Thursday, November 3, 2016

Time to Vote

 November 8th is 
election day here.
It's the day to make your voice heard.

Quilts are also a way of making
your voice heard.  
They can be be made for any reason,
to celebrate any occasion or
to commemorate any event.

 On the eve of this historic
Presidential Election,
this is a quilt that I made
to commemorate and remember
 the presidential election of 2000.
"Our Next President is...?"
 40" x 54"

We all watched history unfold
that evening and for several days after
as different media reports 
came and went.

Was our next 43rd  president,

Republican George W. Bush or
 Democrat Al Gore?

Over the course of time,
 we all learned more about 
butterfly ballots,
dimpled ballots,
dangling chads, and
absentee ballots.

 We all tried to remembered from
our American government classes
the difference of the popular vote verses
a state's electoral votes.

We watched as our country
worked through various conflicts and procedures
in a peaceful way to determine the 
outcome of that election.

With another close election
on our doorstep,
take the time to vote.

Your vote does matter.

Until Next Time-


  1. Here, here! I can't imagine not exercising my right to vote! Thanks for another great post.

  2. I love your quilt. Being a "Senior Citizen" I get to vote on an absentee ballot. Already got mine in the mail. Hugs

  3. We'll head to the Town Hall on Tuesday and vote the old fashioned way - paper and pencil. But they do have a newfangled machine to count the ballots. Great little quilt!

  4. When someone says to me,"I don't plan to vote this year," my response is, "Then don't come to me complaining about whoever gets elected, regardless of who wins. You gave up the right to complain when you refused to vote!" Yes, I have already voted. ---"Love"

  5. What an interesting commemorative quilt! I love the donkeys and elephants :0)

  6. I used to be a poll worker--had been for decades. But now all of our voting is done by mail-in ballot and it just doesn't feel the same. But I will vote, just wish there were more options. : (

  7. We will be in the same situation in April 2017 !
    I look for your 2 candidates at TV, and well.....I don't really know what will be the result !

  8. What a fun quilt !! Much more fun than this election year! :)

  9. What a great quilt, it really does represent a time in history of uncertainty and change. Good luck with the forthcoming elections. It always seems to me that Australia gets more and more USA political coverage in our media each time you go to the polls. And the thing that sticks in my mind is the dirty campaign/slandering that seems to go on, which is unfortunate!! Hope the election goes smoothly and everyone plays nice.

  10. I love your clever quilt. I have a soft spot for donkey blocks so it's fun to see those. The whole world is watching and waiting to see what will happen with this election.

  11. Great post and great quilt . . . love the label, too :)

  12. I voted early and cannot wait for the election to be over! Beautiful quilts

  13. I love your quilt - it's Patriotic, fun and fabulous all in one!
    And I agree every voice thru voting matters.

  14. Fabulous Post - I went to my pollster training last night. I'll be working hard in CT at voting all day to help everyone's vote to count! yay for our right to choose leadership (such as it is this time, lol)

  15. Love your quilt and the question marks on the donkeys and elephants. So apropros! Wonderful label, too! I'll be at the polls early on Tuesday to cast my vote :)

  16. Here in the Netherlands we follow the event of your election on a daily base. I think it has never been more difficult than this time........

  17. Such a fun quilt! I will be voting and I also will be so relieved that it is over for four years--LOL!

  18. Good luck! You need, all Americans

  19. Great quilt! I can see why the parties picked animals to represent them, politics are like a zoo with all the cages left open! We will be voting Tuesday.

  20. Great quilt you made to commemorate a noteworthy event! Will be interesting to see how this all turns out!