Monday, May 14, 2018

Building a New Relationship

Whenever you begin thinking about a 
new relationship

it can seem scary and overwhelming.

It can also be fun,

 maybe a bit intimidating,
yet exhilarating.

It was 15 years ago
that I had the opportunity to
develop a new friendship and yet,
I let apprehension and excuses
get in the way.

But this week I started to rekindle
that relationship.

With who?

Oh, no. 
You probably thought I was referring to
a individual!

No, I'm actually referring to
my featherweight Singer sewing machine
that has been sadly lingering in its case
tucked safely on the shelf
 all this time.

This 11 pound machine made me
apprehensive, uneasy and I was afraid
somehow I'd break it.

This week I started rebonding with
this incredible little machine.
I was able to take a class on
Featherweight care and maintenance.

It gave me the reassurance
that I could handle this little guy.
I know all the hidden oil holes,
where and when to grease,

basically, how to keep it happily humming along.

Using the serial number on the bottom,
this sweet machine was made in May, 1938.
It's in incredible shape for an 80 year old!
(I should be as lucky.)

The stitch is perfect,
the motor hums with
some freshly applied grease,
and I feel confident that 
it's the beginning of a beautiful 
long term friendship.

My only regret
is I waited so long 

to enjoy bonding with this 
super cute machine.

Word of advice:
Don't let excuses keep you
from enjoying a special relationship,
both with individuals or
an 11 pound machine.

Until Next Time-

Friday, May 4, 2018

Part of My Quilt Journey

I'm known affectionately, I hope, as the 

in one of my quilt groups.

I really don't mind.
I've always thought it's an 
important step when you're finishing a quilt
and I know, the members my group,
have gotten much better about getting 
that label on.

Another way to document is 
to take photos of your work.
When you have a blog it's a natural step.
But if you don't blog,
get that camera out.

I've mentioned before that I
document my quilts in photo books.

It's simply for my own pleasure
and maybe my family's.
It's been a wonderful way to see my
journey in quiltmaking.

I continue to work backwards and 
recently, I've been working on 
Were you making quilts then?

As long as I had photos downloaded
I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of my favorites.


I've always loved this whimsical pattern
designed by Connie Huddleston of the
Starry Pines Pattern Co.
I used some hand dyed flannels for the letters instead of wool and
I finished this in 2001.

4 Block Applique

In 1998 I took a class from Terry Cloither Thompson
and started this 1850's antique reproduction quilt.
I finished it in 2001 and hand quilted it.

One more...

Single Wedding Ring
25th Anniversary quilt

Definitely a labor of love.đź’•

Okay,  I had to include one more.

Oriole Circles

Paper pieced and hand quilted.

It's interesting to look back and
see how styles, techniques and color trends have changed
over the years.

Of course,
if I hadn't had a label on these
quilts there won't have been any way
for me or anyone else to know
when they were made or by whom.
(end of lecture)

I have to admit I do a lot less
hand quilting than what I use to,
but maybe that's why these quilts 
are some of my favorites.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Snapshot

It's been a busy week
so I just have time to 
give you a snapshot.

Life has a way of keeping you very busy.

Spent  some time doing .....

My Dutch quilt is coming together!

My daily playmate is almost a year old!

Don't sew without an other project
to lead in and out of your machine.
I love Barb's 
big Baptist Fan stencil!

Running Man's starting a new hive
Go, Bees, Go!

What's your week's snapshot?

Until Next Time-