Wednesday, May 3, 2023

The Time is Right to End a Chapter

 “There is a time for everything, / and a season for every activity under the heavens.” 

It was August 18, 2009
when I published my first blog post. 
It was the right time to try something new.

Today is May 3, 2023
and I have posted over a 1000 stories.

Making a decision to let go of
something that I've done for almost 14 years
has not been an easy one,
but the time is right once again.

The reason for a blog was not
 about seeing large numbers of followers, or
becoming an influencer,
but about recording my journey
and sharing my passion for quilt making and stitching
 with other passionate quiltmakers.

It has been a delight to get to know other
quilters from around the world. 
 Although I have met very few of you in person, 
YOU have influenced me in many ways.  
You have challenged me 
to think beyond my own comfort zone and
I am grateful.

I appreciate those of you who have 
followed me over time and 
of course, anyone who took the time to 
leave a comment or two;
your words were always an encouragement. 

My quilting journey, of course,  will continue.
There is still a lot of sewing and stitching to be done.
I just feel it is time to make a change.
Occasionally, I post on Instagram,
 come by if you can
and say Hello. 

Running Man and Me
Take Care and
Happy Stitching



  1. Your blog has been such a joy and I wish you well on your continuing quilting journey! Just keep having fun!

  2. I will miss your wonderful, and often humorous, posts, but I totally understand your decision! I suspect that I, too, will some day feel the same way, though I’m not there yet after 11 years of my own blogging. I wish you many more happy years of stitching and I look forward to seeing some of your creations on Instagram!😊

  3. So sorry to see this particular post, but I understand totally. You've been an inspiration to many other quilters and I hope you will leave your blog available on the net so we can take a peek at some older posts when we end a quilty fix. Best wishes to you and Running Man.

  4. Will miss seeing your blog posts! Maybe I'll catch you back in Houston soon!

  5. I followed you on Instagram...but this makes me sad. I will miss you here, and find you there!

  6. Timeless Reflections has been a delightful blog to follow! Your writing style has been enjoyable to read as well as viewing your many pretty quilts. You’ll be sorely missed, yet I understand. Wishing you the best. Thank you.

  7. Kyle, it has always been a treat when a new post from you has shown up. You are an amazing quilter, and a clever, entertaining writer. Thank you for all you have shared over the years. I wish you well going forward. I will miss your posts, but I also understand the decision you have made. Blogging is my only social media "vice", so I won't see you on Instagram, but you will not be forgotten.

  8. Oh Kyle, I was so sad to see this post but can totally understand why you felt it was time for a change. I have absolutely loved dropping in on a regular basis to enjoy not only your talents, but the humour that you shared (to say nothing of your fantastic vacation pics!). I am not on Instagram so I will miss seeing you but I do hope that you continue to enjoy creating. Thank you for sharing and for all the inspiration.

  9. It has been wonderful being a blog friend with you. I have enjoyed reading your posts over the years and seeing your beautiful quilts. I hope to catch up with you on instagram. Hugs to you my friend.

  10. I will miss your delightful posts and quilts. Happy retirement. Thinking of retiring myself.

  11. Thanks for all your wonderful posts Kyle, it was always a pleasure to read. I will miss them but I agree that there is a time to start and finish. Hope to see some of your beautiful work still in Instagram the coming year's.

  12. Oh Kyle I'm sorry to read this and at the same time I totally respect it and I know I will post something similar someday. I have loved reading your blog. See you over at IG.

  13. Kyle I have enjoyed your blog so very much! Your delightful pictures, fabulous, gorgeous quilts and witty writing have been highlights for me. I am grateful to have met you and spent time with you. You have inspired me over the years. I will be watching for you on Instagram. Thanks for allowing me to be part of your quilting story.

  14. Kyle - Your blog has been a source of inspiration to me for YEARS but I totally understand your decision to move on. Hope you will post lost more on Instagram and I will see you there! I have always harbored a wish that we could meet in person some day - after all - we aren't too far away from each other!

  15. Oh, Kyle, I admire your decision to make a change--when the time is right, it's right. You have been an inspiration to so many. The vintage photos you shared always made me smile :) And the quilt blocks/tops you rescued were such labors of love. Not to mention the beautiful quilts and cross-stitch pieces you made. You are so talented! I will miss your blog and I'm not on Instagram, so I wish you all the best. Maybe we can touch base via email every once in a while :)

  16. Thanks for sharing mom! We've all loved reading your stories!

  17. I'm sad to read this post, Kyle, but I do understand! I know my time will come to quit blogging sometime, too. I hope I know when the time is right. I feel bad that I just found your blog in recent years--I suppose that is because your are more of quilter and I'm a stitcher. But, I've always enjoyed seeing your beautiful creations and reading about your travels. I'll see you on Instagram still. Do take care and keep on creating ♥

  18. You've been one of my favorite quilt bloggers for years now. Have always loved seeing your retro pictures and whimsical way of putting together your posts. Sad to see you go, but it's easy to understand the why. Will happily follow you on Instagram and catch a glimpse of your new adventures!:)

  19. Oh I'll miss your posts so much. I think this a question so many of us are asking.
    I completely understand and I have appreciated every post and getting to know you through your beautiful quilts. I'll miss you! But then again I can also come back and visit your blog and wonderful photos and sense of humor.

  20. Oh, Kyle, I'm sad to see you go but I fully understand. Wishing you well, I'll look for you on IG. Thanks for sharing your quilting with us; you're an inspiration!

  21. Writing a blog is a big commitment and I often visit the decision to stop. It's still a hard one to make for me, so I'll continue for now. Thanks for all the posts you have created and I hope your stitching journey continues. Pop back in any time!