Monday, September 27, 2021

A September Mini Quilt to share

September is over?!
I really didn't have the chance to
stitch up a new September mini
so, if you will forgive me,
 I'll share a mini from the past,
2004 to be exact. 

A friend of mine had recently had the opportunity
 visited the Netherlands 
and went to 
Den Haan & Wagenmakers in Amsterdam
and brought back fabric to share.

I used my pieces by appliqueing this pattern by
Lori Smith,

American Folk Art Sampler
38" x 38"

The colors are soft and pastel

with  subtle texturing,
tone on tones.

The colors popped on the black background

At this time I was
still making prim folk art designs
and I remember thinking how fun it was
to work with these cheerful colors in the 
prim style.

The sawtooth border was appliqued as 
one long rectangular piece and clipped and folded as you went.

The quilt was hand quilted.

Despite being made 17 years ago, it is 
still a favorite of mine.

Each quilt has a story and memories.
Please jump over to Wendy's 
to see what the 
other mini creators have
been up to.
Until Next Time-


  1. Very pretty! I actually don't remember seeing this one before, so it was lovely to read the story.

  2. I'm a fan of Lori Smiths designs. Your quilt is beautiful. Bravo. Hugs

  3. Perfection! And yes, September did fly by!

  4. Love this mini! I can see why it is a favorite. Those fabrics are so pretty.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the dark background, that option makes the colors so much more vibrant appearing. Bravo!

  6. Kyle es precioso tu mini, no importa el tiempo que paso desde que lo hiciste ¡¡es una joya!!

  7. September sure did fly by! How nice though to revisit an old favorite! Sp pretty!

  8. I can see why it is still a favorite, even after so many years! What a labor intensive border. I agree that the soft colors really stand out against the black. Lovely!

  9. I can see why your quilt is still a personal favorite - wonderful colors and background, as well as an All-American topic!

  10. What a lovely little quilt! I can see why it is still a favorite. Prim quilts are so appealing and I love the look of your pastel fabrics against a black background. That was such a clever method for appliqueing the sawtooth border. Loved seeing your American Folk Art Sampler this month. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  11. I agree, the prim pattern done in pastels is very refreshing. It’s totally acceptable (and Wendy would agree) that you featured an “older” piece for your monthly mini. I’m the queen of “cheating” on the monthly mini, so I heartily approve!

  12. This is absolutely gorgeous! I would say that is a Timeless Reflections Treasure. Thanks for posting your blast from the past!

  13. Still a beauty, quilts seem to become more pretty as they age... and yes, another month gone...why does it seem a month goes as fast as a week used to go year's ago....

  14. I love the mini and enjoyed seeing your hand quilting! I think it is totally OK to share an older mini and that is my "Plan B" for any month I can't keep up!

  15. That is a lovely way to use some special fabric.

  16. Somehow I missed that you had posted. This is a delightful mini. I can see why it’s a favorite. I love the colors too. I want to appliqué a sawtooth border like that someday. Love the handquilting!!

  17. Yes, the colors here are so bright and cheery for the background. Really lovely version and I'm sure a favorite.:)

  18. what a lovely little quilt. I'm sure I saw this in 2004, but I loved seeing it today. The applique and the quilting are so fine.
    Thank you for sharing it again!

  19. It's terrific, both bold and soft. Just as beautiful now as in 2004. Thanks for sharing it!