Friday, May 15, 2020

Happy Colors = Brighter Days

If anyone ever says,
that colors don't effect their lives,
they have never talked with a quilter.

Colors can definitely effect
your mood, emotions, and feelings.
I know how colors have and do influence me.

This past week has found me
floundering a little bit.  
All the uncertainty and 
the emotional and social roller coasters
have made me weary, although, 
I'm keeping to a routine, 
staying positive,
 and using my quilting 
as a way to brighten my days.

I recently was reminded of a whimsical, and 
easy nine patch design.  

You've all probably seen this before, but
I had never tried it.
 I had some fun fabrics
 that I had used for other projects long ago.



The nine patch idea seemed like a simple fun project
to brighten my mood.

Here's a refresher on how to make these blocks.,
if you want to give it a try.

Two squares of fabric will give you two blocks at a time.
How's that for efficiency.  

I started with 2 squares.  I made them 9.5" because
my 9.5" ruler was on my cutting table.
 No other reason.
You can start with any size.

Place the squares on top of each other
with right sides facing up.

Slice the square set into thirds at any angle.

Take the middle section
and flip flop those two pieces.

Next sew the thirds together
making two blocks.

I pressed the seams towards the centers.

Now stack the blocks together,
right sides facing up.

Cut the blocks 
into thirds.

Reshuffle the center sections.

and sew the thirds together
creating two fun and easy blocks.

After sewing a few I decided to
trim my blocks to 8 1/4"  
It doesn't really matter, just find a size
that fits your blocks.

These fabrics definitely brightened my spirits while
I came up with all kinds of fun combinations.

Who said pigs can't fly?

Before I knew it, I had made
48 blocks

 and set them together side by side.

This was such a fun
project to do.

We may be having more grey days looming 
ahead, but

working with happy colors

can always brighten your day.

Until Next Time-


  1. I love patterns that you don't have to stress over...just have fun and this one certainly fits that bill. Brightened my day!

  2. Oh what fun! This is exactly the kind of project I need for this week, for the same reasons.

  3. That is a happy quilt. This would be a fun, no stress pattern. Thanks for sharing the instructions with the photos...that is helpful!

  4. That does look like a fun project and so colourful!

  5. What a great quilt especially for a kid that needs a little happiness. I think that bugs me more than anything what kids are missing out on. I got so mad this morning when one of the nearby cities announced they would not open their pools for the summer..ridiculous!!! I want this all to go POOF and we go back to life as we've known it before the last 2 months.

  6. Looks like a fun and easy construction method, perfect for the times.

  7. The pig fabric is a cute one. We are all in the same boat. It is rocking all over and not seeming to go anywhere. It takes some focus to get anything done and it has been hard to accomplish that.

  8. Very happy fabrics for some cheerful quilting.

  9. Kyle alegres y divertidos tus edredones
    Gracias por el tutorial
    Buen fin de semana

  10. It certainly can! If this doesn't cheer people up I do not know what will, it is such a fun, happy top!

  11. What a lovely, happy, fun quilt!! Great colours and so glad it brightened your day!

  12. What a bright, cheery quilt with added whimsy of flying pigs! I have seen those blocks, but did not realize they were truly stress free sewing. Having a routine and sticking to it is always a good thing. Admittedly, at times I fall off that wagon. Thanks for the simple tutorial.

  13. Love your happy quilts! That's a great pattern for lots of sewing fun. Great photo op, too!

  14. What a breath of fresh air this colorful post is. Thanks for demonstrating how you make the wonky 9-patch. I've never tried this but I have a project coming up that might just call for some of these.
    Loved seeing your past colorful quilts too!

  15. Indeed! Color does make a difference. What a happy quilt. I think we have all been a bit foggy lately. I am so thankful for my fabric stash and my quilting friends for inspiration. Thanks for sharing such a happy quilt. Stay safe and healthy as we try to re-enter the world.

  16. What a lovely dose of sunshine. I love the wonky 9 patch. Hugs

  17. Oh wow, yes. Colors do have a definitely effect on our moods. I'm so happy that I chose the cheery yellow/red quilt to hand quilt this past couple weeks! Such a great end to my days. Love your happy, fun quilt. Very cheerful and no way to take it too seriously, especially with the free cut cutting involved!

  18. Yes, it is hard at times to stay positive, even if we count our many blessings. Some days are just more difficult. It seems that you have found the comfort in your beautiful and colorful fabrics. How lucky we are with our marvelous hobby.
    Love this Nine-patch. Fun and easy.
    Your flip flop quilt is very cute too?

  19. All those fun, happy colors just make my heart go zing! Fun!

  20. I agree! Color matters. What a fun colorful quilt, great way to use those fabrics from past projects. I think I know that method as "stack and whack" but maybe I'm thinking of something else. I've never done it. Love your photo shoot - really highlights those brights.

  21. Any fabric that has a print in it of “when pigs fly” makes everyone happy and brings a smile!

  22. That is a delightfully bright and cheerful result. Look how wonderful your quilt looks on a drab day!