Monday, July 12, 2021

What to Pick?

Over the last few months I have finished
lots of projects 
and  now I find myself undecided.

Undecided about what I  should I choose to work on next.
Too many ideas?
No good direction?
 Nothing exciting? 

I always have a monthly mini to make.
My Dutch fabric collection has been ignored. 
Lots of flannel stash that could be sewn.
There's always sewing room clean-up and organizing. (Not)

So, not having any direction at the moment,
I've been looking through some of my books, patterns,
exploring Pinterest and Instagram,
listening to music,
(check out 2Cellos)
waiting for inspiration.

What do you do when you're trying to decide 
what to work on?

Instead, I have pushed the pause button temporarily.
Not for long.
Summer has a way of filling up my time.

Camping in the Colorado Mountains.

Maybe to inspire you.  I've had this quilt  on my bed recently.

It's the quilt I made in1998 to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary.

A Single Wedding Ring
Hand pieced and Hand quilted.

The other day the light was coming in through the windows
highlighting the quilting.

I looked at it and surprised myself by thinking:
 I made this!?!
Does that ever happen to you?

Single stitches working together to create a pattern.

Don't you love what we all create?

Until Next Time-


  1. That quilt is so gorgeous! Yes, I sometimes think I can't believe I made that.
    The quilted feathers are so pretty and the fill in grid is just so perfect.
    Have fun this summer doing outdoor things. The muse will return. She always does.

  2. Ahh, that really DID highlight all the beautiful quilting. Such a gorgeous quilt. I do love the quilts I make (well, most of them anyway) as well as many I see online each day.

  3. Stunning quilt! I have a Baltimore Album quilt that was a tribute to my mother and father that I hand quilted. Not as intricate as your anniversary quilt, but it does amaze me that I made it. And it is only wall hanging size. I cannot imagine doing a bed sized quilt. I know you will come up with something fantastic.

  4. Kyle ¡¡Impresionante!! tu edredón es una maravilla, me gusta todo en el . El acolchado es impecable

  5. Your quilt is really extraordinarily gorgeous! I'll admit I'd have trouble realizing I'd done anything with that much beautiful hand quilting too! But you did it, and you should be very proud of it! (I love to listen to Hauser play the cello, sometimes for hours! ) Enjoy your day! ---"Love"

  6. How lovely!! Yes, I have been surprised at my quilts from the past..."did I really do that?" Enjoy a break...stay out of the heat!

  7. Your quilt is gorgeous and you handwork is amazing!!!

  8. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous! And the quilting is amazing! What a lovely quilt for your bed.
    Love the photo behind the two trees. So very clever!!
    I hate being in between projects. I always find myself stumped...
    I'm sure something will pop out--if all else fails, start something NEW!!

  9. Wow, your hand quilting in gorgeous!

  10. Kyle this is such a lovely quilt! Your handquilting is exquisite. What beauty to wake up to each morning. Enjoy time outside this summer. I look forward to seeing what comes next :0)

  11. What a treasure/heirloom to pass down in your family

  12. What a truly lovely quilt. I love the pink and white and the quilting and the memory of why it was made. I want to make something special for our 50th anniversary in 2023. I haven't come up with any inspiration yet. Best of luck coming up with some ideas and the enthusiasm to get busy.

  13. Your very own 'vintage' quilt, and how lovely it is! Especially with the light highlighting all your wonderful stitching. We all need a bit of down time, even from quilting. Can't believe I just wrote that! Enjoy your summer, winter stitching will be here before we know it.

  14. When you least expect it, something will inspire you. Your quilt is stunning .... beautiful in every way!

  15. Your wedding ring quilt is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE the gorgeous hand quilting; it makes me lament that so few quilters these days are doing traditional hand quilting. Like you, I sometimes look with wonder at something I've made, usually something I've designed myself, and it amazes me that I can be that creative and have the technical skill to carry out the idea! I'm grateful. What to make next is rarely a problem for me as I always seem to have new ideas rolling around in my head! I'm sure you will come up with something soon!

  16. Ah, I guess it's time to step back for a bit and enjoy the outdoors--summer is whizzing by! I've asked myself that same question lately. Don't you just love it when the light shines on a quilt? Your feather quilting is gorgeous. Enjoy your your downtime :)

  17. It's always wonderful to be able to pull a new quilt into the rotation and enjoy it, isn't it? This one is fantastic - and all of that quilting! What a treasure, in more ways than one. Enjoy your down time; that's often when inspiration strikes.

  18. Beautiful quilting! I understand totally you enjoy this quilt on your bed. It happens to me too sometimes that I think: Wow! My hands made this! So thankful that they can do this. Sometimes a pause will make room for new creative ideas.

  19. Summer does have a way of taking over! I have been sewing every day but my blog writing has taken a back seat. I adore your 25th anniversary quilt. And, yes I often look at one of my older quilts with lots of quilting or intricate applique and ask myself, "Did I really do that?". Thanks for sharing your beauty from the past.

  20. Oh wow ! This quilt is fabulous and the quilting... fabulous too !!
    Thank you for sharing !
    Happy camping in mountains !!

  21. I think staying in the mountains is a perfect distraction.
    It is odd how we can sometimes reach a point of indecision even when we know there is plenty to do. I am sure it will pass and you will jump into another fun project.
    The quilt looks lovely on the bed. The light is catching the detail perfectly.

  22. I think a break is always good! It makes me come back refreshed and eager. I love the quilt you made for your 25th anniversary, it's so pretty and pretty special! I do look at some of my quilts and think the same thing!

  23. Yes it does, and yes I’d do! What a stunning quilt and the hand quilting just looks superb! Enjoy your break and the Summer weather.

  24. Omg Kyle, your anniversary quilt is beautiful! The quilting alone is astounding, especially the feathers. What a magnificent heirloom! It is interesting to realize how we change and progress along our quilting journeys. Whatever you choose to do next, I’m sure it will be wonderful. Just have fun and enjoy your down time while you choose.

  25. I saw this post in July - must have gotten distracted before I could post a comment. That is a gorgeous anniversary quilt. Yes some of my work does amaze me, like it doesn't seem possible that I could have made it. None of it is as nice as yours though. I am glad you found your motivation.