Monday, June 24, 2013


Since I've been home and
been on a completely different schedule
with different activities,
it's been a challenge to stay focused.

There's so many wonderful
quilt projects and ideas I want to
try or, at least, get back to.

Maybe my approach shouldn't
be one idea at a time,
but lots, all at one time,

 just stack them up and
start sewing and enjoy the high.

But where do you begin?
What do you put at the top of the pile?

Something old,
like the Roseville Album Quilt

something new,
like all this fun new fabric
something I've already started

hst for a red and white ocean wave

new patterns that I've been thinking about.

better yet,
 just waiting to see what the day brings.

But whatever I do

I'll just grab life by the tail, (or head)

 swallow big,

and smile and be happy.
(Analogy graciously given by the heron in the backyard)

Until Next Time-


  1. I vote for Roseville Album. You give just a teaser of what you have done. I would love to see all.

  2. I love the picture of the little girl with the cookies! Such an apt photo for the subject matter.:) I am someone who works on several quilts at once as you undoubtedly already know, sometimes even two or three different quilts in the same day! My theory is that if I'm in the mood to do border work, then that's where my focus will be the most appreciated by the quilt! It seems to work for me and I do eventually see progress everywhere.

  3. oh I was thinking of you the other day and wondering how you were adjusting to your new schedule? bet it will take a bit to sink in that you have hours of time now you can sew! I say start a new project and finish that roseville album quilt, may make me finish mine!
    LOL the picture of the girl with cookies is precious.