Thursday, October 29, 2020

Chills and Thrills

How did it get to be the end of October? 
I'm not sure, but
 it's time once again, to 
have a mini quilt ready to share.

After posting and sharing 
some of my Halloween quilts
a couple of weeks ago,
I decided why not make another one!
I had found a pile of Halloween fabrics
 and started pulling out an
assortment of purples, oranges and blacks.

Why not work with the quilter's trilogy. 
How about starting with orange and black nine patches and make a

Pinwheels might be
nice to add next. 
 Why not make them purple and black.

I used fabrics mostly from my stash, but
I have to admit, that I needed a few other pieces.
A few more bright purples and
that black and white dot. 
 Isn't that right, Pat B!
I was spotted at my LQS!!

To finish the trilogy
how about making a few flying geese?

I thought about adding another pieced border, but
a reality check said, no more.
Besides, what was left to add! 

You'll smile at the fabric for the last border.

Holey, moley, that's an oldie!

I guess that's why you have a stash.
You never know when you might need
a special piece buried deep down in the fabric bins.

"Chills and Thrills"
32" x 32

I found a hidden backing too and 
look at the date.  

Too funny!!

Well, at this point, this Halloween
treat will have to wait for a finish.

"Chills and Thrills"
 on Halloween.

Our fearless leader, Wendy, The Constant Quilter,
continues to coordinate all of us who continue to
make minis each month.
(Even though, mine never really qualify 
as a true mini)
I hope you take the time to check
out the variety and creativity of the others.
Quilters are amazing!

I also want to thank all of you
who continue to read and even leave a comment 
here on my blog, Timeless Reflections.
I realized that this is post  #950!
It's been quite a recorded
quilting journey and I'm 
happy to have made so many quilting friends 
all around the world.
Happy Stitching!
Until Next Time-

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Boo-tiful Halloween Quilts


Hello Halloween

I'm in an October frame of mind.

It's time for a spooky good time.

 So come on in and sit for a spell
And take a look
  at some spooky and kooky Halloween quilts.

"Little Goblins"

An adaption of a Sue Garman pattern.

Treat or Treat!


"Halloween Cats"

Machine Appliqued
A Red Wagon Pattern


"Trick or Treat
Give Me something Good to Eat"


A pattern from Crabapple Hill

Fun embroidery and lots of added beads.


"Crazy Pumpkins"

A pattern in Falloween
a Need'l Love Book

With lots of different embroidery stitches


"Spooky Pumpkins"

A pattern from the book Seasons
by Jan Patek and Sue Spargo


"Midnight Silhouette"

Pattern by Blackbird Designs



Pattern by Crabapple Hill

A reversible pillow

Let the Ghoul Times Roll

Happy Haunting!

Until  Next Time-

Friday, October 9, 2020

Second String

Sometimes I think 
that it would be nice to have a fairy
godmother who could wave her magic wand and
"Pouff ".
My quilt was done and ready 
to be enjoyed.

But what would be the fun in that.
The down side would be that
the quilt wouldn't have a story,
or a personal connection.

Earlier in the summer Barbara at 
started  a fun scrappy quilt using 
leftover strips.
Check out her blog because
her quilt is done!

Guess what.
I had leftover strips too!!!
Don't we all? 

The pattern we both used 
is called Interweave, a String Quilt Pattern
 It didn't take long to sew
the 2.5" and 2" strips together
in a random order.  

"Second String"

It's a mish mash of color
and pattern,
I think every leftover was fair game.

Big sections are sewn together.
Randomly sewing the different width strips
makes for less matching.

It's a collage of color!

It's a great quilt to stitch and
recall where and when the fabric was 
 originally used.
It really is an easy quilt of quilt memories.
They're part of a "second string" quilt. 

For now 
it's in the pile to be quilted.
Hopefully, it won't remain there too long.

That magic wand belonging to 
my fairy godmother may not be used
for quilting, but
I wouldn't object to her
using it to clean up after me. 

Until Next Time-