Tuesday, December 29, 2020

End of the Year Mini

 Well, what can we all say, 
but farewell 2020.

One of the nice things that
happened this year was the continued
sewing of a monthly mini.
I have really enjoyed exploring and
challenging myself with new techniques,
colors and patterns.

This month I was planning
on doing something simple.
I had received a new book 
through the Martingale book club.

 by Martha Walker

I decided to give one of the patterns a try.
It involved fusing, Christmas, and
some simple whip stitching.

The thing I fast discovered was that
there were a lot of pieces, small pieces

I stitched around the bigger shapes, but decided to
forgo the small circles.

Then I rediscovered the border
was made up of lots of pieces.
Remember I wanted something fast and easy.

That's when I learned about Cluck, Cluck Sew's

There have been other products
 that have worked as guides
when sewing diagonal seams,
but Allison's product is great.

I loved how easy it was
to set up and start sewing.
The tape is thick, 
sticks well, comes off easily,
 but doesn't leave a residue. 
My pieces came out perfect.

In order to get this last mini finished,
I opted to keep the machine quilting 
very simple,
in the ditch and around the applique.

"A December to Remember"
32" x 32"

When it came to adding the black binding
I had just a small piece of the black left.
I cut what I thought I would need and.....

I did have a 4 x 3 inch piece left,
but doesn't this kind of thing drive you crazy!

Another year of mini's completed.
This wonderful year long project has been directed
and coordinated
Thank you Wendy, for your time and effort
and to all the other quilters who participated.

I did complete a sweet little
cross stitch designed by
Brenda Gervais who gifted it
to so many as a free chart
for the holidays.

"Merry and Minty"

It was a fun little stitch.
Thank you, Brenda.
a new year awaits us.

May it be a positive, healthy,
and kinder new year. 

Until Next Time-


  1. What a beautiful folk art mini! And a lot of stitching too. Nothing quick and simple about this one but oh so lovely.

  2. Wow .... gorgeous new mini! The black background is nice and different. So close with the binding, but lucky you had a small piece left to solve the issue. Yes, a lot of us are ready to flip that zero to 1. Happy New Year!

  3. Just a lovely mini--nice work on this...we are so ready to move on to 2021 and are hoping for a better and kinder year...hugs, Julierose (meanwhile still isolating --stay safe)

  4. Your mini quilt is so charming! Good save on that binding (-: Quit tempting me with the cross stitch!!!!

  5. Another really wonderful mini. Such lovely appliqué! So perfect for Christmas! I love the little cross-stitched pillow. You have been busy. Good wishes for the new year.

  6. Wow, that is a very eye-catching, striking Christmas piece. I do love it! Don't know if I would have chosen it if I was looking for something "simple", but I am glad you chose it because it is so fun to see!
    Very cute cross-stitched pillow, too.

  7. Darling December mini quilt! Let us pray we are not so productive in 2021, although I have settled into a stay at home and sew kind of lifestyle!

  8. Once again you came up with a great little quilt to finish out the year! Do you know if Wendy is continuing the monthly minis next year? Wishing you an excellent 2021 full of fun stitching!

  9. Wow,your mini is simply stunning, Kyle, and quite unique. I’ve never heard of that tape and puzzled about how it works. Must research. Your cross-stitch piece is very adorable. You got a lot done this month!

  10. I have admired your minis all year and this one is another "wow" quilt. Just so stunningly pretty, folky but sharp. Yes.... just a couple days left of 2020 and I will be happy to turn the page to '21 for sure.

  11. Another wonderful mini, Kyle! You outdo yourself all the time. I always enjoy your product reviews and must check out that tape. Such a sweet cross-stitch, too! Happy New Year!

  12. Zowie! Perfect is right! What a gorgeous mini. It surely doesn't look simple to me! I do thank you for the recommendation of the tape as I want to do some wool work this winter. And, I really want to thank you sor continuing in the mini mayhem. It has been lots of fun and it is nice to have a ready made mini when a need arises. I wish you the best New Year possible!

  13. Wow that is an amazing quilt - and definitely not simple. A grand way to finish off the year on a good note.

  14. Your mini quilt is fabulous looking! I love the darker color vibe and all that applique looks so sweet. So annoying when fabric is just shy of what we need, especially when we're trying to hurry a finish!:) Love your little cross-stitch too. What a charming little Christmas decoration!

  15. Lovely work on your mini. And well done with keeping up with one every month. I am so pleased you had a piece to help finish the binding!

  16. Wow I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your mini. What a great pattern and hour colors are so fabulous.
    Ooooh I love the berries.
    I don't understand what the diagonal tape does. I'll have to look it up.
    what a sweet little stitchy pillow. The candy canes are so adorable on the tree.
    Happy New Year Friend! may it be a better year for us all.

  17. WOW! Talk about going out with a bang!!! Your quilt is gorgeous and will be a beautiful piece to enjoy in your home, as is your little cross stitch. So many wonderful details in each. Happy New Year, Kyle!