Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Alone

It doesn't happen very often, 
 but I was home alone this past weekend. 
 Dispute the triple digit temperatures,
 Despite Smoke in the air and the High Park fire still not under control,
June 22

 June 23

 I worked on some neglected sewing projects.
  It was a matter 
of making choices on how I would spend my time. 

Should I choose things I've already started,
something new?

I looked at some new books, but
decided I really needed to finish some projects instead.
 I used some of my time to machine quilt
my May PPP #5.
(The 11 Project Progress Plan)

 I had time to sew on the binding 
 simply because I had made it ahead 
and it was ready when I needed it.  
That always makes me feel productive. 

Baby's Day
pattern by
Waltzing with Bears

I like adding ric rac to borders, especially on baby quilts.
It adds a bit of whimsy and texture.

 I love streaming some of those older TV series
. If I watch a couple MacGyver episodes,
  I'll have the binding sewn down and the quilt done. 
MacGyver can do anything with anything! 
There's a lesson in there somewhere. 

I never got to the project for June,
  but, hey, June is over. 
 It will just have to go back on the list.
  It's time to draw a number for July.
  Until Next Time-

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Colorado Fires

Today if you live in the beautiful state of Colorado your heart is as heavy as the smoke that fills the air. All else seems trivial as we watch families' homes, built and filled with hopes and dreams turn to ashes. It is a sad day as new and old fires continue to burn causing so much tragedy and devastation to lives, man made things, and the natural beauty that surrounds us here. Please keep the people affected by this situation and those who are bravely battling these fires in your thoughts and prayers. Until Next Time- Kyle

Monday, June 25, 2012

Running Man Hits the Trail

Sturgis, South Dakota is known
 for the big  motorcycle rally that happens every year.

 But instead  
This weekend 200 runners gathered in Sturgis
 to run The Black Hills 100 or 50 mile ultramarathon. 

 Guess who was there?  
Running Man was one 
Of those wild and crazy runner.
 His challenge: 50 miles.

 Running Man was on his own with no crew
 Did he worry, goodness no.

 He crossed multiple streams, getting his shoes wet,
 Did he worry, goodness no. 

 He climbed up and down those black hills and mountains.
 Did Running Man worry, goodness no.

 Was he the first one over the finish line? 
 No worries. 
  He was the first one to finish in the old geezer age group! 
 13hours, 20 minutes

  Did he stop because he was hot, tired, lost the trail or stiff?
 Goodness no.
 His will power, determination, and dedication 
and His hours of training brought him success.
 So no matter what came along,
he kept moving
and it was a good day.
 I'm proud of you, Running Man. *

 *My story day is patterned after the book, Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes, by Eric Litwin and Pete's ability to maintain a very positive attitude. If you haven't' read this story, you need to.  It will make you smile.

  Until Next Time-

Friday, June 22, 2012

My First Fourteener

  I've lived in Colorado for 37 years
and I finally got to the top of my first fourteener. 
Running man and I went to Manitou Springs, Colorado
 last weekend for a little R and R. 

We stayed at a beautiful restored inn called the Cliff House.
  It was a beautiful inn 
and we had a lovely room, 
but why are there wires coming out of the toilet? 
  An electric toilet seat warmer.  
Those Toto toilets are something else.

  Manitou Springs is the base for the cog railway 
that will take you to the top of Pike's Peak. 
 It was sunny at the bottom, 
but very cloudy and cold at the top.
30 degrees in June.
 Occasionally the clouds would break and reveal a landscape below.  
Did you know Zebulon Pike never made it to the top?

 Did you know that Pike's Peak was the inspiration for
 the song America the Beautiful?
 Katherine Lee Bates penned the song 
as she rode a burro to the top and back in 1893.

There are running races to the top, 
car races,
and of course hiking, 
but the railway was my way to climb my first fourteener.
At the top
there is little oxygen,
 a large tacky gift shop,
 and proof that I made it.
 Until Next Time-

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's My DMV Birthday

Some of my blog friends have been celebrating their jubilee birthdays.
 Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her silver jubilee. 
 I just celebrated my silver + jubilee birthday, 
but I think I'll refer to it as  my DMV birthday. 

 My current license expired on Monday.
 So I knew I needed to make the dreaded trip to the DMV. 
The last time it expired I was able to do a mail-in renewal, 
which was so wonderful.
 Yes, my photo was a bit outdated, 
the hairstyle was quite different and the color had changed a little,
 but you could tell it was me. 

So a couple of weeks ago when I was home preparing for our big party, 
I got up early, fixed my hair just right, 
chose the right clothes, 
and said today is the day. 

 I got to the office 20 minutes early and I was still  #27 in line
. I had read that the DMV would only take checks or cash
 so I was prepared for that.
 I didn't remember that you needed two forms of ID. 
 Fortunately, my check worked as the second form.

So as I waited with everyone else,
 I watched the two, yes only two, clerks
 go through the process with each applicant. 
 I tried to figure out which one I would get.
  Neither were friendly, but at least one would laugh occasionally. 
 Probably thinking "these people are a real pain". 

 I ended up with the person who seemed the most light hearted,
 but she seemed so gruff with me.
  I needed to read the line of letters in the vision test.  
I read column 1 and then the letters in the second white box and stopped.
  There weren't any more that I could see. 
 The third box was empty. 

"Go on," she said curtly. 
 " Thats all," I said. 
 "Hump" she sighed. 
 "Cover your left eye and tell me what you see." 
 I did 
and then I could see that there were some letters mysterious hidden in that box,
but heck if I could make them out. 
 "Sorry," I said, 
 "I can see that they're there, but I can't make them out. 
 My contacts are mono vision 
and my right eye is only for close up vision". 
 "Okay," she sighed again with a little more irritation. 
 "I'll pass you anyway". 
 I smiled.

 Then she asked about my hair color. 
 "It says here that it's brown,
 you DO want to change that, don't you?" 

 "Well, I suppose, it is more blond now."
 "Yes", she said, "but I think I will put down Sandy." 
 Is that a color?  
 "Okay",  I said.  
I smiled.

 Then I was sent over to pay and wait to have my picture taken. 
 They took my money, no problem.
  Finally, I was called up for my new photo.  
 "Look here," she said pointing to the big red x. 

I stood there.
 She kept look at the computer monitor. 
 Finally, she yelled across the entire office area, 
"Judy, come take a look at this".
 I think my eyes were open, 
did I have a unexplained light source above my head? 
Why did she need Judy to come look at my picture?
   No explanation.
 She took it again.  
I did smile.  

I can't wait to see what my  photo will look like.
 Now that I'm older, I no longer qualify for a 10 year license.
 I'm on the senior five year plan. 
 Keep smiling anyway. 
Until Next Time-

Monday, June 18, 2012

Old Glory

 Two years ago I went to a 
wonderful antique show in Denver
called "Old Glory."
I've been waiting for another chance to go so
this year I packed up Sanford and Running Man
and we took off.

It was fun, but a visual overload.

There were so many wonderful treasures in every booth.

I wandered for awhile.

 Digging around

and thinking.

 I did walk away with a couple treasures, 
a quilt top that is so patriotic
with it's cadet blues, turkey reds and shirtings.

a sweet blue and white quilt,

another Redmon Picnic basket
I love these for project storage

and a frame.
for the new baby that's due in July

It was a terrific way to spend a morning.
And I quickly spent more than what I had planned.
Sanford and Running Man were great sports and
let me just play all I wanted.

 Until Next Time-

Friday, June 15, 2012

Roseville Album

A few moment here, 
a few moment there, 
I've finally finished block #7

  and #8

  of the applique blocks
on my Roseville Album Appliqué Quilt.

Now I have 
 eight blocks done in the center section 
  One to go!
Yes, I have the other blocks,
but I'm only looking at one section at a time!

I've found, in a sampler, that the first and last blocks are the hardest. 
The first one because 
there are so many choices of where to start. 
 In a couple of samplers,
 I've actually redone the first block
 because as my style evolved the first block no longer fit in. 

 The last block is also a challenge
 because it's the last chance to make sure everything is tied together. 
You don't want a single color, pattern, 
or design element to be left dangling,
 looking like it doesn't belong.
 It's the opportunity to make everything connect. 

I have the last block left to design and cut out. 
I'll do that in a couple weeks when I head home again.
 But this weekend I'm taking Running Man 
on a mini weekend get away.
  We're heading to the top of Pike's Peak.

 Until Next Time-

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kyle's Cupcakes Go to a Party

To add a sweet touch to our recent party,
 we decided that cupcakes 
had to be the dessert.
Because they're
 easy to eat, 
easy to serve,
 not to filling, 
and just plain FUN!

 I needed help. 
I called upon my cupcake accomplice and cohort,  Elizabeth.

 We needed to decide how many cupcakes to bake. 
Certainly, everyone would eat more than one. 
that meant approximately 160 sweet treats.

The hardest decision was what flavors to bake.
 With some consultations with the bride,
we decided on 

The recipes needed to be tweaked for altitude 
and the ingredients amounts increased,
 then total amounts of ingredients figured, 
6 pounds of butter, 2 1/2 pounds of cream cheese, 
6 pounds of powdered sugar, etc.
   and then a major shopping list written. 

The day before the party we started baking, 
no problems.
On Saturday it was time to add the yummy frostings.
Elizabeth ended up doing all the frosting herself.
She was the queen.

The only melt down we had was literally a melt down. 
Saturday the temperature was in the 90's. 
 Buttercream frostings just can' take the heat 
so they needed to get out of the kitchen.
 The basement was the only place cool enough 
and still they needed multiple fans blowing over them. 
 The cooler air helped to stabilize the butter. 

 When the cupcakes were served there were oo's and ah's. 

 They looked so cheerful on antique cake plates. 

 We were right,
 they were easy to serve, 
easy to eat, 
 and nobody ate just one.

Brought to you by:
Kyle and Elizabeth's 

Until Next Time-