Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Spring Time can be Allusive

 The calendar says that it's May
and springtime, 
but the weather seems
to still have Winter on it's agenda.

Luckily, the trees survived another snowstorm.

To feel the presence of spring,
I have found it in some stitching.

How about some tulips
not covered in snow.

"Tulip Festival"
A pattern designed by Brenda Gervais

Or a bunny not shivering from the cold, but 
instead leaping happily over the tulips,
not snow piles.

"Spring Delivery"
designed by Brenda Gervais

Springtime should not covered  with snowflakes

"Basketful of Spring Time"
Design by Brenda Gervais

How about a springtime scrap quilt.

"Pastel Checkerboard"
40" x 50"

The squares had been lingering on my cutting table. 
A quick sew.

Leftovers from the previous 
charity quilts I had finished.

Of course, my "go to" flange binding
for a quick, easy machine finish.

In an ideal and perfect sewing world,
the stitching would line up with the
crease between the backing and the binding.

This is perfect in my world.

I put a flannel on the back.
A necessity for springtime in the Rockies.

Well, the good news is 
spring weather will be back by tomorrow with
warm summer temperatures following
closely behind. 

Until Next Time-


  1. Good grief! We've had some really funky weather, too! It should be in the 80's but it's been in the 60's (at least no freezing lately) and LOTS of rain. I know we'll be cryin' for it in July/August but ease off a little now, huh? Your stitcheries are all gorgeous and the little springy quilt is so cute. I just can't do a sewed on binding; just never works out. LOL

  2. Ah yes, springtime "should be" but this year it seems pretty much in sync with everything else going on in the world. This past week has been one of heavy rain (read flooded basement), snow, sleet, hail, and occasional sun breaks. Oh yes, freezing temps at night, while the fruit trees and blueberries are all in bloom. Your stitcheries are just wonderful, and hopefully very relaxing to do. The leftover pastel squares quilt is a sweet finish, perfect for a springtime baby girl!

  3. Beautiful stitching, Kyle. I love Brenda Gervais designs and a few patterns that need to be kitted. Your springtime quilt is very cheery :)

  4. I love your spring stitcheries. The tulips in that first one have such a beautiful shape. A fun, cheerful donation quilt - the flange binding is such a nice added touch. Spring is slow here - no trees in bloom at all yet but they are coming soon :0) I hope the bees are enjoying your blooms.

  5. Your cross stitch pieces are beautiful!! One of these days when the passion for quilt making wanes (will it?) I may get back to doing some cross stitch and/or knitting. Sometimes one needs to make a really simple quilt and yours is nice and "springy." I'm sure good weather will arrive soon!

  6. Your cross stitch is lovely! It's been cold here too....

  7. Beautiful cross stitching! My sister used to do that,but I never had the ability to do it to suit me, so I just collected hers when I could! ---"Love"

  8. Yes, springtime can be elusive, but your activities have reflected springtime beauty, just perfectly!

  9. Oddly enough, those blooms look so pretty with the snow and ice? ;-) Lovely stitches..... though Spring Delivery keeps catching my eye! Hopefully Spring will stay a bit longer... :-)

  10. Wow, another frozen spring! Am loving your little cross-stitch projects. Each one makes me smile :) Pastel Patchwork is a perfect springtime quilt. So nice to use up all those scraps and finish them off with your signature flange binding :)

  11. That is a pretty picture of the show on the flowers so that is a bonus, especially since the tree survives. Lots of pretty projects too. I like that flange binding. I've made a quilt with it, and then forget it when I bind other quilts. I will have to remember for my next one.

  12. Oh, those poor, cold trees and blossoms!
    Your spring themed stitcheries make up for the cold.
    But your scrap quilt is a full-on blast of springtime happiness!

  13. I'm glad spring is finally arriving there. We've enjoyed a couple of beautiful days. I love your scrap quilt. It definitely says spring. Hugs

  14. Mother Nature is keeping you on your toes for sure. Your one patch quilt is bright and fun. I really think a simple quilt is such a breath of fresh air. Lovely cross stitch projects.

  15. Hope Springtime arrives soon for you. Winter has hit here today!!

  16. Oh your embroidery is lovely Kyle !!
    And your quilt amazing !!
    I wish you a wonderful WE !!

  17. All those bunnies are adorable in their own unique style! What fun to have them bringing you some Spring Time, even though Mother Nature is not delivering!

  18. You amaze me; a woman of so many talents. I hope that freeze didn't spoil all your fruit this season.

  19. Your springtime stitches look like antiques, I like the colors used in it. Seems like your spring still is to cold for the time of year, same here.....
    We are so lucky to have a hobby we can work on in any type of weather but we are all longing for some warmth. Glad it's coming in Colorado.