Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sajou, a QAL

We may have all decided we needed to
 wear a hat today,
but obviously, 
none of us chose the same style.

The same idea applies 
to the wonderful QAL hosted by

Lori started with a antique quilt,
did some  math,
and sent out instructions in three mystery steps.

Those of us who followed along
got out our fabrics, and in our own hearts and minds,
created a quilt.

22" x 22"

The name comes from a delightful
shop she visited in Paris.

I decided to use some of my treasured Dutch heritage
fabrics along with some of Di Ford's designs. 

Why not!

I tweeted the pattern just a bit
to compensate for my sewing

and to have the blue triangle border 
come out even.  
(sorry, I'm just like that)

 Then it was time to do 
some fun machine quilting.

I used a #28 wt Aurifil thread.
I like the texture it makes on the surface.

I can see some of the stitching is a bit wobbly
and a few points were lost during construction,
but that just adds to the uniqueness. (smile)

Lori is having a linky party for a week, so
head on over to see all the different quilts that
were created.
It's amazing!

Thanks, Lori, for sharing your talent
and passion with all of us.
It's always fun!

Until Next Time-

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Riding Into the Wind

Some weeks you feel like
you're riding with the wind,

but there are times when
you're definitely riding into the wind.
Those headwinds can be a challenge,
but maybe there are some strategies to stay upright.

Ignore your Speed.
Instead Focus on the Feeling

Last week I had a fall break.
My grands were back east in NC for a wedding.
"Flower Girl"

So you would have thought 
I could have accomplished a lot,

But I just couldn't get pedaling.

I tried to focus on the good feeling of 
just accomplishing something.

I had previously prepped the last applique shapes
for the last border of my "Sutton Grange" quilt
designed by Di Ford.

They were ready to be glued in place.
And that's what I did.

Now when the wind dies down,

I'll begin to machine applique. 
That's going to be fun.

Drop down a Gear
And Keep a Happy Attitude

Okay, so I knew I wasn't going to cross
off much on my list.

So I looked at that list
and figured out what I could finish 
without getting thrown off balance.

I had the embroidery done
on two Halloween pieces 

Rather than make two small pillows or projects,
I changed direction,
and put them back to back into one pillow.

It was a great solution.

Pompoms make everyone happy and 
make a whimsical finish.

The 3 dimensional flowers

in the pattern can make you smile too.

Last Saturday we drove home from Denver
in a blinding blizzard.
We were driving right into the blowing snow.
It was slow going and dangerous.

But today the sun is shining and those
snow covered mountains in the distance look beautiful.

Wait a day,
and things can be different.
I have a good feeling about this week.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Time to Add Another Quilt on the Bed

The view outside the family room this week
has been cold, gloomy and drizzly.

I guess you have to occasionally expect 
some fall days like this even in Colorado.

So now
I knew it was time.
Time to add another quilt on the bed.

"Timeless Reflections"

90" x 90"

It's not the usual autumn colors,
but the low contrast
between the appliques and background fabric

makes me think of the colors I'm seeing this week.

I started this quilt in 1996 
when I took a  4 block applique class
 from  Terry Clothier Thompson.

My original thought was to use a lighter neutral background,
but Terry convinced me that

this background would create a more interesting effect.
The more I worked on it, the better I liked it.

I appliqued with a technique you
don't see done very often.

I used a simple running stitch
to secure the folded edges.

 I used freezer paper templates
to prep the edges and then used
matching color threads to stitch the appliques.

I need to remember this technique and use it again.
I like how it looks like I quilted
close to the edges.

I filled in the background with
a simple grid using the fabric design
as my guide.

I included quite a bit of 

quilting on the applique pieces as well and

quilted a large cable design in the outer border.

With flannel sheets
and a favorite quilt on the bed,
don't worry,
 I'll be toasty warm.
And yes, it was even snowing yesterday!
Until Next Time-

Thursday, October 4, 2018

It's a Cover Up

A magician with
his slight of hand tricks

 can cover up
what's actually happening.

So like a quilting magician,
I made my
 applique "irregularities"
vanish before my eyes.

Now you see them

now you don't!

Love the cover up!


Reunion Update

Just wanted to let you know that
no one showed up  at my
50th high school reunion
looking like
the 68 year old Barbie,
that I posted last week.

Instead some long time friends

enjoyed some special time together.

Take the time to reconnect
with a friend or two, and
you'll be glad you did.

Until Next Time-