parade.

Also wanted to give you all an update on the free
"Oh, Say Can You Sew" mystery quilt
generously designed by Lisa Bongean.

The stack of 128 blocks
is ready and waiting 
for clue #6.

Until Next Time-

Monday, August 15, 2022

Please, No More Half Square Triangles!

Since the beginning of the month
I have done nothing but work
on the Oh, Say Can You Sew, 
mystery quilt along
from Lisa Bongean.

Holy Moley
HST's !!!

This months clue was to make 
1152 - 1 inch half square triangle (finished)

and sewing them into 128 
nine patch blocks

I've been working on them pretty much exclusively,

Thankfully, I had some Triangles on a Roll
and Thangles papers in the correct size.

I hadn't used either of these for a long time.
But having to:
 make so many,
make them scrappy and
make them accurately,
it was the best solution.

There seems to be so many steps.
Cutting fabrics,
pinning fabrics and paper,
sewing on the lines,
cutting apart

and finally tearing away all of the paper.

The good part is that each hst is the correct size.
No trimming after each one was pressed.

Time wise, it probably all comes out the same.
There were just so many to make!!!!

A quilt friend asked if I were going to cut off 
the dog ears on each piece.
"No, way!" I said.
But then....
Despite my hand cramping up,
I cut off each and every one.

This is as far as I have gotten.
I've sewn 3 blocks,
125 - 3" blocks to go.

I needed to see if they would all turn out right.
I think they're going to look good
with the wide variety of fabrics.

Of course, being a mystery...
I have no idea if they'll look good!

So, as I sit at my machine
feeding it 
these little individual triangular nibblets,
I was wondering how differently
each of us might approach a 
repetitive process like this.

Do you do each step to completion?
do you do small batches from start to finish?

As you can tell,
I push myself to finish each step,
even if it means sacrificing the
function of my hands.

Until Next Time-

Monday, August 8, 2022

A little Trip North to Canada

Our bags were packed and
we were ready to go....
Where, you ask?

North of the border and

landing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Calgary is a beautiful city where the 
skyscrapers reach for clear blue Western sky.

And the incredible Canadian Rocky Mountains 
leave the prairie behind and ascend to the clouds.

It's a destination that Running Man and I have 
always wanted to experience.

It's difficult to capture
 the beauty of the surrounding scenery.
It's everywhere.

Snow capped mountain peaks
(even in July)



Unbelievable blue water


Fabulous hotels

The Tauck tour we were on made 
our trip easy and fun with incredible views
around each curve.

Our official mountain holiday began at the Kananaska
Mountain Lodge and some Western hospitality.

From there we traveled to Lake Louise.

We watched the morning sunlight slowly
creep down the mountain and over the glacier
 at the Chateau Lake Louise.


Lake Moraine was unbelievable
 with its tropical blue-green glacial water.

This photo has not been enhanced!

From there we traveled north to Jasper
via the Icefields Parkway

How about getting up close and personal with the 
Athabasca Glacier.

It was freezing and very slippery. 

 I pretty much
stayed in one spot while Running Man kept on going.

The Jasper Park Lodge 

offered great hikes,

 wildlife and 

 deep valleys carved by those glaciers.

One more stop, Banff and the 
Historic Banff Springs Hotel

Complete with bagpipes.

We definitely needed more time
 to explore each location.

The weather was beautiful,

the food was delicious, and

the people warm and friendly.

Ready to pack your bags and go
for a visit?
If you do, you'll have an incredible holiday.

We did!

Until Next Time-