Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Still Love It!

I'd like to say that 
I have very few unfinished projects,

 but then you'd know this would happen.

About a month ago I found tucked away 
this sweet crib quilt that still needed to be finished.

36" x 42"

 In 2005 a friend showed me
a late 19th century antique crib quilt 
she had recently bought.
I loved it and knew I had to make
a copy of it.

 I searched through my repro stash and found
the perfect pieces and
started sewing square in a square blocks.

I loved the soft browns and pinks
with the few pieces of indigo blue.

I have searched high and low for the
photos of the original quilt so
you could see the comparison,
but that would require a whole lot more searching.

So you'll have to take my word
that it looks like its twin.

But the question remains:
Why did I stop?

Here it is:
I wasn't in the mood to handquilt
and to figure out an appropriate design.

So away it went into the depths of the closet.
As you can see 
it really wasn't even that hard to decide,
but it must have been at the time.
That's all I can say.

No matter the excuses,
after 10 years I still love it and
so glad that it's done!

Until Next Time-


  1. Oh what a beautiful quilt!! shown so perfectly in your lovely photos. Sometimes time in the cupboard is just part of the process of making a quilt.

  2. It is divine! another treasure finished and the quilting is perfection in my opinion. Perfect photo shoot too - I love your summerhouse and the grasses around it! What a treat it is to see how beautifully and artistically you present your quilts :)

  3. OH, I really like it...I would have made a copy too! I think your hand quilting made it all the sweeter!

  4. Well, that's really lovely, Kyle! Soft and nice, some baby will be lucky!

  5. Your reproduction quilt is VERY sweet!
    I love the soft colors and beautiful fabrics you used.
    I'm happy you found it again with fresh ideas for a finish, definitely a wonderful little treasure.

  6. Glad you finished that beautiful quilt!

  7. It really is a terrific quilt and looks like an antique!

  8. This is such a lovely quilt! It just says sweetness and love. Your hand quilting makes it perfect!

  9. Your quilt is beautiful. I love pinks! My UFOs are still awaiting quilting and are on my git-er-dun list for this winter season.

  10. What fun to find a quilt top that has languished away all these years and fall in love with it all over again! It's gorgeous, those pinks and browns are so pretty together.

  11. It's beautiful, Kyle! And the quilting is perfect for it! Well done!

  12. What a beautifully, soft looking quilt! Funny how some things come so easily at certain times and others--just a blank mind for ideas!

  13. Oh, I think it's perfect! Beautifully done and so appealing! Great photos, too!

  14. Very pretty reproduction in a very pretty setting.

  15. It's a very sweet quilt and I love how you have handquilted it - especially the cable in the border!

  16. It is lovely. Love those soft colors. Beautiful hand quilting too.

  17. A lovely finish! You must feel such a sense of pleasure & satisfaction to have this one quilted & bound. Like renewing an old friendship...and remembering why it means so much.

  18. The colors and fabric you chose make this little quilt look really old - but in pristine condition! It's so soft looking and will be perfect for wrapping a new baby in some day - love it!

  19. You can't go wrong with pink, brown, and a touch of indigo. That is just a beautiful little quilt!

  20. The crib quilt is my kind of colors.

  21. It's absolutely lovely! Hugs

  22. Beautiful! What's 10 years, but a blink of the eye...there must be some special measure for quilt project years. Sometimes a project just needs to percolate...

  23. Absolutely stunning! i love the details!

  24. This is a beautiful quilt, just love the simplicity of the design, lets the gorgeous fabrics and hand quilting shine.

  25. what a little gem of a quilt. I love the hand quiltling and the photos are gorgeous!