Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Finished the Trail

 At the end of September
Lori, at Humble Quilts,
began a quilt along
with a quilt she was calling Mountain Trails.

I'm a slow hiker, I know.
But I've finished one of the quilts that
I had started.

I challenged myself to a "scrap attack" and
 to use only the fabrics
that were in my scrap bag and here's
one of the quilts. 
 21.5" x 22.5"
"Follow the Cheez-It Trail"

 Remember I had help
choosing just the right fabrics.

With the trail done in a cheddar color,
and the shape a small square,

all I could see were Cheez-It crackers
making a trail.

I found a great fabric in my stash
to use on the back.
Can you tell how old this fabric is?

Good Grief,
it's 20 years old already.
Time to use some it, 
don't you think!

 Other quilters who are faster
hikers than I am,
have posted their quilts here.

I have one more quilt partly sewn.
I'll let you know when I finally get to 
the end of that trail.

But until then,
"Happy Trails to you
'till we meet again."
Until Next Time-


  1. Oh I love your cheddar and blue version!!
    cheez-its yummy!

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm a big fan of cheddar and blue and this version really steals my heart! Lovely Kyle!!

  3. Fabulous trail! Great post ;-)

  4. LOVE the color change up Kyle! Makes it your own project, that's for sure! You used a LOT of different fabrics in this project - I'm impressed they were from your scrap bag! LOL

  5. That's wonderful! Do I recognize some of those blues? Are some of them from our exchange many moons ago?

  6. Great name for a great version of this quilt - my husband loves Cheez-Its. I think this is my favorite of all!

  7. I want to play in your scrap bag. Some good fabrics came out of it.
    Oh, how I loved to watch Roy & Dale Evans. It would be a tame and probably considered boring show by today's standards.

  8. Very cute and such wonderful help

  9. OMG I love your version! cute post and what a great little helper!!!!!
    great colors and the backing fabric just fun, glad you were able to use it after all these years :)