Monday, June 25, 2012

Running Man Hits the Trail

Sturgis, South Dakota is known
 for the big  motorcycle rally that happens every year.

 But instead  
This weekend 200 runners gathered in Sturgis
 to run The Black Hills 100 or 50 mile ultramarathon. 

 Guess who was there?  
Running Man was one 
Of those wild and crazy runner.
 His challenge: 50 miles.

 Running Man was on his own with no crew
 Did he worry, goodness no.

 He crossed multiple streams, getting his shoes wet,
 Did he worry, goodness no. 

 He climbed up and down those black hills and mountains.
 Did Running Man worry, goodness no.

 Was he the first one over the finish line? 
 No worries. 
  He was the first one to finish in the old geezer age group! 
 13hours, 20 minutes

  Did he stop because he was hot, tired, lost the trail or stiff?
 Goodness no.
 His will power, determination, and dedication 
and His hours of training brought him success.
 So no matter what came along,
he kept moving
and it was a good day.
 I'm proud of you, Running Man. *

 *My story day is patterned after the book, Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes, by Eric Litwin and Pete's ability to maintain a very positive attitude. If you haven't' read this story, you need to.  It will make you smile.

  Until Next Time-


  1. incredible!! congrats to your runner - amazing.

  2. Amazing. I would have wanted to stop and smell the roses along the way as it's such beautiful country.