Friday, September 6, 2013

What's Left to Eat?

As the time gets closer and closer
 to our actual moving day,
the refrigerator gets emptier and emptier,
which is a good thing.

But the choices
get fewer and fewer.

What gourmet meal would
the competitors on the Food Network show
create if they found these lonely items

in their baskets from my frig?
Something ghastly, I imagine.

So between now and moving day
 meals might be interesting.

Until Next Time-


  1. :) Come on over for dinner again!

  2. You've done very well to reduce the fridge so well! Love the rose in the vase on the packing box - touch of class?! All the best with it.

  3. Yes, that would be quite a nasty concoction from those 4 ingredients! Yuck! lol Hopefully you live in an area with a good variety of restaurants and take-out. :o)

  4. So funny! love your dining table

  5. It will be unpacking time soon...than you can get back to those gourmet cupcakes and STITCHING!

  6. Take out is my favorite way of cooking during moving! Looks like you're making progress with the boxing up.:)