Wednesday, April 28, 2021

No Mini, but a Major!

 No mini quilt this month,
but I do have a major top finished!

I have continued to work on my 
Stars Upon Stars quilt for the past couple of weeks.

And, now,  I'm happy to say,
the top is done.

This pattern originated from an antique quilt
found in the collection at the museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Amazing, huh!
The top was pieced in the 1890's.

I used the rubber stamp pattern from

By stamping the template pieces,
the hand sewing was perfect and 
the star blocks were precise.

I had also bought the pattern from Laundry Basket.  
It was done with strip piecing and I knew I would not be
able to sew accurately enough to handle this method.
I did recalculate her sashing method
and used her idea for my stashing.  
I guess each method is dependent on how you like to sew.

It was fun to eventually lay out the blocks
and see the quilt coming together.

My design floor

Sewing the parts together was a challenge.
A lot of bias edges.

I admit I don't usually pin much,

but realized I needed to use lots of pins 
and a stylist to help keep everything under control.  
The long seams took over an hour to pin, sew and then press.

We all know there's a difference between pressing and  ironing.

The back of this quilt is amazing with the
amount of seams.
Pressing was key to keeping the blocks squared 
and not stretching them out of shape.
The perfect pressing is also key
when it comes to the quilting. 
I admit I'm an ironer, so I had to continue
to remind myself to press, not iron! 

So now this beauty is one step closer to being done.

There are no borders on this quilt and
I have stay stitched around the outer edge.
The new challenge will be to keep the edges from stretching
and then adding a straight binding at the end.
We'll see.

It has been a 2 year journey to get to this point.
Maybe it's time to put some fabric away.
I've kept all the fabrics in baskets and bags
so I wouldn't repeat fabrics.
It will be like having a new stash,
but now it's time to to find a backing
and get quilting!
I'm planning on machine quilting this myself,
mostly quilting in the ditch.
That alone will be challenge,
but aren't good things worth it?

Until Next Time-


  1. Your quilt just sparkles! And it is so perfectly pieced. Yikes, that is a lot of pieces!

  2. OMG .... this is absolutely stunning and worth every single stitch!

  3. Absolutely stunning work, well done!

  4. Jaw dropping, Kyle!! I am in awe. It is an incredible creation and you should be extremely proud of yourself for making it!

  5. This is absolutely stunningly beautiful! What an accomplishment to get the top done and you will take on the challenge of quilting it yourself - it will be great! I have never used stamped templates - what a great idea.

  6. Kyle es absolutamente precioso y perfecto.

  7. Wow, this quilt is spectacular, a real testament to your skill! I look forward to seeing how you quilt it.

  8. Wow Kyle this is spectacular!!! It’s incredible! You really preserved to get this done and it’s so beautiful. My journey with this quilt has gotten stalled but one day I really want to make one too. I’m glad the stamps/hand piecing worked well for you. I bet it’s very heavy with seams. I hope all goes well with the quilting :0)

  9. You knocked my socks off this morning. I've not been reading much on blogs so I had no idea you were into this amazing quilt. What a glorious finish for you. I understand the need to hand piece this type of project, thank goodness you could machine the sashing units. Stunning!!!!

  10. Congratulations on the getting this amazing top together, Kyle. It is just incredible!!!

  11. What an amazing accomplishment! I am in absolute awe! I cannot even imagine making those sashing pieces fit. Kudos squared to you! I'm glad to see you will be machine quilting it. I don't know how you could possibly hand quilt with all those seams. I have linked you into Friday's mini post with a special note. Amazing!

  12. I was going to say "stunning" but in light of the previous comments I need a new adjective. It's spectacular, awe inspiring, drop-dead gorgeous, and inspirational. And you're going to quilt it yourself. Color me blown away.

  13. Absolutely beautiful Kyle - you must be thrilled to pieces. All of your attention to detail paid off and my hat goes off to you for being able to complete this masterpiece in two years. LUV, LUV, LUV!

  14. This is absolutely amazing Kyle. I just in awe! You fabric choices are delightful and that red. . . it's just one of the most beautiful quilts/tops I have seen in a very long time.

  15. Wow Kyle, this is amazing! What a beautiful labor of love!

  16. Wow! This quilt is absolutely spectacular!! What an incredible challenge to do all of that piecing and have it come out flat. Your color choices are perfect. You should be very very proud of your accomplishment!!! I agree with the machine quilting choice as all those seams would be very frustrating to hand quilt through. I look forward to seeing it when it's completed!

  17. WHOA!! I'd say that's MAJOR x TEN!! And all those little fussy cut pieces take it to an even higher level! YIKES! Definitely something I would never take on as I'd lose my mind from the get go!! Definitely a big time BEAUTY.

  18. Wow! It's a phenomenal quilt! Totally stunning! I agree this one would be a bear to try to hand quilt; machine quilting will also be challenging, though you prove to us regularly that you thrive on challenge. Congratulations on creating this masterpiece!

  19. OH MY GOODNESS! Your quilt is gorgeous!!! Hand piecing? wow!! What an amazing accomplishment!! Such glimmer and shine in your stars.

  20. Wow! What a masterpiece this has become. I can't get my eyes of of it. Perfect choices of color and fabrics!

  21. Gorgeous and what an accomplishment! This will be a real heirloom once quilted.

  22. Wow! I think others have already used the appropriate words - gorgeous, spectacular, phenomenal, stunning... I've never used the stamp templates, only freezer paper or card stock templates. And thanks for showing the back side - that's a lesson in seam directions on its own.

    1. i have no words either. simply all of them and more♥♥

  23. What an amazing quilt, Kyle! It is a masterpiece beyond words. That is one intimidating pattern but you've tackled it with confidence along with your expert sewing skills :) Your stars are perfection and pressing all those seams must have been a real challenge. Love your perseverance to get to the finish line and I can't wait to see how you quilt it! Simply stunning!

  24. You have indeed created an heirloom quilt! Just beautiful. Well done

  25. Wow...just WOW! What an epic journey and epic quilt! I'm putting this pattern on my "Wistful" list; I would love the challenge of it. Good luck with your quilting - looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

  26. I love your quilt! It is a star lovers pattern and who doesn’t love stars?! 🤩

  27. I love your quilt! It is a star lovers pattern and who doesn’t love stars?! 🤩

  28. I love your quilt! It is a star lovers pattern and who doesn’t love stars?! 🤩

  29. Just one word came to mind......WOW!!!!!

  30. Wow! This quilt is incredible! I love the colors and the design. I would never attempt to sew anything this complex. You should be really proud of yourself.

  31. Major league gorgeous! What an accomplishment! :-)

  32. Wow that is spectacular Kyle! Beautifully done! 😍😍😍

  33. I like using a seam ripper as a stiletto, also to trim in chain piecing. Hand piecing lemoyne stars is one of my favorite pasttimes. I use your pressing technique as well. Your hours of work reflect a hugh accomplishment. Gorgeous.

  34. Wow! What a gorgeous quilt! A real masterpiece, Kyle!

  35. absolutely beautiful! One quilt teacher I had recommended finding nut picks at yard sales to use as guiding fingers (like a stiletto or as you use a seam ripper). a true family treasure to treasure!

  36. A-Maz-Ing!! Looks fabulous Kyle.

  37. You have put in an incredible effort to get this quilt finished. That is a lot of work.
    It looks incredible. You deserve a holiday after that.

  38. I'm so happy to finally catch up on reading some blogs--I wouldn't want to miss this beauty! It's absolutely stunning! I have the Laundry Basket pattern and have seen (and touched!) Edyta's quilt. She said that even though the stars are many different colors, the sashing will determine the "color" of the quilt. I guess that was permission to do a blue sashing--lol! I'm so glad you stuck with it--it's a lovely finish!

  39. It's a amazing quilt don't you think. It's a beauty.
    I made this quilt also and so happy with the result.
    Miss sewing the stars so started another one, a large lone star.
    A masterpiece it is 👏

  40. Oh my gosh, it’s MAGNIFICENT!!! I didn’t know there was another pattern available for making this quilt! Like you, I bought the Laundry Basket pattern a few months ago but was dismayed when I read through the instructions and saw machine strip piecing with seams pressed open for the diamonds. If a quilt like this is worth making, it’s worth making an effort to match the seams! I am not familiar with stamping templates, though. What kind of ink do you use with them that you can see clearly enough for sewing but that won’t run or remain in the quilt after washing?