Tuesday, March 30, 2021

March's Mini

I'm imagining that many us save 
photographs of quilts.
Maybe it's a design we like,
or a color combination that's interesting,
or the quilt just speaks to you.

For my March mini I decided
to take a look at the photos I'd been saving.
I used this quilt
which appears to be from the collection of the 
International Quilt Museum.
(Sometimes it's hard to follow the trail)

 I found the image on Pinterest.

Here's my interpretation.
Rocky Mountain Snow Keeps Fallen
17" x 24"

A couple weekends ago when we had our 
"Big Snow",
I found myself looking for something to do
rather than volunteering to go shovel.
I remembered the quilt photo I had saved,
and began digging in the stash for fabrics. 

I hadn't used many of my stripes and plaids for a while
so it was fun to reconnect with many of my favorites. 

One thing that appealed to me about the original quilt,
besides the use of the color,
was the symmetry of the center.

It has a calming effect and 
a sense of order despite all
 the different fabrics.

Maybe the original quilter had strips
long enough to do the center in that fashion
and then had to piece the remaining rows.

I enjoyed the free use of the fabrics,
just adding pieces as I went. 

I added a little stripe as the binding and
did some hand quilting
down the center of each row.

Some ticking that I had
been saving was perfect for the backing.

It was a fun mini to make for March.

Be sure and check out the other Mini Makers
on Wendy's blog, the Constant Quilter.
It's fascinating and amazing how each participant
creates a unique little quilt each month.

Until Next Time-

Friday, March 19, 2021

Snow and Hearts

Springtime can
take on a very snowy appearance
here in Colorado.

Last weekend we braced ourselves for 

A March blizzard.
2 feet of snow outside my door.
Spring time snow can be different than
winter snow,
very wet and very heavy.
It always looks beautiful outside 

a landscape of white,

but hard on the trees.

  Then reality sets in and it's 
 time to start digging out.

Two days to uncover the driveway, even with a 
snow blower, which was not very happy to be working so hard. 

Stepping out the side door, it took me 5 passes with
the shovel to get down to the driveway.
It was that deep and heavy.
The snow was past my knees.

The piles got pretty high, over 5 feet. We ran out of
places to put the snow!
You can see we're a hearty bunch here,
34 degrees and we were shedding our coats.

The sun has been out for the past few days and
it's beginning to melt.  We have desperately needed the moisture
this snow has brought, remembering the fires we had last summer. 

But while the wind was howling and the snow was blowing
I concentrated on finishing up my next set of donation quilts.

When I was trying to decide what to do next,
a friend gave me several pieces of fabric 
large enough for backings.
This time I chose a pattern based on 
 these two pieces.

Hearts, Red

and Pink

I gathered pink and red fabrics

from the stash and used 
Cluck, Cluck, Sew's free pattern
for making heart blocks in multiple sizes,
which you can find Here.

I made the blocks 6 inches finished and staggered the layout.
Super easy and fun to make.

Red Hearts
41" x 53"

Pink Hearts
Both quilts with flange bindings.

Hopefully, it won't be long before I can give these,
plus the other quilt 
I've already made, away.
For now though, I'm going 
to be concentrating on a few of my own lingering projects.

Snow and hearts, 
that's what the week has been like here.
I know underneath all that snow,
the grass is turning green and spring is on its way.

Until Next Time-

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Hooked on Bags- February's Monthly Minis

 I have to admit that this
monthly mini took on a slightly different shape
and direction than previous months.

I've been hooked on making
vinyl project bags.
Since I shared my newest obsession 
in an earlier post  (Here, Bag It)
I have been making a few (lots) more.

I am not the originator of the pattern. 
I followed Jen's YouTube video, 
but altered the size to make it just a little bigger.

My friend, Liz, gifted me a few more
vintage towels and I have definelty 
been having fun.

I have been trying to use fabric
from my stash, 
the green is an older Mary Englebreit 
print but worked perfectly with
the colors of the mint plant.
 A trip to the LQS helped
to find just the right fabrics to accent
some of the other embroideries.

I love the little chicks.  
The embroidery is crayon tinted and 
the piece was originally the front of a child size
apron that had been well loved.

Now I want to keep my eyes
open for some more cute vintage embroidered towels
looking for an new job.

But it can also fun to use other
cute fabrics.

Why not use some of my favorite
Dutch fabrics, bright colors,
and big prints.
The possibilities are endless.
I counted and I have 10 more
16" zippers left.
I see more bags in my future.

I'm linking with Wendy and the 
Take a look at what wonderful minis these
fabulous quilters have been 
creating.  I hope I haven't stretch
the definition of mini too much
for February!

Until Next Time-

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Another Red and White Quilt?

 How many of us have started something new this
year that we hadn't planned on?

Raise your hands!

My hand is up too.

I decided that by signing up for Sentimental Stitches
Heartfelt block of the week, Gay's 
delightful sampler patterns would encourage me to
dig into the pile of French General fabrics. 

The hardest part of a sampler and using stash
 is gathering it all together,

and then making some semblance of order out of it.

Over the years I've collected quite a few
vintage picnic baskets.  They make 
wonderful storage.

We've received two weeks of patterns so far
and I'm all caught up! 
Each block will measure 8" when finished.
Very doable.

I've been wanting to make another red and white quilt.
I think this will be just right,
 very scrappy and fun.

So what have you accidentally started?

Thank you everyone who left a comment
last week to be entered in my 
project bag giveaway.
I had originally planned on gifting 3 bags,
but I drew 6 names and those bags
are on there way to 6 stitchers.
Thanks again.
Stay healthy.

Until Next Time-

Friday, February 12, 2021

Bag It!

 I changed gears a bit this week.  
You might remember that I have been
doing a little bit of cross stitching.

By following along on several flosstubes
found on YouTube you begin to realize how
obsessed X-stitchers are with their project bags.
One bag for each current project, a bag for
each WIP, seasonal bags, cute bags, small bags
and big bags.

So not wanting to feel left behind out, I have 
spent the week making
vinyl project bags.

13" wide x 11" high

I found an excellent tutorial on

Her directions are easy to follow,
the zipper is quick and painless,
the backing becomes the front binding,
and they are super fun to make.

I like to order my zippers from Zip It 
which you can find on Etsy.  It's a time saver and
an affordable way to get a great assortment of colors
and sizes.

I did change the size of the bag from
Jenn's directions.  I made it an inch wider 
(you would have to change the measurements
of some of the other fabric pieces).
Let me know if you're interested.
I also used a 16" zipper.

Fabric, inside and outsider pieces, vinyl, fusible interfacing, zipper

These vinyl front project bags are additive like M&M's.
I have made about 20!
You'll find these perfect for any stitching project,
not limited to x-stitching.

Here's something else I did. 

 I had a vintage tea towel.
Cute, huh!

So I'd like to share my current obsession with 
3 of you.  Just leave a comment on this post
and you're email if you are a no reply blogger.
I'm sorry to all my friends outside of the US, but due
to current mailing hassles, I have to make this for
the US only, but now that you have a 
tutorial, you all can make lots of these.

Springtime print (Di Ford fabric), Patriotic, Subtle Halloween
I'll randomly pick, 1, 2, and 3

 Drawing closes February 18th.

Thanks as always for stopping by and taking the time
to comment on my posts.  It's nice knowing
there are is a community of stitchers who 
encourage and inspire each other.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Coming Up With Ideas-Spin the Wheel

 Spin the wheel and 
wait to see where it lands.

That's what I did to begin my
next set of children's donation quilts.

I started with a group of Sandy Gervais Moda fabrics that I've 
 had for 20+ years.

I've used these same fabrics at least
4 times for four different quilts and there is 
still fabric leftover.
Some fabrics just seem to never go away.

I needed to find a pattern that
would fit my donation criteria, easy
yet pretty. 

I spun the wheel and a stack of Missouri Star
Block Magazines came up.  

Another spin and the pattern
the Disappearing Four Patch was the winner.

I started with 5 inch squares
that were sewn into 4 patch blocks

I considered stopping at this point and
simply sewing these blocks together, but
decided the quilt needed to be a bit more interesting.

Next step:

and then:

You can find directions for sewing this on 
the internet in lots of different places.

Resewing the pieces together

The blocks turned out cute.
 In fact, sew 35 blocks together
and you get a very cute quilt.

Disappearing Nine Patch

I decided to make two of these quilts
at the same time so, I made a total of  70 blocks.
Maybe now this fabric will finally disappear!

Some extra thoughts.

I'm not going to add a border to this design so that
I can keep the quilt width under the width of fabric.
That saves having to piece the backing or
having to have a lot of yardage.

Does this quilt need a border?  Maybe, but
it will be fine without it in this case.

I'm trying to keep these donation quilts
under 45" x 54".  The reason being, a 
queen size batt could be divided into 4 sections
that would work for 4 quilts.  The cost
 can really add up.

I'm trying to use up some brands of
thread that aren't my favorite anymore.  I'm not 
using old wooden spool vintage thread,
but thread that might be related to
the twin sisters, Polly and Esther. 
I'm really not a thread snob.

Next I'll be finding backings and getting
the quilts basted ready to machine quilt.
Because I am the quilter, the designs
will be simple.

Hope you've had a good week.
I finally got called up for the Covid vaccine.
Heading in today.

Until Next Time-

Friday, January 22, 2021

A January Finish!

 Since my "motivation fluctuation"
I have been focusing on
making 2 donation quilts.

36" x 51"

The pattern was from Cluck, Cluck, Sew.

Lately, I've  have been inspired
by other bloggers.
I want to see
what quilts I can make with my stash
 that others would enjoy.

One thing that I have always
found as a barrier to making donation quilts
was finding appropriate patterns.
That may sound silly with so many
patterns available.  

 Maybe that is part of my problem,
too many choices or ideas.

I want a pattern that
would look good using the fabrics I've collected
over the years of quilt making.

I want one that would be easy, not
complicated or time consuming to sew.

An most importantly, I want 
 a design using colors and fabrics
someone else would like..

I know there are tons of ideas out there,
but when I happened to see this particular pattern,
I decided to quit fooling around and stop
making excuses.  
It was time to get sewing.
 It's one of those times 
when the right idea came along at the right time.

I could use some 2.5" strips with
 brighter colors.
I actually purchased the yellows.
Sometimes a stash needs a few new

One way for me to be more efficient was 
to make two quilts at the same time.
Maybe they can be "sister" quilts.

One with a pink flange in the binding,

and the other with a purple flange.

Simple straight quilting 
finished these up quickly using some 
leftover pieces for the backings.

Now that I have some loosely defined criteria,
I'll see how quickly I can come up with plan #2. 

Until Next Time-