Wednesday, October 13, 2021

What is Red and White and So Much fun to Make?

Since February, I believe,
I have been getting weekly patterns
It's been her Heartfelt
Block of the Week.

My plan had been to use only
my red and white French General fabrics
that had been accumulating in this picnic basket.

I can't say that I did one block per week.
I found it easier to do several blocks
at a time in order for the blocks to coordinate better.
A sampler can be challenging 
to make the blocks work well together.

I didn't follow the pattern exactly.
I eliminated a few blocks
and doubled up on others.

I had this beautiful French General border fabric
and used it as the finale.

Can you have too many red and white quilts?
No, I don't think so.

Couette Rouge et Blanche
73" x 96"

Question:  Did I use up all my red and white
French General fabric?

No, that would be the wrong thing to do!
But, let's say, I did make a sizable dent.

Question:  Did I buy any red and white 
French General Fabrics?

That information will remain a secret behind 
closed sewing room doors.

Until Next Time-





  1. It's gorgeous! a Red and White Quilt is always a winner in my book. I have some blocks that also need to be sewn together. It would be perfect for the holidays!

  2. French General fabric is always a good idea and that border is fabulous!

  3. Beautiful quilt, Kyle. I love red and white quilts, especially ones made with French General.

  4. Oh how lovely! Perfect, and out lips are always sealed about fabric acquisitions!

  5. Kyle maravilloso, me encantan la stelas General Francés.

  6. Beautiful and I can guess the answer about new fabrics! LOL

  7. That reminds me it's about time to get out my little bin of French General fabrics! Inspiration is a wonderful thing and your gorgeous top is Very inspiring! Beautiful!

  8. Congrats on a wonderful finish, Kyle. Your blocks do work well together, and you have made it your own! Got a chuckle over your zippered face.
    I did my blocks in purple and neutrals, but began throwing in a little cheddar at some point. I did not work hard enough to make my blocks work well together and I am afraid my top will not be as cohesive as yours. But you have inspired me to stop lollygagging. I need to get serious about the sashing and cornerstones. LOL

  9. It’s gorgeous Kyle! French General designs such tempting fabric :0) I love the border fabric! - it’s wonderful! Samplers are fun to stitch and your blocks are so pretty.

  10. What a lovely quilt. Oh, to own all those wonderful fabrics. . . Nice job of putting it into a very attractive sampler.

  11. What a lovely red and white quilt - cohesive, interesting and beautiful! Glad you still have some French General left;).

  12. Great choices of fabrics ! You can't go wrong with red and white !!
    Your top is fabulous Kyle !! Congratulations !
    Are the blocks from the Cheddarback Quilt ? I seem to recognize some of them...

  13. Yummy French General fabrics and a great sampler quilt!! Love the center medallion block.

  14. Love it! Yes, you're right, you can never have too many red and white quilts. And now I'm inspired to at least go pet all my French General fabrics!

  15. That's a lovely finish. The red and white is gorgeous. Smart move to pick and choose the blocks you wanted to make.

  16. Oh what a gorgeous quilt! I do love French General fabrics and you have made all these reds sing! And, I am guessing that you not only have more in your stash, but that you will also be adding some in the future. How could you not??

  17. I love the look of the appliqued block in the center and the variety of pieced blocks really make the design interesting. I don’t think anyone does red and white fabric better than French General! Your quilt makes great use of them!

  18. Wow, wow, wow! What a beautiful quilt!
    I. Am sure your bin is still filled with enough reds and whites to make another R/W quilt.

  19. Love French General fabric and Couette Rouge et Blanche! A very clever quilt name for a pretty quilt. I agree Samplers can be challenging which is why I haven’t done one in decades. However, I love them when completed.

  20. What a beautiful quilt, Kyle! French General fabrics were perfect for your red and white quilt and that border is fabulous. I don't know how you whip up so many large quilts :) I'm guessing you still have a good supply of FG fabrics--for another project or two!