Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Quilting Styles Can Change, Maybe.

As time continues to go by,
I'm sure we've all noticed  
how our quilting preferences have changed.
Our color choices change,
 different styles come and go, 
one technique over another or
even how we might use quilts.

One fabric designer that I enjoyed
in the past was Lynn Hagmeier, 
of Kansas Trouble Quilters.
Her rich dark colors and 
low contrast classical small prints
 were new and different 20 years ago.

I bought a lot of her different lines from Moda,

Log Cabin

and taught and made several of her
block of the month patterns.

Liberated Ladies

I even had the opportunity to travel
to Bennington, Kansas twice to enjoy a
weekend of sewing with friends and Lynn.

But time has moved on and other
favorites have taken KTQ's place.

It wasn't too long ago I realized how much 
Kansas Trouble fabric I still had!

Actually, an embarrassingly huge stack. 

In my quest to use up, I began searching for
a pattern that would be motivating and easy
to make a dent in  these long forgotten fabric pieces.

 I found a Miss Rosie, Carrie Nelson,
design that seemed appropriate.

Log Cabin Under the Stars
75" x 75"

The pattern can be found in Carrie's book
Miss Rosie's Spice of Life Quilts

It's a combination of log cabin blocks
and sawtooth star blocks and 

were easy to chain piece on my 
little feather weight machine.

I'm happy to say,
I used up tons of fabrics

and another 6yards for a pieced backing and binding.

 With the holiday season
quickly approaching, it's a quilt top
 that will have to wait
to be finished. 

But that's okay.
The fabrics have waited a long time
just to be sewn.

Well, I have to make a confession. 

The warm cozy colors of these fabrics 
have rekindled an renewed affection. 
Maybe my quilting preferences 
haven't veered to far from the home roots after all.

Until Next Time-


  1. Lovely! This is a nice pattern to use up your stash and we might be seeing more of these fabrics in future quilts? I find myself going back and forth with my fabrics and I'm glad to see my stash starting (just) to dwindle.

  2. I was in Paducah when KTQ offered their first BOM. It still needs to be completed...lol. I then signed up for their next BOM...it's never been started. I love how you used your stash of KTQ's fabric. I love the quilt you made. Hugs

  3. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Your quilt is delicious. I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn in Maine a few years ago. She continues to inspire us in many ways. Thanks for sharing your fabulous inspiration!

  4. I know what you mean. I’ve been venturing out style-wise with a few new purchases, which I believe are essential for keeping my stash fresh. But I’m still drawn to beautiful 1800s repros. It’s all good!

  5. Kyle me encanta! todo un acierto para utilizar las preciosas telas.

  6. It is so true how our preferences cycle! I made that quilt using up reproduction fabrics! It is still one of my favorites. I love it done in the KTQ fabric.

  7. I know what you mean. I was really into the shabby chic look, buying lots of fabric with pastel flowers, ticking stripes, etc. Then I sort of tired of it of for a while and now my interest in rejuvenated. Which is good as I try to use more of my stash. I like the quilt you made, I think I've seen this pattern made up before and its a good one!

  8. That turned out so cute and the fabs are perfect! In downsizing my quilt magazine stash, it REALLY opened my eyes to how my tastes have changed. I had things dogeared in the mag, and when I looked I thought 'WHAT was I THINKING?!". So many mags outta here and LOTS of empty magazine holders. Those'll probably be donated.

  9. It is wonderful seeing so many versions of the log cabin and your fabric choices are marvelous. Love how you took advantage of the statue . . . you are so clever, makes for a lovely photo :)
    Happy Quilting!

  10. This quilt top turned out so nice. It's great that you've found a new appreciation for your KT stash. I'm guilty of having a large stash of Thimbleberries fabrics. Every Thimbleberries quilt I ever made was given away so I don't have one for myself. I should follow your example and do something with it. I feel so conscience-ridden every time I think about it. Your right, our tastes do change through the years.

  11. This is a perfect late fall quilt! Amazing how many of those fabrics are in my stash too! Guess it's time to put them together into something warm and comforting.

  12. This post really resonates with me! I think ultimately we like what we like, and everything comes round again. It's so good to get that fabric into quilts. Your log cabin under the stars is great. I picture a campfire, cowboys, the West.

  13. What a beautiful quilt! The fabrics are warm and inviting and Miss Rosie’s pattern is a great choice to show them off. How fun to use your featherweight for piecing. I love your photo shoot photos - what a wonderful statue combo to pose your quilt with.

  14. That’s a great scrap buster! Looks fab and love the pics.

  15. OH how pretty! Lovely your quilt with Kansas Troubles!

  16. Love this quilt and your thoughts about our change (or not changing) preferences.
    Love the fence and statue photos.
    Traditional Quilts will always be cozy and comforting and 2020 needs a lot of comforting......

  17. Such a lovely quilt!! I really enjoy seeing your finishes. I have probably more than a few KT fabrics in my stash, but what I collected a lot of during the early years of quilting were Asian/Oriental style fabrics and I have a whole cupboard full as well as many quilts made from them. Now you can hardly find these fabrics anywhere as they're not used that much in contemporary quilts. However, they are still beautiful and every once in a while I am enticed into using them again and fall in love all over again!.

  18. Great choice of design to use up your fabric. It has worked well. The fabrics in no way look dated in this layout so they have stood the test of time well. A lovely result.

  19. Yay for using up stash and still enjoying the fabrics we love!

  20. I remember the first time I became aware of Kansas Trouble fabrics and patterns. It was on my first trip to the quilt show in Houston. I purchased many of the fabrics over the years. Like you, my taste changed. I used some in a quilt a couple years ago to make a dent in them. Then gave away some. I still use a bit in applique projects. I had kept a large piece of a navy and used it for a quilt backing maybe last year.

  21. I still love those colors too. What a beautiful quilt it is and the way you took your pictures is great. With all the sweet memories you have of your trips to Kansas, this most become another favorite quilt.
    Have a great weekend!

  22. What a lovely quilt! The pattern looks complicated but I'm intrigued with how you chain pieced it all. That must be your secret to accomplishing so much :) Love your photo shoot as always! I remember seeing Lynn's quilts in an exhibit at Lancaster years ago :) Beautiful work!

  23. Your quilt top looks wonderful! Definitely a lovely fall vibe there.:) I too, bought lots of the Kansas Trouble fabrics and have made several quilts over the years featuring those same fabrics. In my last fabric purge, I admit to getting rid of quite a bit of the leftover though. I am finding them harder and harder to use and tend to think my results when using them all look the same. Though I still love looking at the quilts and using them, I don't want to MAKE them anymore! lol Good for you, using a bunch up and in such a lovely, lovely way.

  24. That is a beautiful quilt. Love the clever combination of two classic blocks, and the warm, cozy fabrics.
    I have had a similar experience with my KTQ fabrics. Loved them, gathered them, used and hoarded them--then got tired of them. They sat in a dark cupboard until I wanted to finish a project that I had started with them years ago. Made me realize how much I still love them, and I have another project or two planned with the piles I still have. Someday...

  25. You selected the perfect pattern to use up some of your Kansas Troubles fabrics. It is just beautiful, Kyle. I'm sure it was a lot of fun to stitch using your featherweight.

  26. Beautiful quilt! It is a great pattern to use the fabric. I know people say they get tired of fabric, but whenever I look at the old fabric in my stash, I am reminded of why I liked it enough to buy it.