Friday, November 11, 2016

Quilters Love to Share

One thing I know for sure
is that Quilters love to share
their finished quilts.

And why not!
Each is a work of art,
a labor of love,
a creative expression
using color, fabric and thread.
We're proud of those 
have you figured out 
I have something to show 
that I've finished?
"La Fete De Noel"
a Moda pattern by French General

This quilt has a story.

A while ago, one of the Quilty Buddy's neighbors
unexpectedly passed away and my friend was
asked to come to the house and take and share everything
that was in this gal's sewing room.

One of the items I took was this kit.
It had been started, but there were some
sewing mistakes.
That's possibly one of the reasons it 
was unfinished.

Another reason might have been that
the pattern was no longer with the kit.
There's no way of knowing when
the kit and pattern became separated.

I could find a photo of the pattern cover, but 
it was no longer available from Moda
and the French General just had
a couple of corrections for the directions
on her website.

So using some math skills,
I figured out the pattern based
on the few things I knew.

The red and green does have
a Christmas feel to it.  The fabrics were
a Christmas line from French General, but I think 
it could be enjoyed anytime.

Because this quilt was gifted to me,
 I plan to share it with someone else.
I think the neighbor would be pleased. 
On another note,
watching Running Man 
yesterday reminded me of the 
importance of using the right equipment for the job,
quilting or otherwise.. 

If you decide to stain the trim on 
a house, 

make sure you 
get the right kind of "safe" equipment.

Until Next Time-


  1. Oh it is stunning! She would have been pleased indeed. The recipient will also be delighted. What a wonderful thing to do. And, yes I am happy to see that Running Man was safe in his "staining"! I also noted the bird house. Do you have Bluebirds? or is it for Swallows or Martins? Either way, I'll bet they are thankful!

  2. Love those old photos and the quilt is beautiful!! What a wonderful gift this shall be!

    That equipment looks WAY safer than a shaky ladder :)

  3. What a beautiful quilt! I love your photos and also the old ones of the proud ladies and their quilts. Running man sure is sensible. Yes, you cannot underestimate the right tools for the job!

  4. Running Man is so much more comfortable, not to mention safer - smart man. That is a gorgeous quilt, I'm sure the recipient will love it. French General fabrics are always a beautiful addition to any quilt. Yes we quilters are always more than happy to show our quilts. Love the vintage photos.

  5. That quilt turned out really lovely!

  6. It is a lovely quilt and a lovely gesture to gift it to someone. The words "math skills" and I don't typically appear in the same sentence so what you did to figure out the missing instructions is awesome. Does Running Man get a glazed look on entering a well stocked hardware store? My husband does....similar to how quilters look while in a quilt shop......

  7. How clever of you to figure it out. It is a very pretty quilt!
    Just a couple of days ago there was a scary thing with a man in a "cherry picker" near my parents' home. He was working on a power pole and things on the pole exploded. It even caught his truck on fire. Luckily there was another truck with a cherry picker on hand and they got it up to him quickly and he climbed from one to the other and got down with minimal burning. The flames kept him from being able to even get to his controls, but with his truck on fire, going down wasn't really an option. Is there really any equipment that is foolproof? : )
    Love those first photos of early quilters sharing.

  8. A beautiful home and a beautiful quilt. Right away, I was looking at the quilt design and trying to figure out how the block was made. Very pretty done in the French General fabrics. And the fact that you plan to pass the quilt on to someone else is very generous of you but understand the reasoning behind that.

  9. I love this quilt. Your house is beautiful. Hugs

  10. Lovely finish! good for you for figuring it out. What a lovely quilt that can be used all year.
    OH MY! I didn't know you could rent those! wow
    What a lovely house and property you have. happy friday - great vintage photos :)

  11. I applaud you figuring out the math to finish the Beautiful quilt .
    How wonderful that you will be sharing this quilt with someone else

    Your home is Beautiful ! What a lovely setting .

  12. A beautiful finish - and lovely to hear the story behind it too! Running Man looks like he is having a ball - a chore becomes so much fun when you get to use equipment like this ?!

  13. It looks beautiful! The French General fabrics are so pretty. Good for you to figure out the pattern yourself! I'd love to have a little visit with the woman in your first photograph - she looks real interesting! What an ambitious painting project - I hope he enjoyed using the equipment :0)

  14. Love those vintage photos! Beautiful quilt and so nice that you will be sharing it with someone else. It looks like Running Man is having a good time. Lovely house, too!

  15. What a pretty, pretty quilt Kyle! I love the fussy cut centers of the stars - think I have some of that same fabric. Very clever of you to finish it up without instructions! Your home's exterior is lovely - do you spend a lot of time on the deck?

  16. What a beautiful quilt!! Such gorgeous colours. You did such a great job of figuring out the maths to finish it off. It feels right that you are sharing it with someone else.
    It's not every day you have a cherry picker, did you have a turn going up in it?

  17. So special those old pictures of the ladies showing their quilts. I love the quilt you finished, the picture with the tree above the quilt is priceless! I think the lady who started this quilt would be so happy to see it finished!

  18. I remember you spoke about these fabrics and their history a few posts did a wonderful work Kyle and yes ! You must show it to us ! it's gorgeous !
    Congrats for this finish !

  19. Such a pretty quilt, definitely not just a Christmas quilt. French General is such a classic line, I am sure the recipient (and the original owner) will be very pleased on the great job you have made finishing this quilt.

  20. What a lovely quilt! It's great you were able to finish it and share a quilty hug with someone.

  21. My, my, my . . . that quilt is beuitful! You do such fine work. I love your old vintage photos, too and always look forward to seeing them :) They are a very charming added touch to your lovely blog :) Thanks for sharing.
    Connie :)

  22. I love your finish to this quilt!
    It's beautiful for Christmas or anytime of the year.
    Look at Running Man - Go big or go home!
    In this case... SO smart to use the right equipment for a big job like this!

  23. Clever you to work it out without the pattern! And a great finish; I'm sure the neighbour would be delighted.

  24. I'd paint a house if I could ride in a bucket! What a special quilt finish, so nice to pay it forward.

  25. I thought I already commented here, but maybe I clicked the wrong button! I do love these fabrics, so it is wonderful that you were able to reconstruct the design and finish it. No quilt left behind! Great job. :D

  26. I think you did a wonderful job with your pattern-less quilt--it's just beautiful and I know the recipient will love it! We have the same situation when we need to paint our house too, only we have to park the lift on our neighbors lot as ours drops off. It's all so scary--I think it's time to just hire someone else to do the painting--lol!