Monday, June 28, 2021

A Mini Quilt for June

June's monthly mini
went together so easily.
Love it when concept and execution
merge effortlessly. 

Polka Dots and Squares
32" x 32"

Occasionally, I notice that my 
little basket containing my 1.5" squares 
is overflowing.  Meaning, it's time to
think of something to do with them.

It is actually fun to dig through the 
colors, sorting them, and arranging
it all into a pleasing pattern.
Nothing much easier 
than a checkerboard arrangement.

A while ago some of Wendy Reed's amazing
quilts were on display at 
the New England Quilt Museum
and I was inspired by one of her creative borders.

With all of the straight lines
of the squares in the checkerboards,
the border needed to have an opposite design element.
How about curves and circles?

I didn't mind appliqueing the polka dots,
but I was lazy and 
didn't want to applique a vine.
I love ric rac trim.
Problem solved.

But before I did the border appliques,
I went ahead and machine quilted the 
entire piece.  The reason was
so I wouldn't have to work around the
dots and ric rac.

After it was quilted, then I added 
the polka dots and vine.
Very easy!

I really like how playful June's Mini turned out.

If you need some monthly inspiration,
don't forget to check out Wendy's blog,
other quilters who have been busy this month.

June is always a busy month.
I got to celebrate another trip around the sun

I had my whole family here to help me celebrate.
There was no better birthday gift than that.

Until Next Time-


  1. Kyle ¡¡Felicidades!!
    Tu mini edredón es tan alegre, la idea del ric rac (tripa de pollo en mi region) me encanta

  2. That's a great scrap quilt, so cheerful and I like your use of rickrack for the vine.

  3. This sweet quilt will be perfect for a summer evening meal on the patio table. Love the ric rack effect, do you prewash yours before adding it to the quilt?
    Happy belated birthday too, you're so right about having the children and grandchildren to celebrate with. I think we all appreciate the blessing of sharing time with them so much more after the past year.

  4. Happy Birthday, Kyle!!! I love June's mini. The ric rac made a perfect vine and very creative of you.

  5. Oh, the ric rac makes the quilt! Love it. And Happy Birthday. So glad you got to celebrate with family.

  6. Wow, wow, wow! Obviously this one is right up my alley! I love everything about it. And, how sensible to machine quilt it before adding the circles and rickrack. Simply sensational! Thanks for another great mini and I hope you had a very Happy Birthday!

  7. Now that is adorable and a beautiful way to use up several of your scrappy squares. It's a genuinely playful summer mini - no wonder you love it. Happy belated birthday!

  8. So clean, so fresh. What a sweet mini for June. I had a birthday this month too but it was on Sunday so no festivities this year. This mini under (a clear vinyl tablecloth) would be great for a brunch. . .

  9. Happy birthday KyleI I LOVE everything about your mini! It’s cheerful, lovely, and makes me smile! So much joy in using simple shapes!

  10. Delightful! Love the ric rac and circles in the border!

  11. Great border finish on your wonderful quilt; the border really complements the main center section. It is a fun and colorful quilt.

  12. What a darling quilt! Good choice on the border, very fun and really compliments body. Happy birthday!

  13. First of all happy birthday and that looks like a delicious cake. I LOVE your mini. It's just so joyful. What a genius border, so playful. It is such a fun idea to use ric-rac. I love the center of your mini too.

  14. What a fun result! I'm not a huge fan of ric-rac, but I'm definitely going to try it as a vine on some future quilt. Glad your concept and execution came together; I fought with mini quilt plans all month and came up empty-handed. Happy birthday - celebrations with family are the best!

  15. Oh happy birthday Kyle !
    Your quilt is delightful with these colors !
    And I love the ric-rac on the border ! Great idea !

  16. Such a cheerful quilt! What a great way to use your 1 1/2 inch squares. I have a box of those too - filling up :0) The rickrack and circles make a great border. I’m so glad you were able to have everyone together for your birthday!! That must have been so, so good!

  17. This is gorgeous! Love the checkerboards and wow what a border. I have cut some squares to make a quilt like this, but mine is on the slow track.

  18. Happy Birthday!! What a great photo with your yummy cake.
    What a lot of little squares - how fun. Love the color blocks.
    Using one of Wendy's quilts as inspiration is wonderful. I'd say you nailed it!

  19. Happy Birthday! Love that quilt! Good thinking to quilt before adding the dots and rick rack! I've only done that once....but it really does make finishing a quilt a lot easier.

  20. Happy Birthday! I love this checkerboard quilt.

  21. Oh my, what a wonderful June mini! Love that Wendy's quilt was your inspiration and the perfect way to use your little 1.5" squares. Not to mention the dots and ric rac in the border. Great job, Kyle!

  22. i love it! rick rack excellent choice...

  23. Happy Birthday! I can imagine being able to gather and celebrate with loved ones is the best gift you can have after such a long time.
    I am always impressed by your mini's it seems like a lot of work to me but you got it done again within a month!👏👏👏

  24. I recall reading this when it first posted, and thought I had commented at the time, but apparently I was wrong.
    The simple and playful nature of this quilt is so appealing. The circles and rickrack in the border (and quilting it first) are brilliant. It just makes me smile.
    Glad to hear you had your whole family with you for the birthday celebration. Hope it was a delightful day!

  25. Well, first of all... belated Happy Birthday to you, Kyle! What a lovely time of year to celebrate your birthday. Mine is in mid-January--not the nicest season to celebrate, but...

    Oh, your mini quilt is delightful--I love the rick rack around the border with the little circles. Truly beautiful. I am not a quilter, but love them even so :) Enjoy your week--and Happy Fourth!

  26. I am always impressed with your patience and accuracy with these small quilts. It looks wonderful and I think I prefer the ric rac in the border.
    Congratulations and happy Birthday, too.