Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Balance in the New Year

 The week following the holidays
is usually a slow one for me.
I don't make resolutions, but
generally do make a few lists to
see what I need to work on both
personally and quilt wise.
It's good to know where
you might want to head in the new year.

This year I want to work on Balance.

For me, in my quilty and sewing life
that might mean:

Work vs play

Balancing my "me time" vs social time

A balance of working on both old projects and new ones

Enjoying my own creativity and still gleaning from those around me

Busting the stash but no guilty feelings for adding some new fabrics

Making quilts for others and working on my own projects

Learning to keep things in balance
might be good for your mental health,

but it may help you get a job as a bare back rider

or sneaking a kiss from your honey.

If you loose your balance, there are negative
things that can happen as well and 

no one wants that to happen.

I'm making light of something very important.
The challenge comes from balancing what we must do
with what we enjoy doing.
It's not always easy.

I'm hoping this coming year that I
keep practicing balance in my life

and keep moving in the right direction. 
I hope you do too.
Until Next Time-


  1. Love love your photographs! They have made my day, especially the first one. showing them is a good way to remember balance.

  2. Lol...you always find the greatest photos. Hugs

  3. Ha ha!, your pictures are hilarious! Balance is about the only thing I’m usually pretty good at ( maybe because I’m a Libra? ) but I am leaning more toward self indulgence (and away from housework ha ha) these days. I guess we all could use a reboot from time to time. Great post, Kyle.

  4. That is a great word for the year. I am still trying to decide on mine. Love your hilarious photos!

  5. A good intention for the year ... and photos are hilarious!

  6. Oh what a perfect post! A good sense of balance is what we all need right now. Of course if my pole tips a little more toward the quilting side of life, it won't upset me. Your vintage images always make me chuckle.

  7. Always a delight to read your creative posts. That first photo is a hoot!
    Balance is something I want to strive for, too.

  8. Oh yes, balance is definitely a good thing to think about coming into 2021! Your first pic! lol

  9. What an important reminder...love your post! I will be balanced with you, like those girls in on the stilts!

  10. I LOVE this post!! Your pictures are great (as usual!) and the message is one I completely agree with!!!! I hope for the same things you do - you said it beautifully!

  11. These images are so funny and what a great post. I have been thinking about balance a lot too. Need to find more balance in several areas. Your post just gave me such a boost!

  12. Good luck with your goals.
    I have realised after lock down that I enjoyed a slower pace to life and am hoping to develop a less hectic schedule this year.

  13. I'll second that declaration! I began the year with balancing some have to's with want to's and aspire to keep that momentum going through the days ahead! :-) All of these pics are wonderful....but, I absolutely LOVE that first one! It's good to start the day with a giggle! Thank you! :-)

  14. Ohhh the first picture....
    Thank you Kyle ! You made me laugh !!

  15. What a great goal to work on. It seems last year the balance was gone in our lives due to the virus. Let's hope we all will find it back. After watching the news last night it seems your whole country might need some too........
    I had stelts like that as a kid my grandfather made me. Although they were not that high, I could even run with them. My balance was okay at that time..

  16. Excellent post. Balance is a positive attribute and one that I do not think of consciously often enough. Your clever LOL images will help me to stay balanced in the new year. Thanks!

  17. Balance...it seems so simple, but definitely requires thought, patience, and dedication. Here's hoping we all find our best Balance in 2021!

  18. You've hit the nail on the head for me Kyle. For a variety of reasons the last several months (most of the year, for that matter) I have struggled to maintain balance, sorely losing at times. I'm with you for 2021 in seeking ways to ensure that it is maintained more often than not. A great reminder of its value, thank you.

  19. What a balancing act that is in the first photo! Love it! Great post, Kyle. We all need balance in our lives!

  20. Great pics! Do hope you can achieve your balancing act!

  21. I always love to see your curated vintage photos. These are real gems.
    Balance is a great goal for 2021.
    I'll toast to that.

  22. Oh my goodness, your posts with the vintage pictures always crack me up! You do have a gift of pairing words with photos that is so fun. Thanks for adding a little humor to my morning.