Monday, April 28, 2014

Running Man Did It Again

Despite the cold and snow this winter,
Running Man has been out training.
He's been running up and down the foothills,
along trails,
getting ready for his next 50 mile ultra-marathon run.

A couple of weeks ago
we headed to Lake Sonoma, California.

The early morning weather was cool
and misty with the fog
that had settled in.
The race started at 6:30 am
and I would be crewing him along the 
50 mile course.

There are those runner who 
run to win
and then
there are those runner who
are winners for running.

Running Man
ran a great race.
He started smiling
and finished smiling

with 50 miles of running
  in between.

Who wouldn't have a great race
 if you had this cheering team behind you.
Way to go, Running Man!

Until Next Time-

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Approach

I've been having fun working on this
vintage applique pattern,
The Noah and Matilda album.
The pattern is available from
Dawn, at Collector with a Needle.

 I had assumed I would have lots of 
time to stitch while

 this little guy took long
multiple naps during the day.

Does that look like a sleepy baby?
So without those long blocks of time,
I've been slowly (emphasize slowly)
working on the 4 blocks for the month of April.

It's interesting how differently people might 
approach a project
when time seems to be limited.
Do you do the hardest blocks first, 
so you can sprint to the end.
Or do the easiest ones first so it might 
feel like your making progress quickly?
Or even still,
mix it up.

my approach is to start with hardest and 
finish with easiest.
This time I did the reverse,
I went from 

to challenging.
I wanted to see some progress,
 no matter how slowly.

This block doesn't appear too hard.
That leaves block #4
which for me, will be the hardest, and
 most time consuming block,

But wait there's more,

 little mini circles 
that represent grapes. (39, I believe)
Don't they look
like little tiny red spider mites that
 are ready to attack a houseplant.

Everyone has a different perspective
on how to approach a project,
especially one with varying degrees of difficulty.
If I were starting April's blocks at this point,
I probably would have done my grapes first.
Because they would be done by now!

Either way,
This is a great BOM
and the blocks are going to be
beautiful and awesome when they are done.

Until Next Time-

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Cupcakery Is Back

Since I've been back in Denver
taking care of this sweet little guy,
my daughter's co-workers have been
inquiring....any cupcakes?

How can we turn down such a devoted following?
So last week, 
we put on our aprons and started baking.

We baked our vanilla cupcakes
with butter cream frosting.
They're always yummy, but
the star of the cupcakes were going to be
 the sweet baby birds of spring.

We made a ring of frosting to form the
 shape of the nest,
sprinkled on toasted coconut to create
the perfect bird's nest.

The baby birds were the most fun to make.
Using the mini Cadbury shelled chocolate eggs

 we piped a tiny bit of yellow frosting for beaks and

then added two black dots for eyes.

Don't they look like hungry birds?

My daughter sent an email out to
inform the gang in the lab
that there were cupcakes!

In 10 minutes those cupcake deprived coworkers
had emptied the tray.

 Wish I had a picture of that.

I'm not sure who was hungrier,
the co-workers or baby birds.

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Love Those Pom Poms

 My Wascally Wabbits Table Mat
was a new project that got started and finished.

This rabbit project
is a "I've been sitting around for 2 years" and
"Easter Bunny's only seem appropriate during a certain period of time" project.

 So I knew I needed to get it out
and get it done.
The wool applique 
bunny pillow pattern
and is cute and simple.

My friend and I had each bought a kit from a local wool shop,
not because we didn't have enough wool ,
but because we simple adored the 
pink pom pom fringe that was included as an edge treatment.
(We have a thing for "dingle balls".)

When I use a primitive whip stitch
verses a buttonhole stitch,
 it saves lots of time and thread,
and for something as seasonal as this,
both of those reasons seem practical to me.

 I was thinking the pom poms might
be a challenge to sew on and look nice,
 but it was easy, especially using a zipper foot.

Now another unfinished project is done.
And I have to admit
there's something about
 those pink pom poms that
you just have to love.

Until Next Time-

Friday, April 11, 2014

Out of the Blue

 Since the beginning of the year
I have been moving back and forth:
from complex projects to simple patterns,
from long term finishes to quick sews and
 from old half finished projects to new ones.

There seems to be a place for each
in my eclectic quilting style and unpredictable schedule.

 I recently downloaded the free pattern,
demonstrated by  Kimberly

It's fast and easy,
especially if you use charm packets.
Instead, I cut some 5" squares of 
some older "odds and ends" blues and
some, "I don't use white on white prints anymore"
to stitch this easy peasy quilt top together.

Here's the general idea.

Make Nine patches

cut Nine Patches,

resew Nine Patches.

Just so you know, I did use some oldies...

Once everything is sewn together
it makes an interesting design.

I'll admit using some current bright and
cheerful charm packets would make a totally
different and delightful quilt, but
this is what I had and this is what I used.

Once it's quilted and bound,
 new life will be added to  some "classic fabrics".

I'm thinking ahead with this top.
My local quilt shop
donates lap size quilts to nursing home residences
each Christmas,
I'm looking forward to be able to
include this quilt as a gift
to some special person.

It's not like I was lacking in projects,
or needed something to do,
it was just something I did,
"Out of the Blue".
  Until Next Time- 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Never Fear

 I may be in a new location today,


never fear....
I'm still connected!

 Until Next Time-

Friday, April 4, 2014

Wascally Wabbits

I seem to have 
an abundance of rabbits in my yard.

 Every time my little granddaughter
comes over,
we immediately begin to search for 
the Hoppies that live at Nana's house.

Sometimes we're lucky and see one,
but most of the time we don't.
We have very sneaky bunnies.

I thought of the two of us
on our wabbit walks
while I stitched
this delightful prim wool table mat.
21" x 28"
This is a pattern designed by 
Lynda Hall and her granddaughters
and was in the 2012 Spring edition of 
Primitive Quilts and Projects.
I had cut the pieces awhile ago
dipping into my wool stash.
The large background piece 
was a wool skirt
 seams and all.

I lighted  up the piece
 using springtime colors.

I used a simple primitive whip stitch
around the shapes,
  either with wool embroidery thread
or perel cotton.

Now that it's spring,
those wascally wabbits might be multiplying.
I'm sure 
on our next wabbit walk
we'll be finding
Hoppies around every corner.

Until Next Time-