Thursday, April 16, 2020

Thank you, Sue Spargo. It's Just What I Needed!

I found I've been needing
a little change of pace.
I had been thinking about
finding an interesting wool project 
to work on.

A couple weeks ago
Sue Spargo started a free
project called the Tone - Down Sampler
on Instagram.

Sounded lovely.
I found the perfect soft pastel wools
in my wool bins, cut out 30- 1 3/4" circles
and whipped them onto a piece of neutral colored linen.

Sue's project has smaller circles placed 
on a wool background and she is
sharing 90 circle designs!
I knew my attention span and my skill level
would be challenged by that.
So I took the idea and made it fit me.

I ordered a few more of Sue's wonderful
Eleganza Perle Cotton thread from her shop.
Yes, they are shipping and 
I needed a treat in the mail.

Before we had more snow last week,
I sat outside and got organized.

Don't you love theses old lunch boxes!

Some of Sue's Eleganza Perle Cotton
in the #8, #5, and #3 weight

and some DMC Perle Cotton
in #8, and #5 weight

Who could resist
 a couple spools of Razzle and Dazzle 
threads to add just a bit
of sparkle and bling.

I could have ordered a lot more
and maybe, as I'm working on my circles 
I might just do that!

Because I'm working with fewer circles
in my sampler, I've been picking and choosing
which designs to do.

Sue' has daily videos that accompany
each new design and stitches.
They're wonderful,
 showing you exactly
how to do the new stitches for the day.

I've never been able to take a class from Sue,
but I can tell she has lots of patience.
She repeats and explains things clearly
in her soft soothing voice.

Some embroidery stitches are fairly easy

while others are more challenging.

Yet each gives me an opportunity
to be creative and

an opportunity to
 practice all those awesome stitches,
as well as to play with color and texture.

This project is
just what I needed to spice life up.
26 more circles to go.


Just a photo from the weekend.

Anyone else found this to be a very unusual Easter holiday?

Until Next Time-


  1. Ohh sooo sooo beautiful! Each circle of stitches is an exquisite delight!
    I love your colour choices...thanks for the visual treat today!

  2. This is going to be wonderful! Love the colours and stitches.

  3. Your circles look great and I love your color palette. And yes, this life is surreal right now.

  4. Such beautiful stitches. What a wonderful project for a time like this.

  5. I love your beautiful stitches and I think your colors are much prettier than what Sue has been using. It will be a fun project to work on, especially with those wonderful threads! I just can't get used to wearing a mask (maybe I need a different style) and I'm so grateful that I only need to do it when I leave home!

  6. Wow, what a beautiful project! I especially like your embroidered roses. Yes, a very strange Easter.

  7. Pastels are a favorite especially in the spring. I can’t decide which is prettier, the wool or the DMC thread. Enjoy working on your creative project.

  8. So fun! Your stitching is gorgeous! Wish I had the patience to pursue that, but I can always admire from afar.

  9. What a beautiful new project! Your embroidery is amazing! I love those pink flowers - wow!

  10. Beautiful embroidery work, such lovely colours and detail. A great project while in lock down!

  11. Oh my GOSH!! Your little project is going to be SO BEAUTIFUL!! This whole lockup stuff has really bummed me out and I only put out one little thing that was Easter related. But I have been BUSY making masks with a small group for organizations that are asking for them. We've made a TON and continue on.

  12. Gorgeous subtle colours in your wool circles. I have been following each day with this one, but not stitching along yet. But I am loving the gorgeous stitching you have been doing.
    Beautiful work.
    Yes, a very odd Easter. Not sure how long the Easter treats for the grandies will last in this house. Hmmmm.

  13. Love the soft colors and your bouillon stitches are gorgeous! Oh those lunch boxes - takes me back, especially the green one - just like mine from school...can still taste the PB & J sandwich! We sat in the dining room having a traditional Easter dinner watching over a foot of new snow coming down.

  14. OH my gosh, Kyle! You embroidery stitches are magazine worthy! So beautiful. You look just darling in your mask :)

  15. Beautiful embroidery. I almost ordered the kit from Sue but my attention for crafts is all over the place right now. And your mask is wonderful.

  16. Just beautiful. What amazing, detailed work! Will you frame this?

  17. Lovely embroidery Kyle. So glad you’ve found something you’re enjoying doing.

  18. What a perfect project for this time.:) Going to be beautiful!

  19. That certainly is a wonderful project to brighten up the days! Yes....Easter was a bit "different" this fact, it was my first Easter without chocolate since I can remember? lol!

  20. Gorgeous! It's been years since I've done any embroidery. I can see how the challenging, but amazing stitches and all the beautiful threads would tempt you. I hope your project continues to bring smiles!

  21. Oh wow, wow, wow! I would say your embroidery skills are amazing! What a fantastic project! So happy in these crazy times.

  22. Love, love, love your new project and your work is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see more circles--26 in fact!

  23. Wow, I love everything about this project! The colors, the textures, those beautiful stitches. How wonderful.

  24. Sue is a lovely gentle person. I met her many years ago and she was so generous with her time.
    Love love these circles. Okay, I love all circles but these are just fabulous. Is that stump work?
    Using bubble gum prize bubbles for your spool is both fun and functional. I have a couple of old lunch boxes too and they are great for quilt stuff storage.
    enjoy and happy belated Easter!

  25. Kyle que bonito proyecto
    ¡¡¡maravillosos y delicados bordados!!!
    buena semana

  26. Thank you for showing close ups of your work. Your embroidery is just beautiful. Yes, these are strange times and I'm hoping people behave so they don't get any stranger. LOL