Wednesday, June 6, 2012


When I was a Girl Scout leader 
I had a Brownie scout who would cheerfully come to each meetings 
and immediately want to know 
"What's the craft today?" 

She is still a friend of my daughter
and came to her shower last Sunday.
 She was thrilled to see we had a craft project planned! 

One of the hostesses bought onesies in a variety of sizes
 And the guests were asked to decorate them for the new baby.

 Being the control freak that I am,
 I volunteered to find the fabric 
And make some templates for ideas. 
 I got a layer cake of "Twirl" designed by Me and My Sister. 
It's really fun fabric.

 I chose the pieces that I thought would work best,
  used only half of the 10 inch square, 
and fused Wonder Under to the wrong side.
I chose a lot of pink, yellow and green.

 It was interesting how many of the 27 women's present,
both young and old,
 didn't know about fusible applique. 

So we had a couple of mini lessons 
And off they went.

 It turned out to be a fun and cute project.
 It gave everyone a chance to do something 
and visit, and laugh and create. 

My original intent was to stitch around the appliqués
to secure them better, 
But I think they'll be fine just the way they are.
 She might be graduating from college by the
time I finished.

 Now back to the fabric. 
 Remember I used only half of the layer cake. 

 I picked up this Schnibbles pattern and
 thought "Perfect".
  It should be cute using Twirl.

I know I will get this done sooner,
than if I had to stitch around the appliques.

 Until Next Time-


  1. What a cute idea for a baby shower! You threw me at first, though, when you said "onesies". I had no idea what they were. I wasn't looking at it as a two syllable word. More like oh-nee-sees. LOL!

  2. What a great idea and wonderful fabric . Seems baby showers have been going around.

  3. What cute little onesies! What a great party plan!