Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Making Memories

 Holidays are a time for
bringing together family and friends.

Our family celebrated Christmas 
early this year.
Scheduling everyone's availability
is often challenging
but we made it work.

My Florida kids
arrived and

the other families came
 from much nearer destinations.

We didn't do anything fancy
or complicated.

Took walks

made pies,
gave kisses

 and wore
new Christmas jammies.

It was more than opening presents

although that was fun.

It was just being together.

making memories
(photos by the talented Jessica Wolfe)

Happy Holidays

 Until Next Time-

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Technically It's Still Fall

 Yes, that's right 
technically it's still Fall until
December 22nd.

As much as I didn't really want to 
be sewing on Halloween fabrics 
while listening to Christmas music,
I dug deep and finally finished
Halloween Mystery Quilt.

After making 551 four patch units
 came the job of sewing the pieced lattice
to the 50 blocks.

With the blocks set on point

there were candy corn triangle units to make. 

It required a lot of pinning but,
 finally it was all put together

I decided to add one outer border
just to visually contain all those pieces.
It's finished at 64" X 75".
And guess what?  
I used what I had and
made a nice dent in the Halloween stash.

My deadline was the winter solstice

and it looks like I made it with a couple days
to spare. 

I knew if I put this away, it would be hard
to pull back out to finish.
It was a challenging quilt to piece
 requiring a very accurate 1/4" seam.
It's not exact, but close enough for me.

But, truthfully, I'm ready for 
something different.
Time to see what's next on the list.
 for the new year.

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Gift Beyond Words

A long time ago
a friend and I
decided we needed to become hookers.
I know your mind drifted over to the
naughty side,
but in this case,
we're talking rug hookers.

We took a wonderful weekend class,
practiced the basics,
 bought a neat kit,
upgraded tools and frame....

And then I came home.....

Basically, that was the beginning
and ending of my hooking career.

I love the textures, the designs,
and even the process, 
but knew deep down I couldn't add another
art form to my already overloaded days.

I had meet a new online friend, Gayle,  
Now she is a dedicated rug hooker and
does beautiful original pieces of art.
Well, we struck a deal and my
hooking supplies were added to
her supplies.
I know they live happily there.

A couple of weeks ago a
wonderful package arrived and it 
was from Gayle.

This is what she had sent me.
A beautiful hooked table runner.

I truly couldn't believe it.
Gayle used a pattern from Norma Whaley
as her inspiration.

Then used her awesome talent
to create this wonderful folk art holiday runner.

Her kindness, generosity, creativity
have left me speechless. 

Gayle, I might just be inspired to
look into hooking again....someday!
Thank You!

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Still Love It!

I'd like to say that 
I have very few unfinished projects,

 but then you'd know this would happen.

About a month ago I found tucked away 
this sweet crib quilt that still needed to be finished.

36" x 42"

 In 2005 a friend showed me
a late 19th century antique crib quilt 
she had recently bought.
I loved it and knew I had to make
a copy of it.

 I searched through my repro stash and found
the perfect pieces and
started sewing square in a square blocks.

I loved the soft browns and pinks
with the few pieces of indigo blue.

I have searched high and low for the
photos of the original quilt so
you could see the comparison,
but that would require a whole lot more searching.

So you'll have to take my word
that it looks like its twin.

But the question remains:
Why did I stop?

Here it is:
I wasn't in the mood to handquilt
and to figure out an appropriate design.

So away it went into the depths of the closet.
As you can see 
it really wasn't even that hard to decide,
but it must have been at the time.
That's all I can say.

No matter the excuses,
after 10 years I still love it and
so glad that it's done!

Until Next Time-