Friday, January 22, 2021

A January Finish!

 Since my "motivation fluctuation"
I have been focusing on
making 2 donation quilts.

36" x 51"

The pattern was from Cluck, Cluck, Sew.

Lately, I've  have been inspired
by other bloggers.
I want to see
what quilts I can make with my stash
 that others would enjoy.

One thing that I have always
found as a barrier to making donation quilts
was finding appropriate patterns.
That may sound silly with so many
patterns available.  

 Maybe that is part of my problem,
too many choices or ideas.

I want a pattern that
would look good using the fabrics I've collected
over the years of quilt making.

I want one that would be easy, not
complicated or time consuming to sew.

An most importantly, I want 
 a design using colors and fabrics
someone else would like..

I know there are tons of ideas out there,
but when I happened to see this particular pattern,
I decided to quit fooling around and stop
making excuses.  
It was time to get sewing.
 It's one of those times 
when the right idea came along at the right time.

I could use some 2.5" strips with
 brighter colors.
I actually purchased the yellows.
Sometimes a stash needs a few new

One way for me to be more efficient was 
to make two quilts at the same time.
Maybe they can be "sister" quilts.

One with a pink flange in the binding,

and the other with a purple flange.

Simple straight quilting 
finished these up quickly using some 
leftover pieces for the backings.

Now that I have some loosely defined criteria,
I'll see how quickly I can come up with plan #2. 

Until Next Time-


  1. What fantastic finishes! Some sweet little people will thoroughly enjoy these little gems. It does seem a perfect pattern for donation quilts. I too struggle with making something simple yet pleasing to the eye. These are perfect!

  2. Sweetness and light, birthday candle wishes, perfect!

  3. This really is a great pattern for donation quilts, simple but fun! Your results are perfectly cheery - I'm sure they will be well-loved by someone.

  4. OH so pretty! I too find all the pretty patterns a bit overwhelming, which does not get better with my perusing of Pinterest!! You found the perfect answer...lovely!

  5. Love your donation quilts! The yellow addition makes them so cheery. The will put a smile on the lucky recipient's face.

  6. Super cute! Those will be well loved. I, too, look for simpler patterns to use for donation quilts. Currently trying to work on larger ones for the simple reason that they will use up more of this monstrous stash!! HA

  7. They were quick, easy and cute to make .... yeah you!

  8. I think there is no such thing as a "quick quilt". However, there are some that don't take nearly as much time as others, and these are great examples of such. They are happy and sparkly and two little someones will be very thrilled to receive them. Kudos to you for making it happen.

  9. As Janet said, your quilts are happy and sparkly and will be perfect for a couple of little people.

  10. Awesome donation quilts. These will certainly put smiles on faces. Such cheerful fabrics and a cute design.

  11. These are excellent quilts, great for donations! Looks like your motivation is back and you're contributing to a good cause. Making a donation quilt or two is on my "to do" list too and I've decided to try using simple "leader/ender" blocks as the basis. Also, the designs in Sujata Shah's "Cultural Fusion Quilts" book strike me as fun and potential good designs for donation quilts.

  12. So much about this post resonated with me! We want to make something nice, but not use up all our creative energy at the same time. Your quilts are wonderful looking and should be received with a smile.:)

  13. These are so delightful! They sort of feel like award ribbons or something like that - or shooting stars - very positive in your sherbety rainbow palette.

  14. what a cute pattern. Perfect for a donation quilt and sure to be well loved!

  15. What sweet little finishes! The time was right for you to make these quilts. Such a pleasing pattern--and easy. It was a great way to use up some strips. Love your flange bindings!

  16. These are wonderful! The flange bindings are so cool. What beautiful gifts that will bless the recipients.

  17. This is a wonderful result. Two gorgeous donation quilts.
    I do agree about finding the right pattern for the fabrics you have. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right match.
    But I think you hit the mark with these quilts.

  18. Well these are very cheerful , sweet, happy quilts. Love the colors, they make me think of spring.

  19. Oh my - that was fast! And not one, but two!!! They are sweet Kyle and I have no doubt that you will have a couple of very thrilled recipients. Onward!

  20. Beautiful donation quilt. It must have been fun working with those bright and pretty fabrics.