Monday, April 27, 2020

Another Month, Another Mini

It's the end of another month,
not sure which one it is,
but never the less,
I knew it was time to share.

Anyone else feel like that?

Anyway, without further delay...

Springtime, 2020
32" x 32"

My creative juices have been 
feeling rather sluggish lately,
but fortunately,
 Stacy West
of Buttermilk Basin was sharing 
her creativity with a fun free
spring time sew-a-long. 

It gave me a chance to
pull out little bits and pieces of 
sweet spring time pastel fabrics.

It was an exercise in 
making do and using what I had,
but that was an okay good feeling.

The blocks finished at 4 inches
and were easy to do.

I plan on donating it to a
group at a local church.

So I kept the quilting simple, but I
had a tulip and heart stencil that fit the 
borders perfectly. 

My time saver for donated quilts is to do
a faux flange binding.  

 There are lots of tutorials available online.
Check them out.

I like the color accent it adds to the edge
and is the only way I can machine stitch
the binding in place and have it look good!

Note: If you are interested in the pattern
look on Stacy's website immediately.  I don't think
it will be available for free much longer, 
but then you could purchase it from her later on.
Thanks, Stacy!


The other simple project
I finished was machine quilting a 
delightful panel I had ordered 
from Fat Quarter Shop a couple of
months ago.

The message seems so appropriate. 

It was fun to quilt by simply
outlining the cute characters.

Simple quilting was the way to go.

I got it in the mail today
for my grandkiddos in Denver.

Hopefully, it will be a perfect reminder for
them and,
actually, one for all of us.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Thank you, Sue Spargo. It's Just What I Needed!

I found I've been needing
a little change of pace.
I had been thinking about
finding an interesting wool project 
to work on.

A couple weeks ago
Sue Spargo started a free
project called the Tone - Down Sampler
on Instagram.

Sounded lovely.
I found the perfect soft pastel wools
in my wool bins, cut out 30- 1 3/4" circles
and whipped them onto a piece of neutral colored linen.

Sue's project has smaller circles placed 
on a wool background and she is
sharing 90 circle designs!
I knew my attention span and my skill level
would be challenged by that.
So I took the idea and made it fit me.

I ordered a few more of Sue's wonderful
Eleganza Perle Cotton thread from her shop.
Yes, they are shipping and 
I needed a treat in the mail.

Before we had more snow last week,
I sat outside and got organized.

Don't you love theses old lunch boxes!

Some of Sue's Eleganza Perle Cotton
in the #8, #5, and #3 weight

and some DMC Perle Cotton
in #8, and #5 weight

Who could resist
 a couple spools of Razzle and Dazzle 
threads to add just a bit
of sparkle and bling.

I could have ordered a lot more
and maybe, as I'm working on my circles 
I might just do that!

Because I'm working with fewer circles
in my sampler, I've been picking and choosing
which designs to do.

Sue' has daily videos that accompany
each new design and stitches.
They're wonderful,
 showing you exactly
how to do the new stitches for the day.

I've never been able to take a class from Sue,
but I can tell she has lots of patience.
She repeats and explains things clearly
in her soft soothing voice.

Some embroidery stitches are fairly easy

while others are more challenging.

Yet each gives me an opportunity
to be creative and

an opportunity to
 practice all those awesome stitches,
as well as to play with color and texture.

This project is
just what I needed to spice life up.
26 more circles to go.


Just a photo from the weekend.

Anyone else found this to be a very unusual Easter holiday?

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A Little Love Story

This is a short story of 
love affair that I have had 
with this book and, especially, with
the Burgoyne Surrounded quilt on the cover.

This wonderful book was published 
in 1991 and I'm sure I bought my indigo fabric 
close to that time.

You might remember my story.
 I had bought this.

 Documentaries from Benartex.

When I decided last June to finally begin
this quilt, I quickly discovered I was now
2 yards short!
Some how and some where
I had used some of my dedicated fabric!

I was fortunate to find a Betsy Chutchian
indigo print that would make a great

Now I'm happy to say that my 
Burgoyne Surrounded quilt
is finally finished.

"The Blue Winds of Autumn" 
Burgoyne Surrounded
(Photo taken in the lodge of
The YMCA camp in Estes Park, Colorado)

The two different fabrics
worked out well.

80" x 98"

I guess, 
I'm just a traditionalist
at heart.  I love the simplicity
yet the graphic element,
of a two color quilt.

My long arm quilter,
Kathy, at Hearth & Home,
did a fantastic job.

 I love those feathers.

They show up so well
when the sunlight creates those 
lovely tiny shadows.

I used one of Christopher Wilson-Tate's
fabrics for the backing.

The photo doesn't show it,
but I was able to match the strip perfectly
down the center.  You wouldn't even know it was there.

You might even recall my
humble piecing.

That really is totally me.

As the days click by,
I need to consider what other
quilts are on my "need to make" list.
If I'm like you,
that list is long and continues to grow.
Take care, everyone.
Until Next Time,