Sunday, May 31, 2020

May Mini and Moth Mayhem

Here it is the end of May. 
A May different from any 
other that we may have 
           ever experienced. 

"Six Feet Apart"
17" x 27"

My May mini
is simple, 
somewhat somber,
yet with a sense of order
with blue backgrounds for hope.

The 4 patch blocks
are from my Leaders and Enders
endless sewing.

Hopefully, we've all been following
the social distancing directives
to keep everyone safe and healthy.

 Even the Playmobile people
are in accordance.

My May mini is linked up with 
the other mini makers who
keep coming up with unique and 
wonderful ideas each  month.
Check out what's being created.

The other May Happening,
like we need anything else
here in Colorado,
is the invasion of the Miller Moth!

They are the migrating adult moth
of the army cutworm.
These dusty, pesky moths
migrate from the prairie to 
the mountains to spend the summer.,
lucky them.

We have been inundated by 
an extra large invasion of  these 
nuisance pests this late spring. 
We have placed
swatters in strategic places around the house.
Each day and night
we find ourselves on moth patrol.
I don't know how they get in, but 
they do!!!!
One even had the audacity
to hide inside my sewing machine.
I screamed pretty loud when he
flew out into my face.
So gross.
I'll spare you having to look
or hear anymore about them.

I wanted to share a couple photos
my daughter who is a first grade teacher
sent me last week.

She was allowed back into her classroom since
leaving for spring break back in March.

She said it was like entering a time warp.
Everything the way she left it 11 weeks ago.
Very weird. 

Back to quilting-
If you need to
get your quilting mojo back,
join us in June sharing your
 monthly mini!

Until Next Time-

Friday, May 22, 2020

Sippin' Sodas

When I was a kid
there was a dairy in my small town
that had a soda fountain.

It was a treat to go,
sit on the stools that swiveled, and
order a strawberry ice cream soda

served in a tall glass
with a red and white straw.

I don't remember when 
I came in the possession of some vintage
churn dash blocks that reminded
me of those delicious ice cream sodas and

those cheerful red and white straws,

It was during this quarantine
that I finally got this special quilt finished.

Sippin' Sodas

Last November I began the process
of taking these 20 blocks apart

and resewing them to make them
all the same size.

These are all happy blocks
that look great sashed with
the medium gray print.

I decided to save time by machine quilting
in the ditch and doing straight lines in the borders as well.
The quilting went with the simplicity of the blocks
and, of course, the striped fabrics.

Okay, the original idea was to then 
hand quilt the vintage blocks,  

 but the more I thought about it
and reevaluated the vintage fabrics

I concluded the fabrics were too brittle.

I decided that hand quilting the blocks
could potentially break the fibers.
The blocks are 9 inches,
leaving a  pretty large space not  quilted,

but this quilt is one that will mostly be 
admired rather than used.  
The original maker of these blocks
is unknown, so I'm hoping
she would be pleased how they were finished.

Maybe her inspiration was a
 special time 
she had had at a soda fountain,

enjoying a strawberry ice cream soda, while
sippin' through a red and white straw.

Until Next Time-

Friday, May 15, 2020

Happy Colors = Brighter Days

If anyone ever says,
that colors don't effect their lives,
they have never talked with a quilter.

Colors can definitely effect
your mood, emotions, and feelings.
I know how colors have and do influence me.

This past week has found me
floundering a little bit.  
All the uncertainty and 
the emotional and social roller coasters
have made me weary, although, 
I'm keeping to a routine, 
staying positive,
 and using my quilting 
as a way to brighten my days.

I recently was reminded of a whimsical, and 
easy nine patch design.  

You've all probably seen this before, but
I had never tried it.
 I had some fun fabrics
 that I had used for other projects long ago.



The nine patch idea seemed like a simple fun project
to brighten my mood.

Here's a refresher on how to make these blocks.,
if you want to give it a try.

Two squares of fabric will give you two blocks at a time.
How's that for efficiency.  

I started with 2 squares.  I made them 9.5" because
my 9.5" ruler was on my cutting table.
 No other reason.
You can start with any size.

Place the squares on top of each other
with right sides facing up.

Slice the square set into thirds at any angle.

Take the middle section
and flip flop those two pieces.

Next sew the thirds together
making two blocks.

I pressed the seams towards the centers.

Now stack the blocks together,
right sides facing up.

Cut the blocks 
into thirds.

Reshuffle the center sections.

and sew the thirds together
creating two fun and easy blocks.

After sewing a few I decided to
trim my blocks to 8 1/4"  
It doesn't really matter, just find a size
that fits your blocks.

These fabrics definitely brightened my spirits while
I came up with all kinds of fun combinations.

Who said pigs can't fly?

Before I knew it, I had made
48 blocks

 and set them together side by side.

This was such a fun
project to do.

We may be having more grey days looming 
ahead, but

working with happy colors

can always brighten your day.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Some Days are for Sewing and Some Are Not

Sewing doesn't always go as smoothly as planned
But what do you do?

You do a lot of unstitching.
That's what!

Several years ago I collected a 
 lot of beautiful blue fabrics designed 
by Laura Simpson and Polly Minick.  The
collection is called Lexington, which is
a small town located
along the shores of Lake Huron, and the 
accompanying pattern is called Great Lakes.

 Maybe having grown
up as a Michigan kid,

 and spending summer vacations
 on some lake "up north"

 might have been why I needed to
make this pattern.

It was smooth sailing at first.
I cut and trimmed hst's,

Who doesn't like seeing
a pile of trimmings, knowing that
those blocks are perfect.

My sewing was making me smile.  
Blocks together. 👍👍

Center section  👍👍

Borders pieced.  👍👍

Then the fun came to
a screeching halt.
Those pieced borders
 did not want to fit the center section!

I actually ended up unsewing
those borders 3 times!
Because there wasn't a coping border,
the borders needed to be EXACT!

After I got those to fit, I decided to
add another border so the quilt's outer edges
wouldn't be stretchy triangles.

Do you think those
6" borders cooperated?
more unsewing!

Some days are for sewing and
some are not,
but I'm happy to say
the top is finished,

it lays flat,
and is a rectangle.
All major accomplishments.

It's been a long time since I've
been back to enjoyed those lakes.

I actually have a trip planned for
the beginning of June, but
that might have to be rescheduled.
But whenever it happens,
it will feel great to dig my toes
into the sand and remember some
wonderful family times.
Until Next Time-