Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Alone

It doesn't happen very often, 
 but I was home alone this past weekend. 
 Dispute the triple digit temperatures,
 Despite Smoke in the air and the High Park fire still not under control,
June 22

 June 23

 I worked on some neglected sewing projects.
  It was a matter 
of making choices on how I would spend my time. 

Should I choose things I've already started,
something new?

I looked at some new books, but
decided I really needed to finish some projects instead.
 I used some of my time to machine quilt
my May PPP #5.
(The 11 Project Progress Plan)

 I had time to sew on the binding 
 simply because I had made it ahead 
and it was ready when I needed it.  
That always makes me feel productive. 

Baby's Day
pattern by
Waltzing with Bears

I like adding ric rac to borders, especially on baby quilts.
It adds a bit of whimsy and texture.

 I love streaming some of those older TV series
. If I watch a couple MacGyver episodes,
  I'll have the binding sewn down and the quilt done. 
MacGyver can do anything with anything! 
There's a lesson in there somewhere. 

I never got to the project for June,
  but, hey, June is over. 
 It will just have to go back on the list.
  It's time to draw a number for July.
  Until Next Time-


  1. Sweet blocks in the quilt. Rick rack a good addition. Do you leave the rick rack points loose or stitch them down?

  2. So sorry about the fires. Hope the rain and fire fighting efforts get the uppoer hand very soon.
    Thank you for sharing your project. The rick rack is perfect, love the embroidery too.