Monday, November 19, 2012

I Went Fabric Shopping

 I had an extra day at home this weekend.
And decided I needed to clear off my cutting
table to make room for other things.

On the top of the pile was my
second Mountain Trail quilt.

Again it was a "scrap attack" project
but this time it's with brighter more
contemporary colors and designs.

 You might recognize some of the designers.

This is not my usual color palette,
but through the years of making things for kiddos
or for store samples, I had enough scraps to make this mini.

The issue was I didn't have enough
for any kind of border, 2 sided or more.

Oh, no.
I had to go fabric shopping!

I headed to the shop in town called,
Mama Said Sew,
after which Moda's designers, Sweetwater,
 named one of their current line.
 This shop caters to the younger crowd and
carries a more contemporary style of fabric.

I auditioned fabric
and auditioned more.

I couldn't get a sense of what to do.
 Larger bold print?
Warm or cool?
Some made the raspberry color trail too dominate,
a light fabric was washed out,
others were just yuk.

Maybe it was just one of those day where
nothing seemed right.

But  finally  I found a piece, Freshcut,
by Heather Bailey
 Jelly Beans

 I think it works.

"Let's Climb The Big Rock Candy Mountain"
22.5" X 27.5"

Look how the pink is less dominate
and how it takes on a warmer orange color.
This is not my trick photography.
Fabric will do that.
It's just what I wanted it to do.

Maybe I'll have time to quilt it soon.
But for now it's done.

Until Next Time-


  1. How FUN! I think you made the perfect choice for your border fabric - but how TRAGIC that you had to go shopping to buy it (NOT!) (giggle) And I love the name you gave it - I've driven past Big Rock Candy mountain here in Utah many times!

  2. Wow! You found time to make two and I found time to make none.

  3. I just love it done up in brights as well. It's so fun to see the same pattern have two such different feels.

  4. The jellybeans make a perfect border!

  5. So fantastic! The print you chose for the border pulls it all together in a wonderful way!!