Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Count Your Blessings

What a week it's been in 
Northern Colorado.
The rain just wouldn't stop and
the flood waters roared down the canyons

 (Photo courtesy channel 7 news)

taking everything with it
 as they
continued out onto the plains
flooding farm and pasture lands
leaving debris

and broken homes.

My move was only slightly
dampened by the rain,
but my home wasn't swept away by raging water
or flooded and ruined like so many others.
A few wet boxes is nothing like what others
have had to endure. 

My boxes will be unpacked and 
things will be put away,
but I am reminded continually
throughout the day as the
National Guard helicopters fly overhead
 searching and rescuing stranded families
 how blessed I am.

Until Next Time-

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Moving Day

 Moving Day
It's finally here.

It will be nice when we're
finally resettled,

And my fabric

And quilts 
are no longer being held prisoners.

During lunar space explorations
there would be times when the  astronauts would
 be out of direct communication with NASA.
Like those who have gone before me,
I am entering the dark side of my orbit around the moon
 and I will be unable to communicate until
all the wires and gizmos are reattached
and I re-enter Earth's orbit.

Until then...
Over and Out

PS  It hasn't  rained for over a month
and guess what it's doing today!

 Until Next Time-

Friday, September 6, 2013

What's Left to Eat?

As the time gets closer and closer
 to our actual moving day,
the refrigerator gets emptier and emptier,
which is a good thing.

But the choices
get fewer and fewer.

What gourmet meal would
the competitors on the Food Network show
create if they found these lonely items

in their baskets from my frig?
Something ghastly, I imagine.

So between now and moving day
 meals might be interesting.

Until Next Time-

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Moving Advice

 When you are
getting ready to move,
and need to get some packing done,
it's important to recruit
good help...

Some one who understands the concept
of in and out.

 Someone who doesn't
mind getting boxed in,
as long as there is a snack bowl
and a teddy bear handy.

 Someone who can
 lift heavy things.

And someone who knows how to 
get themselves out of a 
tight squeeze.
Until Next Time-