Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Spring Time can be Allusive

 The calendar says that it's May
and springtime, 
but the weather seems
to still have Winter on it's agenda.

Luckily, the trees survived another snowstorm.

To feel the presence of spring,
I have found it in some stitching.

How about some tulips
not covered in snow.

"Tulip Festival"
A pattern designed by Brenda Gervais

Or a bunny not shivering from the cold, but 
instead leaping happily over the tulips,
not snow piles.

"Spring Delivery"
designed by Brenda Gervais

Springtime should not covered  with snowflakes

"Basketful of Spring Time"
Design by Brenda Gervais

How about a springtime scrap quilt.

"Pastel Checkerboard"
40" x 50"

The squares had been lingering on my cutting table. 
A quick sew.

Leftovers from the previous 
charity quilts I had finished.

Of course, my "go to" flange binding
for a quick, easy machine finish.

In an ideal and perfect sewing world,
the stitching would line up with the
crease between the backing and the binding.

This is perfect in my world.

I put a flannel on the back.
A necessity for springtime in the Rockies.

Well, the good news is 
spring weather will be back by tomorrow with
warm summer temperatures following
closely behind. 

Until Next Time-