Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm Where?

Have you ever found yourself driving
and suddenly thought, "How did I get here?"
Probably not a good driving technique, but
it does happen.

Last week I was playing on my Ipad and
thought what would happen if I googled myself.
What would show up?

Suddenly I found myself
in a very unexpected place.
And had to think for a moment,
"How did I get here?"

See where I ended up!

And then I found myself here!
Oh, my 
I was on Ebay.
And I was "Vintage".
How did I get there?

Here's the story.
About 4 months ago I did a major purge
throughout the entire house.
2 pickup loads to the dump
and 2 pickup loads to our local Goodwill.

I had included these two pieces.  
They were perfect, but not what I decorated with
I was willing to send them on to a new home.
And I guess I am, in an indirect way.
As of yet,
no buyers.
That makes me feel sad.
You never know where you might end up.
It's a weird world out there.

Until Next time-


  1. OH just never can tell what will happen to all that hard work, can you!! I love your samplers!!

  2. I noted the Petaluma on your sampler...I am from Vallejo.

  3. Beautiful samplers! I especially love the second one. Is there not a family member who would love to give your handiwork a home? I have a sampler my Mom did when she was 16 that she was going to give away to a thrift store, thinking no one would want it. I am so glad I found out in time!

  4. These samplers are beautiful.....someone is going to be very happy with their ebay purchase!

    A few years ago I googled my name, and there seems to be another gal with my name out there, who has been through some terrible spousal abuse situation, so there are all sorts of posts about it! I just hope no one I know thinks that those posts are about me! Your search turned out so much better! :o)

  5. Not what I would have guessed would happen to your piece. I guess Goodwill made some money on your piece and now someone else hopes to also.