Monday, November 5, 2012

Election History

Quilts can be be made for any reason,
to celebrate any occasion,
to commemorate any event.
 On the eve of this
Presidential Election,
this is a quilt that I made
to commemorate and remember
 the presidential election in 2000.
Our Next President is...?
 40" x 54"

We all watched history unfolding 
that evening as different reports 
came and went through the media.

Was our next 43rd  president,

Republican George W. Bush or
 Democrate Al Gore?

Over the course of time,
 we all learned more about 
butterfly baloots,
dimpled ballots,
absentee ballots

and just how important
a state's electoral votes were.

We watched as our country
worked through various conflicts and procedcures
in a peaceful way to determine the 
outcome of that election.

With another close election
on our doorstep,
take the time to vote.
Your vote does matter.

Until Next Time-


  1. Great quilt - and I love the tag.
    We love early voting in Colorado!

  2. thanks Kyle for this lovely reminder!

  3. great commemorative quilt!
    remember the hanging chad? oh my, I hope tonight won't be like that.

  4. Very cute, I think that all politicians should might make them sane and believable.