Friday, November 16, 2012

Turkey Jack

 It's been many many Thanksgivings ago,
that Turkey Jack came to be
a special part of my Thanksgiving decorations.

"Turkey Jack"
30" tall

I don't remember the pattern designer
or exactly when he was made.

But I do remember the fun 
my friends and I had making Turkey Jacks.

The instructions were long and involved.
And included sewing, painting, stuffing,
making clothes, and all 
the other details that makes Jack so great.

Rather than each of us work on our own,
we assembly lined production.
Each person had a portion to do
and then we put all the parts together
all the Turkey Jack came into existence.

He's my Thanksgiving decorations for this year.
And seeing I don't cook a turkey for the holiday,
he loves to stay around and just hang out with the family.

Until Next Time-


  1. What a delightful little fellow! How many of these guys did you & your friends make?

  2. What a fun decoration with fun memories! He does look like he was complicated to put together!!