Monday, June 28, 2021

A Mini Quilt for June

June's monthly mini
went together so easily.
Love it when concept and execution
merge effortlessly. 

Polka Dots and Squares
32" x 32"

Occasionally, I notice that my 
little basket containing my 1.5" squares 
is overflowing.  Meaning, it's time to
think of something to do with them.

It is actually fun to dig through the 
colors, sorting them, and arranging
it all into a pleasing pattern.
Nothing much easier 
than a checkerboard arrangement.

A while ago some of Wendy Reed's amazing
quilts were on display at 
the New England Quilt Museum
and I was inspired by one of her creative borders.

With all of the straight lines
of the squares in the checkerboards,
the border needed to have an opposite design element.
How about curves and circles?

I didn't mind appliqueing the polka dots,
but I was lazy and 
didn't want to applique a vine.
I love ric rac trim.
Problem solved.

But before I did the border appliques,
I went ahead and machine quilted the 
entire piece.  The reason was
so I wouldn't have to work around the
dots and ric rac.

After it was quilted, then I added 
the polka dots and vine.
Very easy!

I really like how playful June's Mini turned out.

If you need some monthly inspiration,
don't forget to check out Wendy's blog,
other quilters who have been busy this month.

June is always a busy month.
I got to celebrate another trip around the sun

I had my whole family here to help me celebrate.
There was no better birthday gift than that.

Until Next Time-

Sunday, June 13, 2021

A Little Road Trip for a Photo Shoot

 Running Man and I hit the road
last week to visit our favorite get away place.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

There's no perfect way to describe Santa Fe.

History, culture, art, 

all packed with flavor

A walk up Canyon Road combines
art, adobe architecture and creativity. 

Take a scenic drive on the Turquoise Trail linking
Santa Fe and Albuquerque.  Stop and do a little shopping
at the Henderson Trading Post 

 Happy 48th Wedding Anniversary

I brought along my Star Upon Star quilt
hoping to find a few fun places to do a photo shoot.

I received a lot of compliments
from people walking by as I attempted
to take a few pic. 
That made me smile.
Everyone is an artist in Santa Fe!

I hope as the summer months
roll along, you get to
 reconnect with the joy and healing vibes 
of exploring new and favorite places.

Safe travels.
Until Next Time-

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Remembering a Friendship

 Another month,
another mini!!!

This little quilt actually began
back in the 1900's.

32" x 32"

My dear friend, Norma, gifted me 4 antique star blocks
many years ago.
This April Norma passed away.  
She was 85 years young.

What better thing to do than to take
those blocks and put them together into a 
special quilt to remember our 
special friendship,
connecting us both with the original quilter
from long ago.

Just one problem.
Do you see what I mean?
Not with our friendship, of course!
Those 8 points can be a 
challenge no matter what century
they are sewn.

I deconstructed the blocks,
redrafted and marked the pieces,

and being careful with the seam allowances,
sewed the blocks back together.


Norma had also given me a piece of fabric
that was so similar to the indigo and flower print 
that I had to use it for the setting.

It was uncanny how similar the fabrics were.

Norma and I had been friends for 30+ years
celebrating quilting and life.

She was a sharing and caring person
and will be missed each time 
the "Quilty Buddies" get together.

I hand quilted hearts in the open areas and 
in the borders and, of course, 
needed to add a red backing. 

Many times we take our friendships
for granted and assume we will be together
forever.  This past year has been a reality
check. Always cherish your friends
and family and the time we're together.

Looking for more mini inspiration?
Check out Wendy's blog where she
lists the bloggers who share their minis each month.

Until Next Time-