Monday, November 21, 2016

Over The River and Through The Woods

With Thanksgiving just around the 
corner here in the states,
there's a whole lot of prepping going on.

Quilt wise, the same thing.
Prepping needles
for more stitching on
my vintage ocean wave.

Last week I was basting like this.

 This week I'll be basting like this.

I've got daughters and their husbands 
and grandkiddos coming my way

minus the one horse open sleigh,
so quilting will have to wait.

But that's okay.
Just two little thoughts 
for our Thanksgiving Day.


Until Next Time-

Friday, November 11, 2016

Quilters Love to Share

One thing I know for sure
is that Quilters love to share
their finished quilts.

And why not!
Each is a work of art,
a labor of love,
a creative expression
using color, fabric and thread.
We're proud of those 
have you figured out 
I have something to show 
that I've finished?
"La Fete De Noel"
a Moda pattern by French General

This quilt has a story.

A while ago, one of the Quilty Buddy's neighbors
unexpectedly passed away and my friend was
asked to come to the house and take and share everything
that was in this gal's sewing room.

One of the items I took was this kit.
It had been started, but there were some
sewing mistakes.
That's possibly one of the reasons it 
was unfinished.

Another reason might have been that
the pattern was no longer with the kit.
There's no way of knowing when
the kit and pattern became separated.

I could find a photo of the pattern cover, but 
it was no longer available from Moda
and the French General just had
a couple of corrections for the directions
on her website.

So using some math skills,
I figured out the pattern based
on the few things I knew.

The red and green does have
a Christmas feel to it.  The fabrics were
a Christmas line from French General, but I think 
it could be enjoyed anytime.

Because this quilt was gifted to me,
 I plan to share it with someone else.
I think the neighbor would be pleased. 
On another note,
watching Running Man 
yesterday reminded me of the 
importance of using the right equipment for the job,
quilting or otherwise.. 

If you decide to stain the trim on 
a house, 

make sure you 
get the right kind of "safe" equipment.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Time to Vote

 November 8th is 
election day here.
It's the day to make your voice heard.

Quilts are also a way of making
your voice heard.  
They can be be made for any reason,
to celebrate any occasion or
to commemorate any event.

 On the eve of this historic
Presidential Election,
this is a quilt that I made
to commemorate and remember
 the presidential election of 2000.
"Our Next President is...?"
 40" x 54"

We all watched history unfold
that evening and for several days after
as different media reports 
came and went.

Was our next 43rd  president,

Republican George W. Bush or
 Democrat Al Gore?

Over the course of time,
 we all learned more about 
butterfly ballots,
dimpled ballots,
dangling chads, and
absentee ballots.

 We all tried to remembered from
our American government classes
the difference of the popular vote verses
a state's electoral votes.

We watched as our country
worked through various conflicts and procedures
in a peaceful way to determine the 
outcome of that election.

With another close election
on our doorstep,
take the time to vote.

Your vote does matter.

Until Next Time-