Thursday, October 29, 2020

Chills and Thrills

How did it get to be the end of October? 
I'm not sure, but
 it's time once again, to 
have a mini quilt ready to share.

After posting and sharing 
some of my Halloween quilts
a couple of weeks ago,
I decided why not make another one!
I had found a pile of Halloween fabrics
 and started pulling out an
assortment of purples, oranges and blacks.

Why not work with the quilter's trilogy. 
How about starting with orange and black nine patches and make a

Pinwheels might be
nice to add next. 
 Why not make them purple and black.

I used fabrics mostly from my stash, but
I have to admit, that I needed a few other pieces.
A few more bright purples and
that black and white dot. 
 Isn't that right, Pat B!
I was spotted at my LQS!!

To finish the trilogy
how about making a few flying geese?

I thought about adding another pieced border, but
a reality check said, no more.
Besides, what was left to add! 

You'll smile at the fabric for the last border.

Holey, moley, that's an oldie!

I guess that's why you have a stash.
You never know when you might need
a special piece buried deep down in the fabric bins.

"Chills and Thrills"
32" x 32

I found a hidden backing too and 
look at the date.  

Too funny!!

Well, at this point, this Halloween
treat will have to wait for a finish.

"Chills and Thrills"
 on Halloween.

Our fearless leader, Wendy, The Constant Quilter,
continues to coordinate all of us who continue to
make minis each month.
(Even though, mine never really qualify 
as a true mini)
I hope you take the time to check
out the variety and creativity of the others.
Quilters are amazing!

I also want to thank all of you
who continue to read and even leave a comment 
here on my blog, Timeless Reflections.
I realized that this is post  #950!
It's been quite a recorded
quilting journey and I'm 
happy to have made so many quilting friends 
all around the world.
Happy Stitching!
Until Next Time-


  1. I love it! Perfect for the season, and I just think the purple is such a fun color for Halloween!

  2. How delightful! Love those oranges to give a zing.

  3. I've never been a big Halloween fan, even as a child, and I've never made a Halloween quilt, but I love this quilt! It's just perfect for the season! Nicely done!

  4. Since Halloween is my favorite and purple and orange make me sing, I love this little quilt. Every one of your 950 posts are so creative in and of themselves; so, of course, we keep reading them.

  5. Wow, nothing better than bright oranges, purples and black to say October and Halloween! And three of my favorite blocks all add up to a winner in my book!

  6. I love Halloween quilts. Yours is a keeper. Hugs

  7. Kyle me encanta tu colcha Halloween
    y me encanta tu calabaza en la silla

  8. This made a very appealing Halloween quilt!

  9. What a fantastic Halloween quilt! I can tell you had fun making this one. Very fun backing fabric and I think I have some of that Debbie Mumm fabric left too.

  10. Really cute, perfect for the Halloween season. And isn't it amazing what we can sometimes pull from the stash?

  11. What a dazzling little Halloween piece. It just sparkles. I love Debbie Mumm. I still have a bunch of her fabrics but they are mostly Christmas. They are safely hoarded a way for just the right project.

  12. Your little Halloween quilt is so cheerful, and very striking! I'm sure everyone will love seeing it. ---"Love"

  13. October has flown by! Love your scrappy Halloween quilt. It'll be fun to pull it out every year. Congrats on many swell posts.

  14. Your quilt just glows! Nice that you could go to your LQS too. You must have a GREAT stash!

  15. That is a fun quilt. Love seeing all the different fabrics.
    Have a wonderful Halloween.

  16. That is an attractive, crazy-wild Halloween quilt! Absolutely LOVE the colors and design! :-)

  17. Your quilter's trilogy method was perfect for making your Halloween quilt! Love each border--and the colors! It's amazing what oldies we find our stash. Wow, post #950! I so enjoy your blog and all the wonderful and creative ideas you share with us all :) Thank you!

  18. What a wonderful big mini for halloween. I so enjoyed your halloween post and shared it with several friends.
    The progression of blocks is just great and the little polkadot and stripe pull it all together.
    thank you for continuing to inspire us so much! what a landmark!

  19. Spectacular! And, there are no size requirements in this mini madness! I love cheddar and purple together. It is so much fun to make medallions that just keep going around. Yours is a true winner! And, yes we do love out ancient fabrics, that Patrick Lose fabric is fabulous. Thanks for another great mini!

  20. The backing fabric is a wow! Fun, fun.

    What has happened to Debbie Mumm? Does she still design things? I used to have two or three of her books and perused through them regularly. I made a few of the quilts which I don't think I have any of now.

  21. On to a thousand! It will be there before you know it. Isn't it strange how in a way it seems the world has stopped in many ways but still the weeks fly by like crazy?
    I am a purple lover and the purple you used looks great with the orange.

  22. I'm catching up on my blog reading...
    Chills and Thrills is a fun one - it definitely brought a smile to my face! (it doesn't hurt that I love the color purple)
    Thanks for all the blog posts! I always enjoy hearing what you've been up to, and maybe learning something fun or just being inspired along the way.

  23. This is such a cute quilt! So much fun. Always enjoy coming to your blog to catch up!

  24. I don't know why Bloglovin hasn't been showing me your posts - or maybe I am really behind in reading them. Love the colors of your Halloween quilt. It is wonderful - a great way to use the older fabric. My minis are not miniature quilts either, just smaller than a lap size.