Monday, April 10, 2023

Off to Santa Fe

It was time to take my two recent finishes
on the road for a photo shoot. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

I Believe in Angels
63"x 75"

You can read more about it Here.

Easy Breezy
37" x 45"

A collection of scraps.
In fact, I made two.

If you are ever in Santa Fe,  be sure and visit the 

A new exhibit recently opened
La Cartoneria Mexicana
Mexican Art of Paper and Paste

Our daughter, Kate, is currently
the acting director.

Frida Kahlo figure 
2006 Paper, paste, paint, glass, plastic 
Guanajuato, México

The flavors of Santa Fe

La Chuza Restaurant
Chili Rellenos

Red, green or Christmas
That's how you order your chili.

Always time for a special treat 
from the Kakawa Chocolate House
served in their iconic blue pottery

Just outside of Santa Fe are the
La Cieneguilla Petroglyphs

Most of the images are Pueblo and
date back to the 13th through 17 century.

Along the Governor's Palace across 
from the Central Plaza,

Native American artisan set up under the
portal everyday.  The Native American Artisans program
offers buyers the chance to purchase beautiful handcrafted items.

You've reach the end of the trail
here in the plaza.

It would have been nice to
have been able to check into the the La Fonda hotel,

after finding your way 
along the Santa Fe trail.

Uniquely Santa Fe 

Until Next Time-



  1. You must have been thinking of Sante Fe when you did your two scraps quilts .... they blend into the scenery pefectly! Great finishes and great photos!

  2. That looks amazing! Your daughter has a wonderful job. My brother lived in SF for a couple of years but I've never visited. It looks beautiful!

  3. Kyle bonitos edredones. ¡¡felicidades a tu hija Kate !! gracias por compartir bonitas fotografías

  4. What a perfect setting for your beautiful quilts!! I enjoyed your pictures of Santa Fe!!

  5. You had me with the first picture of the Navajo girl. Lovely post today. Makes me want to go before it get too hot.

  6. Great sunny interesting place for a photo shoot. It must be so fun to visit your daughter there. Beautiful setting and art!

  7. Perfect settings to show your quilts! I’ve been to SF twice and love it but it’s been a while- your photos definitely make me want to go back!

  8. It's funny that as many times as I've been to and through Santa Fe that I haven't seen most of what you pictured. Pretty quilts in pretty places. We made many, MANY trips just passing through on our way to Pagosa and home again (as our house was being built). Loved going to the square to see all the beauties displayed. I may have even purchased a few things! LOL

  9. What a great trip. And lots of fun with the quilt photo shoots!

  10. Another wonderful Santa Fe photo shoot of your quilts, Kyle! And it was so nice that you got to visit your daughter. That museum looks amazing and so do those ancient Petroglyphs :)

  11. What a gorgeous setting for your quilt photos. Santa Fe must be a fabulous place to visit. Seeing your daughter is the icing on the cake!

  12. Great photo shoot, Kyle. You are so clever with your settings. We should all hire you to take the photos of our quilts for our blog posts. :)
    I haven't been to Santa Fe in decades. Love seeing it through your eyes. Your daughter has a wonderful position.

  13. I can't even remember what year I was last in Santa Fe, but your blog post certainly brought back fond memories. Thank you so much for sharing. ---"Love"

  14. So wonderful that you are able to freely travel and visit these days! What a great vacation.:)

  15. Such a wonderful ride-along; thanks for sharing the beautiful sights and scenery. Your quilts look great in the desert southwest (of course, they'd look great in any setting!).

    1. yes, I'll say. wonderful to see this state. I would love to see a Santa Fe inspired quilt in your future, if you ever need an idea♥

  16. What a perfect place to make pictures of your beautiful quilts! Santa Fe is such a unique town to visit.

  17. Great that you got to visit your daughter! Santa Fe is such a wonderful place to escape to.

  18. Oh what a wonderful travel post. Going to Sante Fe is on my list. I've never been to NM. I love your quilt photos on the sculptures. They are amazing and fit perfectly.
    Of course I love the Frida sculpture. Folk art speaks to my soul.
    MMMmmm authentic regional food - looks delicious. Love the menu warning ;0
    Thanks for taking on your travels!