Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two Fnishes, Finally

Michelangelo said,
 "Every block of stone has a statue inside it

Rome, 2007

and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it"

Awhile ago I gazed at my bag of scraps 
and thought inside that bag there is
a quilt. I just have to find it.

After some inspiration from Lori at
Humble Quilts and her quilt alongs
this is what emerged.

 "Candy Land"
22" x 26"

All those little scraps were just waiting to be sewn together to 
create this design.
I finally got it machine quilted with a diagonal star pattern 

 and then bound.
It's bright and happy.

The second quilt I finished is also
a SAL (sew along) from Humble quilts.
It's been sewn together, but waiting for
quilting inspiration.

 "Humble Abundance"
30" x 42"

It started out as one block.
Then two...
And finally six.
 I knew it wasn't finished until then.

It's machine quilted in the ditch
and I did feathers in the borders,
which don't show up,

except on the back,
but it was good to practice them anyway.

Notice the thin strip of fabric on the backing?
That's what happens when you need a yard
of fabric for the backing and
sometime in the past you've cut off a short 2 inch strip.

But it was the perfect fabric for the backing.

There's no difference in looking 
in a bag of scraps
or a pile of fat quarters or
at yardage for a potential quilt.
It's in there, you just have to discover it.

"I saw the angel in the marble and
carved until I set him free."

Until Next Time-

Monday, June 24, 2013


Since I've been home and
been on a completely different schedule
with different activities,
it's been a challenge to stay focused.

There's so many wonderful
quilt projects and ideas I want to
try or, at least, get back to.

Maybe my approach shouldn't
be one idea at a time,
but lots, all at one time,

 just stack them up and
start sewing and enjoy the high.

But where do you begin?
What do you put at the top of the pile?

Something old,
like the Roseville Album Quilt

something new,
like all this fun new fabric
something I've already started

hst for a red and white ocean wave

new patterns that I've been thinking about.

better yet,
 just waiting to see what the day brings.

But whatever I do

I'll just grab life by the tail, (or head)

 swallow big,

and smile and be happy.
(Analogy graciously given by the heron in the backyard)

Until Next Time-

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm Where?

Have you ever found yourself driving
and suddenly thought, "How did I get here?"
Probably not a good driving technique, but
it does happen.

Last week I was playing on my Ipad and
thought what would happen if I googled myself.
What would show up?

Suddenly I found myself
in a very unexpected place.
And had to think for a moment,
"How did I get here?"

See where I ended up!

And then I found myself here!
Oh, my 
I was on Ebay.
And I was "Vintage".
How did I get there?

Here's the story.
About 4 months ago I did a major purge
throughout the entire house.
2 pickup loads to the dump
and 2 pickup loads to our local Goodwill.

I had included these two pieces.  
They were perfect, but not what I decorated with
I was willing to send them on to a new home.
And I guess I am, in an indirect way.
As of yet,
no buyers.
That makes me feel sad.
You never know where you might end up.
It's a weird world out there.

Until Next time-

Monday, June 17, 2013

Off to the Antique Fair

I always look forward to a
wonderful antique fair in Denver
"Old Glory"

There's always so much to see 
and plenty of temptation.
 Shabby Chic remains strong.

Everyone's booth has beautiful displays.
I could have bought all of these.
How about you?

Red chairs were everywhere.
It's a tendy color.

There weren't as many quilts as in the past,
and those that were available, had a hefty price tag.
But they're always beautiful, none the less.

I did find two treasures.

This sweet vintage kindergarten sized chair,
besides evoking school time memories,
it will be the perfect little chair for 
Sanford to stand on to be able to reach the sink
to wash his hands, brush his teeth, and 
basically play in the water.

I suppose the chair could be sanded and painted,
but look how the varnish has worn away from
so many little people sitting on it.

Or how the paint has worn away from the legs of the
chair as those same little students put their feet
under the chair and wrapped their legs around the 
metal legs.

Sometimes it's nice to leave the memories there.

The other piece was this
simple primitive wooden basket.
There's always room for another basket,
and think what it can hold.

During the summer months
it's fun to wander through an antique fair,
flea market or every a few garage sales.

You never know what treasures you'll find.
Happy treasure hunting!

Until Next Time-

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Daughter Steps In

 I've stepped away from the computer
for a few days,
and invited my daughter,
to be a guest blogger.
Hope you enjoy her thoughts.
How do you say Happy Father’s Day to one of the key people in your life? 

I think for the three of us girls it is always hard for us to find
 enough words to express our thanks and love to our dad. 
His continuing devotion and support to us as we have grown up 
and stepped out into the world has never lagged.

Even as we have all gotten married, and have new men in our lives, 
no one can ever replace our dad. 

This is never more evident than during home improvement projects!
We love our husbands dearly, but they are still in the learning phase.

Since moving into our first home 3 years ago,
there have seemed to be an endless supply of projects ...
So who do we call?
Daddy of course!
small projects .... helping with the garden 

and big projects .… building us a new front porch

Amazing right?

We all appreciate everything he does for us from
building on our homes to building our character.
He is caring, loving, hardworking and the best father
three girls could ever ask for.

Many years ago


Now he is imparting all of his wisdom and love to the newest generation.

 Sanford and Pa
I know they will love and respect him as much as we do!

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Until Next Time-