Monday, July 12, 2021

What to Pick?

Over the last few months I have finished
lots of projects 
and  now I find myself undecided.

Undecided about what I  should I choose to work on next.
Too many ideas?
No good direction?
 Nothing exciting? 

I always have a monthly mini to make.
My Dutch fabric collection has been ignored. 
Lots of flannel stash that could be sewn.
There's always sewing room clean-up and organizing. (Not)

So, not having any direction at the moment,
I've been looking through some of my books, patterns,
exploring Pinterest and Instagram,
listening to music,
(check out 2Cellos)
waiting for inspiration.

What do you do when you're trying to decide 
what to work on?

Instead, I have pushed the pause button temporarily.
Not for long.
Summer has a way of filling up my time.

Camping in the Colorado Mountains.

Maybe to inspire you.  I've had this quilt  on my bed recently.

It's the quilt I made in1998 to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary.

A Single Wedding Ring
Hand pieced and Hand quilted.

The other day the light was coming in through the windows
highlighting the quilting.

I looked at it and surprised myself by thinking:
 I made this!?!
Does that ever happen to you?

Single stitches working together to create a pattern.

Don't you love what we all create?

Until Next Time-