Friday, November 30, 2012

I Only Have Eyes For You

Everyone has probably had a favorite
toy that was loved unconditionally.
You slept with it,
took in the car,
it was with you throughout the day.

My little guy, Sanford, 
is in love with
a bear,
 that was given to him that
was a promotion for Habitat for Humanity.
To lure Sanford into his bed for a nap,
we take a moment to search for Stanley,
and then, lo  and behold,  
there he is,
 already in bed waiting to snuggle.
It's a great game that continues to work.
Sanford's newest greeting 
is to chew on Stanley's face.
Must be a special guy kind of greeting.
So it became necessary 
to change 
Stanley's eyes.
But neither the bear nor the boy,
seemed to notice or care.
They're still the best of friends.

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Project Process Plan

Way back in January 
the Quilty Buddies 
embarked on a wonder plan,
The 11 Project Process Plan.

The idea was to choose 11 projects
that had been looming in the depths of each of
our quilting studios and progress them forward.
We each made a list and numbered each project.
Each month a number was drawn and 
that was the item we were suppose to
work on.
It didn't mean you had to finish it,
although, many of us did,
but do  just enough to see that it 
wasn't in the same spot as before.  
Maybe that literally meant moving it from one shelf to another!
Well, out of the eleven things on my list 
I worked on and finished seven.
I liked how this plan worked for me.
It was my own self motivation plan.
I love lists and 
I love crossing things off lists.
So what about the 4 that were left?
I'm not sure if I can rally the Q. Buddies 
to do it again, but I think I will
revisit the list, 
adding and subtracting items
and start again in January. 

Until Next Time-

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Summer Olympics Are Offically Over

Just because the Summer Olympics
ended in  August doesn't mean that
the whole thing has been over.

I've been stitching along with
 other sporting events
and have finally
completed my
tribute to the 2012 Summer Olympics.

"Triumphal Journey"
72" x 72"

The quilt was also part of my 
11 Project Progress Plan,
which was part of the Quilty Buddies plan
to move 11 older project forward.

It's a great pattern from 
Minick and Simpson
called, " Lizzy's Big Flowers".

I machine appliqued the stems,
but hand appliqued the other pieces.
It was machine quilted with  whimsical
loops and stars
while the border has a funky feather design.

I found some white 50's style summer buttons that
set the center of the stars off.

My dilemma  had been what to do with the
28,  one inch berries per block.
I didn't want to applique all of those, otherwise,
I might be working on it when the next summer
Olympics rolled around.

A friend suggested the perfect solution, wool.
I fused on the berries and
attached a button in the center of each
for extra good measure.
I didn't even buttonhole stitch 
around the edges.

Finishing it was my triumphal journey.
Another quilt completed and
crossed off my never ending list.
I loved working on it and
loved how turned out.

I crossed the finish line!

 Until Next Time-

Friday, November 23, 2012

More Celebrations

The day after Thanksgiving
could have you feeling like this..
 or like this...

we have more birthdays to celebrate.

 May, 2012
Happy Birthday, Kate and Jessica!
What a year you've had!

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Milestone Birthday

All birthdays are special but 
there are certain birthdays that
have come to be known as

Yesterday was a very special day.
It was Sanford's first birthday celebration.

It was a simple family celebration,
with a Curious George theme.
It's all about the theme.

Of course,
cupcakes are the dessert of choice.

Monkey cupcakes.
Sanford's own cupcake was a 
snow monkey, no chocolate yet.

We even had the Florida kids here visiting.
It was a special birthday.
Maybe mostly for Nana.

 Until Next Time-

Monday, November 19, 2012

I Went Fabric Shopping

 I had an extra day at home this weekend.
And decided I needed to clear off my cutting
table to make room for other things.

On the top of the pile was my
second Mountain Trail quilt.

Again it was a "scrap attack" project
but this time it's with brighter more
contemporary colors and designs.

 You might recognize some of the designers.

This is not my usual color palette,
but through the years of making things for kiddos
or for store samples, I had enough scraps to make this mini.

The issue was I didn't have enough
for any kind of border, 2 sided or more.

Oh, no.
I had to go fabric shopping!

I headed to the shop in town called,
Mama Said Sew,
after which Moda's designers, Sweetwater,
 named one of their current line.
 This shop caters to the younger crowd and
carries a more contemporary style of fabric.

I auditioned fabric
and auditioned more.

I couldn't get a sense of what to do.
 Larger bold print?
Warm or cool?
Some made the raspberry color trail too dominate,
a light fabric was washed out,
others were just yuk.

Maybe it was just one of those day where
nothing seemed right.

But  finally  I found a piece, Freshcut,
by Heather Bailey
 Jelly Beans

 I think it works.

"Let's Climb The Big Rock Candy Mountain"
22.5" X 27.5"

Look how the pink is less dominate
and how it takes on a warmer orange color.
This is not my trick photography.
Fabric will do that.
It's just what I wanted it to do.

Maybe I'll have time to quilt it soon.
But for now it's done.

Until Next Time-

Friday, November 16, 2012

Turkey Jack

 It's been many many Thanksgivings ago,
that Turkey Jack came to be
a special part of my Thanksgiving decorations.

"Turkey Jack"
30" tall

I don't remember the pattern designer
or exactly when he was made.

But I do remember the fun 
my friends and I had making Turkey Jacks.

The instructions were long and involved.
And included sewing, painting, stuffing,
making clothes, and all 
the other details that makes Jack so great.

Rather than each of us work on our own,
we assembly lined production.
Each person had a portion to do
and then we put all the parts together
all the Turkey Jack came into existence.

He's my Thanksgiving decorations for this year.
And seeing I don't cook a turkey for the holiday,
he loves to stay around and just hang out with the family.

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Finished the Trail

 At the end of September
Lori, at Humble Quilts,
began a quilt along
with a quilt she was calling Mountain Trails.

I'm a slow hiker, I know.
But I've finished one of the quilts that
I had started.

I challenged myself to a "scrap attack" and
 to use only the fabrics
that were in my scrap bag and here's
one of the quilts. 
 21.5" x 22.5"
"Follow the Cheez-It Trail"

 Remember I had help
choosing just the right fabrics.

With the trail done in a cheddar color,
and the shape a small square,

all I could see were Cheez-It crackers
making a trail.

I found a great fabric in my stash
to use on the back.
Can you tell how old this fabric is?

Good Grief,
it's 20 years old already.
Time to use some it, 
don't you think!

 Other quilters who are faster
hikers than I am,
have posted their quilts here.

I have one more quilt partly sewn.
I'll let you know when I finally get to 
the end of that trail.

But until then,
"Happy Trails to you
'till we meet again."
Until Next Time-

Monday, November 12, 2012

Send A Little Warmth

 I know many quilters have
already seen 
of Bumble Bean Inc., appeal and drive
 for quilts and blankets for those
who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

I've donated to this group before.
It was easy.
And it made me feel like I was making
a difference in someone's life
with a token of warmth and friendship.

I'm sending this quilt.

54" X 72"

Yes, it is Halloween motif.
But I figure, some kiddo will think that it's fun.

It's was a pattern that was available from Maywood Fabrics
and the fabrics were designed by Bonnie Sullivan.

I made it in 2007 as a store sample and 
it's never been used.

It needed a home.

Check out the information HERE 
if you would like to contribute.

It's a small way to help.
Quilter's have such big hearts.

 Until Next Time-

Friday, November 9, 2012

Howling Coyotes

 One thing I was looking forward
to on our mini retreat was
a full night's sleep.

But it was not to be.

What do crying babies
have in common 

 howling coyotes?

They both think
3:00 am
 is a good time to start.

They are both very good at a long
continuous howl.

And they both seem to do it
for no apparent reason.

 As I laid in bed listening
to the coyotes,
I smiled and knew the same thing
was probably happening in

 Until Next Time-