Friday, January 22, 2021

A January Finish!

 Since my "motivation fluctuation"
I have been focusing on
making 2 donation quilts.

36" x 51"

The pattern was from Cluck, Cluck, Sew.

Lately, I've  have been inspired
by other bloggers.
I want to see
what quilts I can make with my stash
 that others would enjoy.

One thing that I have always
found as a barrier to making donation quilts
was finding appropriate patterns.
That may sound silly with so many
patterns available.  

 Maybe that is part of my problem,
too many choices or ideas.

I want a pattern that
would look good using the fabrics I've collected
over the years of quilt making.

I want one that would be easy, not
complicated or time consuming to sew.

An most importantly, I want 
 a design using colors and fabrics
someone else would like..

I know there are tons of ideas out there,
but when I happened to see this particular pattern,
I decided to quit fooling around and stop
making excuses.  
It was time to get sewing.
 It's one of those times 
when the right idea came along at the right time.

I could use some 2.5" strips with
 brighter colors.
I actually purchased the yellows.
Sometimes a stash needs a few new

One way for me to be more efficient was 
to make two quilts at the same time.
Maybe they can be "sister" quilts.

One with a pink flange in the binding,

and the other with a purple flange.

Simple straight quilting 
finished these up quickly using some 
leftover pieces for the backings.

Now that I have some loosely defined criteria,
I'll see how quickly I can come up with plan #2. 

Until Next Time-

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Motivation Fluctuation

 January is a very long month.
I know, it doesn't have any more days than usual, 
but maybe,
 because it is colder and darker
than other months here in Colorado,
or it follows the wonderful joyful month of December
it just seems, for me, to go on and on.

Sometimes I feel like this,
on the go,
 ready to do anything


 other times, I'm like this. 

My motivation can evaporate
from day to day or even
moment to moment.
Coming up with a routine can be helpful, but
when I hit a time when I'm not motivated
it can take a lot of willpower 

to get back on track.

So, what have I been doing?
In order to get some sewing and quilting 
done, I've been working on projects in very 
small bites, 
choosing to work on only things
 that bring me happiness, 
no lists, 
no pressure,
no agenda.  

I recently bought a fun pattern from 
Cluck, Cluck, Sew.

I needed something that I could
work on in brief periods of time,

use some leftover 2.5" strips,

and would make a fun donation quilt.

has recently been using a lot of stash
making donation quilts.
Her motivation sparked a bit of motivation in me,
on just doing some light sewing, working on
projects that might bring pleasure to someone else.

It got me thinking about all that
fabric I've collected 
that is just waiting for something to happen.

So, I'm  S L OW L Y  working on the pattern 

taking my time,

sometimes circling right or 
sometimes circling left

moving in whatever 
direction brings me the greatest joy.
Have you ever experienced this fluctuation?
Any tips?

Until Next Time-

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Balance in the New Year

 The week following the holidays
is usually a slow one for me.
I don't make resolutions, but
generally do make a few lists to
see what I need to work on both
personally and quilt wise.
It's good to know where
you might want to head in the new year.

This year I want to work on Balance.

For me, in my quilty and sewing life
that might mean:

Work vs play

Balancing my "me time" vs social time

A balance of working on both old projects and new ones

Enjoying my own creativity and still gleaning from those around me

Busting the stash but no guilty feelings for adding some new fabrics

Making quilts for others and working on my own projects

Learning to keep things in balance
might be good for your mental health,

but it may help you get a job as a bare back rider

or sneaking a kiss from your honey.

If you loose your balance, there are negative
things that can happen as well and 

no one wants that to happen.

I'm making light of something very important.
The challenge comes from balancing what we must do
with what we enjoy doing.
It's not always easy.

I'm hoping this coming year that I
keep practicing balance in my life

and keep moving in the right direction. 
I hope you do too.
Until Next Time-