Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Spain and Portugal

Hola, Amigas!

I just got back from an incredible trip

Toledo, Spain
in both southern Portugal and Spain.
If you haven't included this area on
your bucket list,
write it down now!

The places we visited were

Seville Cathedral                       

 beautiful,charming, and  friendly

Ancient Roman Theatre in Medrida, Spain.   15 BC

with layers and layers of history.

We learned about Portugal's 
"Period of Great Discovery",

Monument of the Discoveries, Lisbon

and the Moor's influence in Spain,

The Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain

How about standing in the middle of a bullring,

Ronda, Spain    

tasting sherry at the House of Sanderman

Jerez, Spain     

or enjoying a flamenco show

where "someone" was asked to join in.

Stopped by the Royal Palace,
the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family,

Madrid, Spain     
enjoyed sunny days on the Mediterranean, 

Marbella, Spain
and seeing the "Rock".

Gilbraltar, a British Oversees Territory

Did I mention the delicious food?


sweet Pastel de Nata

delicious Jamo'n Ibe'rico

a yummy treat for an afternoon pick me up,
Chocolate and Churros.

I could go on and on, 
but I've made myself hungry.

Needless to say,
Running Man and I had a marvelous tour
through the travel company, Tauck.

Seville, Spain
It was an experience extraordinary!

I hope you have the opportunity 
to discover more of this incredible world soon.

Until Next Time-

PS.  I never had the chance to even pick up the sewing I brought.  Time to get back to 'Normal"!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Heading Off

With the school year coming to a close
Running Man and I will be heading off
on an adventure soon.

I'll be away from my
computer for a couple of weeks

as we are exploring 

I'll be excited to share what we did,
what we saw, 
 the yummy food we ate
and the wonderful people we met.
Be back soon.

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wednesday's check in

Four months ago
Sheryl Johnson, the owner of
started a SAL
called One Block Wednesday.

It wasn't doing one block each Wednesday
but rather, repeating the same block 12 times
each Wednesday until you completed 360 blocks.

I did that for a while, but
I have to confess,

I needed to plow ahead
and get them done.
Doing the same  block  x 12 each week for
30 weeks wasn't going to hold
my attention for too long.

Here are the blocks
many of us have been sewing.

It was the perfect project for
 using my featherweight machine.

I was using bits and pieces of fabric scraps and
by chain piecing 10 blocks at a time

it wasn't long before all 360 blocks were done!

 Then I began sewing them
 together randomly in sets of two.

I'd guess most of them lined up
just right.
Those that didn't....
oh, well.

 Then the sets of twos

became four.
This is when the pressing really paid off
so the seams would mesh together.
It made for happy sewing.

The top is complete.

56" x 77"

It's a mish mash of colors 
and patterns.

All free from the stash
with blocks alternating 
light and dark.

The plan is to 
 get it machine quilted this summer.
Fingers crossed.

for sharing such a great idea.
It was fun to do.

Until Next Time-